During the winter time and even when the cold breeze is flowing, the hamsters can get cold quickly. When the hamsters live in a natural habitat, they go into the hibernation mode and don’t come out until they want food. This self-preservation habit is naturally built within the character of hamsters. And this might be the only habit that can keep them warm when they are living out in the wild. But when they are living in your house, it’s your responsibility to keep them warm and safe. But the question is how to keep your hamster warm?

The small, cute, and adorable pets are susceptible to cold and try to protect themselves. But if you keep them in a cage, then they might not have access to any warm resource. Thus, you are obliged to help them and prevent them from resorting to the hibernation mode. By doing this, you will be able to restore their quality of life too.


What are the tips to keep hamster warm?

There are several ideas that you can try in case your hamster is uncomfortable and getting cold. So, here are some tips that you can try out to keep them warm in all seasons.


Avoid Windows and Ventilation Areas:

To prevent the hamster from getting cold, you need to keep their cage away from the window and ventilation sources. Even if the windows are closed, your hamster will see the temperature and feel it lowering down bit by bit. Windowed areas are obviously colder than any other area in the room.


Move the Cage to a Warm and Cozy Place:

As you are considering the area where you should place the cage, it will be better if you choose a cozy corner of your room or any cozy corner of the house. This will make sure that the hamster doesn’t feel much cold apparently and won’t hide inside the bedding.

To solve the window problem, you can think of getting thicker curtains for the window areas. This will keep the area insulated, and the curtains will keep the heat inside the room.


Put Rolled up Towels in the Window Sills:

You might think that you are getting too far. But even the air coming from the small gap can affect the hamsters. So, you can think about covering the sills with rolled up towels. They will keep the cold air outside the room and insulate the area in a better way.


Buy a Hidey Home:

As you are trying to keep your hamster warm, you also need to buy a new home. Choose a hidey home for them to make sure that the hamster can hide in it and stay away from the cold. You can also think of buying an igloo for them to keep the cold out. In the closed space, the hamster can retreat and snug as long as they want.

Fill in the hidey home or igloo with tissue entirely and leave some tissue paper outside the home too. You can use kitchen roll or toilet paper too.


Use Different Bedding For Hamster:

Typically, people keep the warm cloth in the bedding to allow the hamster to get cozy and comfortable easily. But you can also use other materials like hemp wood chips. The good thing about using the hemp wood is that it has no dust and looks good too. The hemp wood is also known to provide a more natural environment for the hamsters as well.


Use As Much Substrate As You Want:

As we are discussing bedding, there is another way to keep your hamster warm. You can think of using plenty of substrates so that they can borrow and make nests. This way you can provide your hamster a more natural feel as burrowing is the thing they do protect themselves from the cold. The substrate might look messy for you but for them, they can get a cozy environment to live in. So, you can pile up to 4 to 5 inches of substrate, and they will be okay with it.


Buy a Room Heater:

You can also think of buying a room heater. Putting up a space heater will protect the hamsters from the cold and keep the room warm all day. But make sure that you don’t overheat the room the room otherwise; your hamster will die in silence.


Buy a Heat Pad:

Heat pads are also a great idea to keep your pets warm. You can find various types of heat pad online and in pet stores too. They come in various shapes and sizes, and they will keep your hamster warm for a long time. The heat pads can be warmed up in a microwave and then you can put them underneath the cage. But remember to use the heat pad sparingly otherwise the natural immune system of the hamster would suffer.


Use Hot Water Bottle:

Last but not least, you can think of taking a hot water bottle and placing it on the top of the cage. As you place the bottle over the cage, make sure that the hamster can’t reach it, and the bottle doesn’t leak. You can also wrap up the bottle in a thick towel firmly and then place it inside the cage.


What are the things you should be careful about?

Usually, all breeds of hamsters can survive the hibernation period to stay away from the cold. But that’s not the case with Syrian Hamsters. For them, you need to pay more attention as they are unable to store enough water and food to survive the cold. During hibernation, the hamster will have a slower respiration rate and will be unresponsive to most of the activities around them.



To revive the hamster from hibernation, you’ll need to restore the normal temperature of the room and keep them warm. As their body temperature rises quickly, they will be able to restore their original condition.

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