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6 Best Rated Hamster Wheels Reviews and Buying Guide 2019


One of the best ways to keep your hamster happy and healthy is making sure they have exercise ground and tools in their habitat. For that reason, hamster owners should have a medium of exercising for their pet rodents. It goes without saying that one of the most popular and effective media of exercising your hamster is a wheel. Hamster wheels not only entertains your hamster but also enable her to exercise.

With the market crowded with many hamster wheels from different brands, we saw it wise to help you make an informed choice. We have spent close to 72 hours compiling this guide and analyzing over 40 hamster wheels. Finally, we settled on 6 of them, which we felt are the best in the market.

We have outlined their features, pros, cons, and the reasons we recommend them. We will start with the buyer’s guide so as to better equip you with the right knowledge to help you choose a suitable wheel for your pet rodent.

Buckle up for a long read…

If you are in a hurry, check out our recommendation list below.

Image Product
6 Best Rated Hamster Wheels Reviews and Buying Guide 20196 Best Rated Hamster Wheels Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner 9

It is safe with no gaps and holes

Check Price

6 Best Rated Hamster Wheels Reviews and Buying Guide 20196 Best Rated Hamster Wheels Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

15 Chin Spin Chinchilla Wheel

It’s 15-inch in diameter making it a hamster wheel large

Check Price

6 Best Rated Hamster Wheels Reviews and Buying Guide 20196 Best Rated Hamster Wheels Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

Kaytee Mini Run-About Exercise Ball

Clear plastic to offer interaction

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6 Best Rated Hamster Wheels Reviews and Buying Guide 20196 Best Rated Hamster Wheels Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel

Has a unique solid running surface

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6 Best Rated Hamster Wheels Reviews and Buying Guide 20196 Best Rated Hamster Wheels Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

Wodent Wheel Senior & Tail Shield

Most small animals love it

Check Price

6 Best Rated Hamster Wheels Reviews and Buying Guide 20196 Best Rated Hamster Wheels Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

Atticworx Sugar Glider Wheel

Offer ample space

Check Price

Table of Contents

Why Do Hamsters Need a Hamster Wheel?

You have probably seen in many product logos a hamster running endlessly in a wheel. At first sight, this may seem compulsive and weird. But it is far from being compulsive; it is more of a natural instinct.

If you look at wild hamsters and their wild behavior as well as needs, you will know why pet rodents like to run infinitely in a hamster wheel. Wild hamsters run for a couple of miles every night; in fact, about 5-6 miles. Running is a natural instinct that not only helps them escape their predators but also finds food.

For hamsters, running is vital and essential as it keeps them happy and healthy. Studies have shown that a female hamster that runs for many miles each night gives birth to more pups per session than those that run a few miles or can’t run.

In the domesticated environment, hamsters with wheels are less obese and healthier. They are also less bored- an essential thing for hamsters living in a cage.

Some people term hamsters as crepuscular or nocturnal creatures. Nocturnal, to mean they are only active during the night or crepuscular means they are active before the sun sets and returns back to their hideouts and burrows when it gets dark. Well, the fact is that hamsters sleep during the day and are active in the evening or at night.

Since your hamster lives in a cage, where they cannot run for miles, he needs something that will make them run in one place. This is where a hamster wheel comes in handy. For a hamster, it offers pure fun thanks to the endless runs it enables them to have.

There are two benefits of hamster wheels;


For Physical Health

A hamster wheel helps these creatures maintain their optimal weight. Without enough exercise, your hamster could become overweight and obese leading to weight-related diseases. This puts a strain on their lungs, heart, and other body organs. This could even shorten their life expectancy.

Also, your hamster can develop a condition called ‘cage paralyzes brought by lack of exercise. If your hamster becomes obese, this problem worsens. For hamsters, because of their active nature, inactivity leads to bone and muscle degeneration. This makes them lose their ability to use hind legs. If inactivity prolongs, they become completely paralyzed. If detected early, you can treat cage paralysis with a combination of vitamin supplements and daily exercises on a hamster wheel. However, you must consult a vet.


For Mental Health

A busy hamster is a happy hamster. As mentioned earlier, hamsters are very active when they are in the wild. Therefore, by providing them with stimulating hamster toys and a hamster wheel, you offer them a medium for exercises. Without any of these, you will find them engaging in self-destructive behaviors such as chewing their own skin or hair, breaking their teeth while trying to gnaw on cage bars, and many other behaviors.


