Hamsters are among the most popular pets of the ordinary households in the United States. They are classified as small rodents that can live up to two years. Pets like these are at their best when you house them alone. Actually, you can find them in a variety of breeds and colors. While not every hamster is bred to achieve its optimal health, it still can help if you watch out on its diet. Learning to choose what it should eat and what it shouldn’t is also necessary. But really, can hamsters eat peanut butter?


What Is Peanut Butter?

Peanut butter is a popular food paste that is made from ground and dry roasted peanuts. It also contains other ingredients that further add to its texture and taste, such as emulsifiers, sweeteners or salt. This is one of those popular foods you can find in almost all regions of the world. More specifically, the United States is regarded as the leading exporter of peanut butter. Its population consumes almost 800 million dollars’ worth of peanut butter every year.

Among its primary uses include as a spread on toast, bread or crackers. You may make sandwiches such as the jelly sandwich or peanut butter. Some pastries, as well as croissants or granola bars, are made out of this food paste. If you want it in a variety of tastes and flavors, you can find it in nut butter, almond butter, and cashew butter. It’s certainly good to know that it can be produced in many different ways. Now, you are wondering if your hamster can eat it.


Is Peanut Butter Okay for Hamsters?

Do not panic if your pet hamster has eaten peanut butter as it is safe for them. It’s understandable that you love your pet, which is why you are concerned about his nutritional diet. That’s also the reason why you want to know more about peanut butter.

Taking care of a hamster properly also entails watching its diet chart. With so many options available like vegetables and fruits, it’s safe to know that soaked bread with peanut butter is a good option for hamsters. Just relax because peanut butter has a significantly less amount of sugar than you possibly ever thought. Thus, your pet won’t be at risk of developing certain diseases such as digestive problems and diabetes.

However, you need to feed the peanut butter to it in moderation. A serving of only a small amount of peanut butter will help develop its physical built and growth. Wait until it becomes firm and robust as a hamster. One essential thing to keep in mind is that you should only serve peanut butter as a treat. Either way, you should ensure you do not serve it every day. This is for the simple reason that peanut butter can be used to lift your hamster’s mood. And to do that, it needs not be a regular diet for them.


The Benefits Of Adding Peanut Butter To Your Hamster’s Diet

Why would you add peanut butter to your hamster’s diet? It’s because it helps to regulate their weight to a remarkable extent. You don’t want your hamster to get bigger and bigger as days pass by, and for obvious reasons such as diabetes and obesity. That’s where this food becomes useful. It’s possible to reduce the fats formed on your pet’s body significantly by adding peanut butter to their diet.  In fact, people who work for long hours a day are encouraged to eat peanut butter. This is because it contains fiber and proteins which may prove beneficial to their bodies. Why not go one better by enabling your furball to enjoy these nutrients too?

The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies claims that a hamster’s diet should be 5% fat and 16% protein. A good thing is; peanut butter is comprised of just a little fat.

One more thing to remember is that peanut butter is known to improve the immune system of a human body. This is due to all of the essential mineral nutrients it contains. The same benefits can be replicated when you offer this butter to your little hamster. It is loaded with Vitamin B6 and potassium that can help form its muscles. Other significant medical conditions such as cardiovascular problems and diabetes are also reduced. Even better, there’s no need to worry about its nutritional components as these are available in small proportions that are not able to cause any severe side effects in the hamster’s body.


The Risks Of Adding Peanut Butter To Your Hamster’s Diet

Despite the health benefits that peanut butter can offer, it might still be risky to a hamster in some way.

Firstly, food allergies among pet animals are not something unheard of. Before you purchase this food item, be sure to pay attention to the ingredients that might leave your pet at a disadvantage, health-wise. If you do not check against harmful ingredients when purchasing it, your pet may become seriously ill after consuming the peanut butter.

Secondly, check if the butter contains a higher amount of lectin, a compound associated with health issues like arthritis. Also, remember that lectin is an ingredient that can cause inflammation.


How Much Peanut Butter Can You Feed Your Hamster?

It’s good advice to offer only a small amount of peanut butter to your pet. This can help to keep things under control for your hammy. If it also overeats, it might get chocked.

Be extra careful not to give it in large amounts as it may cause diarrhea, bloating and gastrointestinal issues. Sometimes, your hamster might not tolerate such a large amount of peanut butter. In this case, it’s necessary to feed it in moderation.

You may ask what amount and frequency would be best for it. As a general rule, give it once or even two times a week. Spread a layer of peanut butter on bread and offer it to the hamster, taking care that the portions given are friendly and proportionate to his mouth size.


What To Do With The Peanut Butter Before Serving The Hamster

When you purchase the peanut butter, you need to store it in the refrigerator right away. Once you decide to keep it in a room with moderate temperature but with great light, it might lose its nutritional value.

Therefore, you must keep it inside the refrigerator to prevent some nutrients from slipping away. But before you serve it to your little pet, wait until it is warm enough. This is because too cold food may lose its taste and the hamster could develop aversions to it right away.



Our verdict is; peanut butter can be safe for a hamster only when you offer it in moderation. If you serve peanut butter to your hamster in large amounts, it may pose some severe side effects like digestive problems, choking or even death.


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