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3 Tips: How To Tell If Your Hamster Likes You


Every pet owner gets concerned about this thing at some point in their life. Whether it is a dog which can clearly show the affection towards you or a little hamster, they also have emotions and feel things. Similarly, a pet owner also wants to know whether their pets like living with them or not. If you have a hamster and you are also concerned, then we can help you. The pet owners that don’t know how to tell if your hamster like you or not, then you should keep a few things in mind to find it out.

Just like every other animal, hamsters also have their own specific manner of expressing love and affection towards their owner. But to understand how they express their emotions, we need to understand their behavior too. They have become one of the most popular pets all over the world. They have the endearing appearance and sweet demeanor which ultimately makes them more lovable. But if you are doubtful whether your hamster like you or not, then you can try out the following tips.


Tip 1: Observe Them

The first thing you need to do is to observe them accurately. You can obviously tell it when a baby likes a person. The same thing applies to hamsters too. Just observe the behavior of the pets when they are close to their owner. When the hamsters are held by someone who always feeds them and plays with them, they don’t show any resistance. The small pets develop a liking towards their favorite person from a very young age and share a strong bond with them.

If a stranger puts their hands in the cage and calls them, then they will run away or approach according to the gesture.


Tip 2: Notice Body Language

Just like humans, you can predict the body language of the hamster to understand whether they like you or not. Even though the hamsters have a small face but they can give expressions. You can watch closely as you approach their cage and call them. If your hamster grimaces, flinches or raises its hand then it means they are getting ready to fight. But if the hamster moves towards the hand, then it means they like the person.


Tip 3: Use The Above Two Tips To Confirm The Likeness

If you try out the above two tips, then you can make sure that your pet hamster likes you. If you are still doubtful of their liking, then you can try the tips when it is not in the cage. Put your hamster in an open ground and call them without a treat in your hand. If they run into your hands, then you’ll know for sure that your pet loves you a lot and like being with you.

But some hamsters don’t like being held with hands, and some owners mistakenly think that their pet isn’t happy with them. So, if you want to hold your hamster in your arms and cuddle with them, then you have to make them comfortable with this habit. You can think about training them by keeping them in your hands for at least 5 minutes a day. Gradually, they will become usual to this and won’t run away from your arms. But to do this, the hamster needs to trust you, and then you can connect with them.


How to connect with your hamster?

To connect with your pet hamster, you can try a few simple tips to overcome its natural shyness. As you start spending time with your pet, it will be easy for them to trust you and feel your love.

  • Meet your hamster needs so that it will feel secure. Give him a cage that has plenty of room, bedding, hiding spot, fresh food, and water. You can also put a wheel on which they can exercise. When he feels provided, then his fear for humans will reduce significantly.
  • Approach your hamster in the right situations. Don’t wake him up from his sleep, or pull him up while he is drinking or eating. Wait until the hamster looks around to figure out what it should do. If you see him just roaming around, then grab the chance and approach him.
  • Offer healthy treats to them every day to please them. Give them small pieces directly or put them in his food bowl. Gradually, hold the treat in your hands and let them come towards your hands for the treats.
  • Make sure that you pick them up in the right way. As you are trying to pick them up, be gentle and hold him with his abdomen and smoothly scoop him out.
  • Allow your hamster to climb on you and let him run along your arms, shoulders, and body. This way, the pet will get familiar with your scent, and your gentle touch will increase the trust level.
  • Groom your hamster as often as possible as this express your care for them.
  • Let your hamster out from the cage several times a week. If you don’t take him out to play, then he can get depressed. A change of scenery is very important for them too.

Naturally, hamsters are nocturnal and shy. But just like babies, they also need attention. You will be amazed to know that they don’t just like affection, but they thrive on it. So, you have to show as much love as possible for them, and they will love you back.



To make sure that your hamster likes you, you need to go through particular phases. As they are prey animals, their first instinct is to protect themselves from all kinds of danger. Thus, you need to make them comfortable before you hold them. And even when you do, it is necessary that you do it in the right way so that they won’t pull themselves away or try to escape.

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