Also, if your hamster is alone in its cage, it may get restless and stressed. Therefore, a hamster wheel will keep them occupied.

All hamsters love hamster wheels including those living in the wild; they enjoy it even though they have endless space in which they can run.

These facts lead us to the question of how the best hamster wheel needs to be. In a quick way, it needs to be quiet. Your hamster is active at night, and you don’t want squeaking noise to wake you up.

It should also be durable and stable. Most hamster wheels are made of plastic and metal. Both have their pros and cons. Metal hamster wheels are sturdier and thus will last longer. However, they can injure your hamster’s fragile legs as they are made with rungs instead of a solid piece.

On the other hand, plastic hamster wheels are made of a solid piece, and thus are safe for your little hamster. However, they are not as durable as those made of metal.

In our next section, we are going to discuss this in greater depth.


Features of a Perfect Hamster Wheel

You don’t need to read hundreds of hamster wheels reviews and check customers reviews on Amazon to know the value of having a wheel for your hamster in its cage. Even with limited room in a cage, a hamster wheel will enable your pet to run many miles every night, thereby relieving them boredom.

So, how can you tell which wheel is the best for your hamster? Well, here are the features of a hamster wheel toy;


It should be of the right size

The best hamster Syrian maybe overwhelming for dwarf hamsters. A hamster wheel meant for an adult Syrian hamster with 5-7 inches may overwhelm a dwarf hamster that is 2-3 inches in size.

Larger hamster breeds need an 8-inch wheel while 6.5 inches spinning wheel will be ideal for small hamster species. You cannot expect a large hamster to use a small wheel; it cannot use the toy safely while bending or leaning in an improper posture.

Keep in mind that the purpose of the spinning wheel is to help your hamster exercise their body including the spine, and a smaller wheel than their body will not allow them to exercise their wheel. Besides, keep in mind the weight of the pet as that might prevent the spinning mechanism of the wheel from working as it should.

Running with an arched back will not help your pet achieve the benefits of having an overall healthy body. Therefore, it is best that you get the right-sized wheel for your hamster. Your pet should run in the wheel as though they are running in its natural environment.


It should be durable and have a dependable running surface

The best hamster wheel large should ensure the tail and toes of your little pal are kept safe from certain injuries. That’s why you have to ensure the surface is solid. Solid metal wheels withstand the gnawing and chewing from hamsters. Models that combine plastic and wood plates are also great; they create a modern and classic fusion.

A human hamster wheel for sale made of metal offers more durability as compared to one made from plastic materials. However, most metal wheels have a ladder structure, which can cause injuries to the animal if the tail and feet fall between the gaps in the rungs.

Be careful when selecting metal hamster wheels with a rung design as they could easily get the little legs and tail of your little pal caught painfully. This can lead to broken bones.

Conversely, plastic hamster wheels have a solid design with no gaps, and thus your animal can run without fear of falling through. This makes them safe hamster wheels.


It should come with stands and fixings

Most hamster wheel spinning models come with attachment mechanisms to make them easier to fix them into the cage. This makes them stable and also helps cut down the amount of room these toys take up. Some also come with a two-way attachment as well as a stand to help you use it outside the cage. This will come in handy if you also want a hamster wheel for cats.


It should run quietly

One of the most common drawbacks of cheap 8-inch hamster wheel models or any other size of a hamster wheel is making a lot of noise when running. As we mentioned earlier, hamsters are either nocturnal or crepuscular creatures. This means they are active at night or an hour before the sunset. Probably, this is the time you want to sleep or relax.

To relieve them of boredom when everyone is relaxing or asleep, installing a spinning wheel offers them a healthy means of entertainment.

To ensure that the wheel runs quietly, ensure it runs on ball bearings, which are both durable and well-fitted to ensure smooth operations. If you confirm these two things are present, then this means the wheel will not make noise while spinning.

If you buy a wheel and find it squeaky, then you can use mechanical lubricants. However, before buying, ensure to read customer reviews and check the product description to know the turning mechanism is intrinsically silent. The quieter, the better.

Look for the best hamster wheel quiet that ensures you only get to hear the tiny paws of your hamster on the running surface and not the squeaky parts.


