Hamsters are one of the cutest and fluffy pets, and that’s why fur loss in hamsters is a significant concern for people who have a hamster as a pet.

Do Hamsters Shed? What does it mean if the hamster is losing hair? What to do if my hamster is shedding? You have come to this page, it means you also have a hamster as a pet, and your hamster is losing his/her hair and why this is happening you have no idea. Thus, our today post is all about the lovely creature, hamster and continue reading the article to know why hamsters shed.


Do Hamsters shed?

Yes, hamsters do shed. Undoubtedly, seeing your hamster losing its fur or hair can be very upsetting and disturbing situation for you as hamster owner. Let me tell you a moderate amount of fur loss and shedding is typical for all breeds of a hamster. During fall and spring seasons, it is entirely reasonable for a hamster to molt and it happens as temperate change. When hamsters molt, they shed their old coat to re-grow new fur.

Thus, you don’t need to panic if your hamster is losing hair in a moderate amount. However, if you see your hamster losing hair or shedding in severe, then it is a significant concern. Excess shedding indicates that your hamster is suffering from health issues and you need to take your hamster to vet for immediate action. Your vet can suggest you some tips to prevent shedding in a much better way, and he/she can also tell the reasons why this is happening.


What are the common reasons for Excessive Shedding in Hamsters?

Hamsters do shed, but excessive shedding is not normal. Here, we are going to mention what are probable or common reasons behind the hair loss in your hamster.


1. Excessive Rubbing

Is your hamster rub very hardly or excessively? If your answer is yes, then it can also be the reason why your hamsters are losing his fur or hair. Hamsters that spend maximum time rubbing against toys or their cage, their fur start shedding. Extreme friction due to rubbing, so it caused your hamster to lose hair or fur.


2. Nutritional Deficiencies

Another popular reason why hamsters lose fur is nutritional deficiencies. Hamsters need to be given proper vitamin and nutrient so that they stay healthy. If your hamster diet contains vitamin B in a low amount, then this can be the probable reason. Lack of vitamin and protein can cause hamsters to shed. Thus, in this situation, you need to feed your healthy pet diet. For instance, cheese, whole-wheat pasta, veggies, cooked eggs, and fresh fruits. The best thing you can do is to ask your vet for a healthy diet.


3. Parasites

Fleas, ticks, mites, and ringworm can also cause hamsters to lose their fur. Hamsters with parasites may scratch and itch themselves badly which further can cause them to lose their soft fur. Thus, if you ever suspect your hamsters have parasites then contact with your vet for treatment and protecting your hamster from further problems.


4. Health Problem

Hamster suffering from severe health problem can also start to lose fur. For instance, kidney inflammations and T-cell lymphoma are possible causes for shedding in hamsters. Also because of old age, hamsters can lose fur. In most of the cases, fur loss is a sign of various medical problems hamsters can face. Therefore, it is necessary to talk with your vet immediately to take action. Otherwise, your hamster can face further complication due to your negligence.


What are Tips to Prevent Shedding in Hamsters?

Now, want to know how you can prevent excessive shedding in your hamster? Then, we have listed some tips you can follow to prevent your hamster from fur loss or shedding.


1. Contact your Vet

The first thing you can do after seeing your hamster losing its fur is asking your vet what the reason behind it is. Always remember that you need to know the cause before treatment. Thus, your vet can tell you what actually causing your hamster to shed so badly by performing some test. The vet will suggest to you how you can prevent it effectively.


2. Kill Mites from your Hamsters

If the vet confirms that parasites and mites are the reason behind shedding, then you can use injection, or medicated shampoo to kill mites from your hamster. Be careful by applying medicated shampoo, and you can also ask your vet how to apply it to your hamster skin.


3. If ringworm is the reason, then give a bath to your hamster

If your vet confirms that your hamster is losing hair due to ringworm, then use anti0fugnal shampoo recommended by your vet. Thus, give a bath to your pet with anti-fungal shampoo, and it will help in getting rid out of ringworm from your hamster. Anti-fungal shampoos are used in the same way in which you use another shampoo to your hamster.


4. Treat your Hamster allergy

If you see your hamster has some kind of allergies that it causes him to scratch himself badly then first you need to treat your hamster allergy. Then, automatically, the shedding problem will also go away. Thus, you need to inspect from what your hamster has an allergy, such as food. Once you are able to diagnose your pet allergy, your vet will able to suggest how you can treat it.


5. Provide a Healthy Diet

You can add more protein to your hamster’s diet. There are good sources of protein such as seeds and nuts, but avoid almonds. You can also give cooked beans. But, don’t provide a protein in an excess amount. Otherwise, it can disturb your hamster digestive system. You can ask your vet to give some suggestion about a healthy diet for your hamster.



Thus, hamsters are lovely and cute pets. Shedding is normal for all hamsters, but excessive shedding is not, and you need to take care of your hamster to prevent shedding. The best treatment for fur loss you can give to your hamster is your love, care, and attention!!


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