It should have several design features

Some hamster wheels feature a solid back wall. This is because most manufacturers think that this makes hamsters confident and comfortable about using the wheel. A couple of years back, hamster wheels had an open front to ensure easy access. However, the modern wheels are partially closed at the front. The idea behind this design is that this helps to cut down on injuries as hamsters cannot alight from the wheel when it is speeding.

Support sideways across the wheel diameter are not safe as well because they can cause injuries in the event your hamster head get stuck in there. On top of all these design features, make sure your hamster wheel run quietly.


Types of Hamster Wheels

We can classify the types of hamster wheels based on the material they are made of and support system.

In terms of materials, hamster wheels can be made of plastic or metal. Metal wheels are known to last longer but have rung across their running surfaces which can cause sores and injuries. You can improve their safety by fitting thin cardboard or a strong paper on the rungs.

Plastic wheels usually feature one solid surface thereby making them safer. Many have partly enclosed front wall.

Regarding support system, there are stand-alone and cage-mounted units. They come in a variety of sizes, and it is essential to get one that is big enough for your hamster and quiet enough for your sanity at night.


How to Ensure Safe Usage of a Hamster Wheel

For people with younger pets, you should buy several exercise wheels of varying sizes to ensure that your hamster gets something to use at all stages of their growth. Conversely, you can purchase a relatively larger wheel that they will grow. Failure to get them a proper size wheel will lead to painful back injuries. To ensure your hamster has enough room to run safely and comfortably, ensure to check the size ranges when choosing a running wheel.

Having done that, now keep the following things in mind;


Give your hamster more time to adjust to using a wheel

Most hamsters will take time to adjust to the usage of a spinning wheel. However, some may take more time than others as they are overly frightened or cautious. If your hamster seems hesitant to use the wheel, don’t force him. Leave it in the cage, and it will learn to use it. You can entice them by placing a few treats in the wheel.


Know the potential dangers for young pets

If your hamster is still young, it is wise not to place a wheel in its cage as you are risking injuries. It is good to wait until he gets older and bigger.

Also, if your hamster is about to give birth and you have an exercise wheel in the cage, it is wise to remove the wheel temporarily. This will help prevent the babies from getting trapped underneath the wheel or inside the wheel. Return the wheel once the babies are big enough to use the wheel.


Prevent tail injuries

If your little pal has a tail, choose a spinning wheel that has a mesh construction or solid surface. Otherwise, his tail can get trapped when they swing while running which may lead to severe injuries. Mesh and solid wheels offer a more stable footing, and this will help prevent foot injuries.


Place a few drops of oil if the wheel gets squeaky

If your hamster wheel starts making noises, simply place a few drops of baby oil or vegetable oil on its axle. However, ensure to clean vegetable oil regularly since it can become rancid. Wax from crayons can also be used. Avoid using butter as your hamster will lick it before it can lubricate the surface.

A silent wheel spinner offers your hamster all the benefits of a hamster wheel without noise. Never use mechanical lubricants as they can be toxic for your hamster. Regularly place oil on the wheel’s axle to minimize squeaking.


Top 6 Best Hamster Wheels Amazon

Now that you are more enlightened and more informed about what hamster wheels entail, it is the right time to introduce to you the top 6 best hamster wheels 2019. Here are the top-rated wheels for hamsters;



Features That Make Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner 9 Stand Out

  • This is one of the best hamster wheels on the market for its simple and effective design
  • It features a solid construction that offers a combination of metal and non-plastics material
  • It boasts an axle-free construction with sizeable holes to attract your hamster
  • If your hamster likes to run, this one is suitable for them as it features no gaps and areas that could harm your ham
  • It also features a cage mount and bean-shaped openings to allow easy entry and exit
  • Looking for a silent wheel? This one has ball-bearings for smooth and quiet movements while in use
  • The hamster wheel ball bearings don’t get wet during cleaning which is why you don’t have to oil them
  • The wheel can be washed once a week by dissembling them and rinsing in warm soapy water- allow to dry
  • A few customers said that it might be a bit complex when it comes to assembling but the wheel keeps your pet entertained and fit

Proc of Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner 9

  • It is safe with no gaps and holes
  • Openings are sizeable for hamsters
  • Has silent ball-bearings

Conc of Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner 9

  • Some customers may find it hard when assembling the wheel but say hamsters love them

Why We Recommend It

The wheel boasts an axle-free construction that prevents tail or body entangling when running. This hamster wheel can be attached to the cage through the web mount. The size of the wheel is 9 inches across and features a 2.5-inch wide track.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make 15 Chin Spin Chinchilla Wheel Stand Out

  • If you’re willing to pay more for high quality, try this 15” chinchilla wheel which is recommended by most users
  • The product comes with free shipping and a one year warranty which offers better value for your money
  • The ‘heavy-duty and build to last’ product comes with a wood interior and metal exterior
  • The good thing is there’s no plastic used; hence it will not harm your Chinchilla
  • Most users have approved this wheel as it allows pets to stretch out and run naturally
  • The surface is super smooth hence you don’t have to worry about your chin catching their toes
  • The company offers the needed hardware to attach the wheel on the cage, and the manufacturer recommends that you mount it 2 inches above the floor of your pet’s cage for best results
  • People with this wheel say that it is an essential source of amusement, distraction and workout hence your chinchilla can hardly become overweight
  • Do you need a chinchilla wheel with the bearing? This comes with sealed dual-bearing for silent performance

Proc of 15 Chin Spin Chinchilla Wheel

  • It’s 15-inch in diameter making it a hamster wheel large
  • Has a sturdy built
  • Has a smooth surface to eliminate injuries

Conc of 15 Chin Spin Chinchilla Wheel

  • The product is expensive for some

Why We Recommend It

Need a sturdy wheel for your chinchilla? This one is made of wood interior and metal exterior to last long. The smooth surface ensures that your pet won’t be exposed to injuries. The wheel offers excellent results for weight management, and the company offers free shipping for the product.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Kaytee Mini Run-About Exercise Ball Stand Out

  • Looking for a quality hamster ball? Here is one for dwarf hamsters because it is small size
  • What we like in this ball is that hamsters find it easy to handle and simple to maneuver
  • The unique ball is durable featuring a transparent plastic that keeps your rat, hamster, chinchilla other small pet exploring the big world outside while staying safe in his own protective bubble
  • The ball works well regarding exercise and keeps your small pet entertained as he can bounce and tumble around the house
  • Besides, there are enough openings on all sides to offer entry and exit and keep the bubble ventilated
  • The ball works fantastic when you want to keep your hamster safe as you clean their cage or when you want to transport him outside
  • The clear exercise ball by Kaytee comes in 4 sizes to fit the size of your small pets

Proc of Kaytee Mini Run-About Exercise Ball

  • Clear plastic to offer interaction
  • Has a compact size for small animals
  • Easy to maneuver

Conc of Kaytee Mini Run-About Exercise Ball

  • Some pets may be larger for this exercise ball

Why We Recommend It

The Kaytee exercise ball for dwarf hamsters is excellent at keeping your hamster busy and entertained. Made of durable plastic, the ball offers ample openings and clear plastic. This helps to keep the interior ventilated and offer better interaction.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel Stand Out

  • This is a fun, colorful and dynamic hamster wheel that has gained a lot of praise for its creative design
  • The wheel offers more exercise and helps your hamster stretch for improved well-being
  • The wheel is shaped like a flying saucer which makes it safe for small pets such as hamsters
  • This is the quietest hamster wheel with ball-bearings to ensure smooth movement and reduce disruptions
  • The wheel is durable featuring a single piece of metal and contains no holes or gas that may threaten the safety of your pet’s toes and tail
  • Note that this unit is specifically designed for small pets such as hamsters and shouldn’t be used by larger animals as they could tip the saucer over
  • The wheel is available in different sizes so you can pick one that matches your preference and pet size
  • The dimensions of the medium-sized wheel are 7.25 Width x 7.25 Depth x 4.25 Height

Proc of Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel

  • Has a unique solid running surface
  • Toe-safe and tail-safe
  • Has a quiet operation

Conc of Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer Exercise Wheel

  • Due to its compact size, the unit is not recommended for medium and large hamsters

Why We Recommend It

Hamsters need to stay fit and happy while also safe from the accessories they use. This one from Ware Manufacturing is durable with a solid running surface that hamsters love. Besides, the design is colorful and toe-safe. Most pet owners expressed their satisfaction with the quiet hamster wheel.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Wodent Wheel Senior & Tail Shield Stand Out

  • For those looking for a hamster wheel made in the USA, this small animal running wheel might be perfect for you
  • If you need hamster wheel 11 inches, this could give the results you need
  • The Wodent Wheel Senior features an enclosed design which hamsters and rats seem to enjoy more compared to a fully open design
  • The Axle is well covered for a total tail shield to prevent harming your hamster
  • The good thing with the wheel is that it can stand on its own or you can attach it on your cage hence convenient
  • The product has been made by SunCoast Sugar Gliders, a famous company that has been in business for almost 3 decades
  • Whether you need a hamsters wheel for Syrian or dwarf hamsters, this wheel could suit your needs
  • Most pet owners say that the wheel is their pet’s favorite with most small pets showing more desire than with other wheels
  • Experts recommend running wheels for exercises in the cage and this unit offers years of fun for your pet

Proc of Wodent Wheel Senior & Tail Shield

  • Most small animals love it
  • Has total tail shield
  • High Quality

Conc of Wodent Wheel Senior & Tail Shield

  • A customer said that it can be challenging to assemble after cleaning

Why We Recommend It

This is a well-built running wheel with a solid bottom and an enclosed design that picky rats, hamsters and gliders like. The tail shield makes it safe for your hamster, and the large room inside gives room for more exercise. The hamster wheel toy is reasonably priced for the value you get here.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Atticworx Sugar Glider Wheel Stand Out

  • This wheel measures 12 ¾” wide by 8 “ hence safe for gliders and other small pets
  • The design features no crossbar to ensure your glider’s tail and toes stay safe
  • You won’t get distracted by noise from the wheel, thanks to the dual bearing balls for smooth hamster wheel spinning
  • This is a quiet 8-inch hamster wheel that your glider and other small pets need
  • The unit is roomy and looks great which gives pets an out of this world experience
  • The design features a mesh net that allows sugar glider droppings and other debris to fall out
  • It has been made in the USA

Proc of Atticworx Sugar Glider Wheel

  • Offer ample space
  • No crossbar to protect the toes and tail
  • Mesh net allows droppings to fall out

Conc of Atticworx Sugar Glider Wheel

  • A little expensive

Why We Recommend It

The wheel is made of sturdy ABS plastic which is durable and safe. Besides, it offers a quiet operation thanks to the dual sealed bearings. The product features a safe design, and the size is large to provide room for exercise. Cleaning it is extremely easy, thanks to the one-piece construction.

Check Price on Amazon


Frequently Asked Questions about Hamster Wheels


How big should a perfect hamster wheel be?

The recommended minimum wheel size for a dwarf hamster is 6.5 inches while for larger hamsters, the ideal size is 8 inches, including Syrian hamsters.

It is essential that you don’t purchase a wheel that is too small for your hamster as it may cause them to run with an arched back. If you see your hamster running with an arched back, then you should buy a larger wheel.

The larger the wheel, the more comfortable your hamster will feel running in it as it will be similar to running on flat ground.


Are hamster wheels noisy?

Not all of them. However, cheaper wheels can sometimes be noisy. Keep in mind that hamsters are often active in the evening or at night. If your hamster wheel is noisy, then you will be disturbed by the noise when your hamster starts running at night.

Although you can remove it if it gets too loud, this is not a good idea. As we have explained in the benefits section earlier in this guide, a hamster wheel is an essential part of your pet’s mental and physical health.

That’s why it is essential to go for a hamster wheel quiet; one that runs smoothly. Besides, try adding more olive oil in the wheel’s axle. This is to lubricate the joints of the wheel to reduce rattling and squeaking.


Final Thoughts

Hamsters are little pets when compared to dogs and cats, and that’s why they are best kept in a cage. Although they can appear happy in a tabletop cage, you need to ensure that his exercise needs are met by providing them with the best hamster wheel.

To ensure you buy the best hamster wheel, think about your pet’s size so that you buy one that suits them. Also, consider design features to make sure it runs quietly, and finally go for one with safety features.

All the above hamster wheels we have reviewed are safe, durable, easy to clean, and sizeable for different hamsters. Choose one that is suitable for your hamster.


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