Undoubtedly, hamsters are one of cutest pets ever, and they have incredibly soft fur that makes many people have them as a pet. However, these little creatures have a sensitive digestive system, and if they don’t get healthy food, then they can easily get sick. That’s why if you have hamsters then you need to be very careful about your pet diet. If you suspect that your hamster is dying, then you must contact your vet for immediate treatment.

Although it is hard to determine if a hamster is sick or dying, there are some symptoms that can aid you to know whether your hamster is dying or not.


What Are Signs Your Hamster Is Dying?

As a pet owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your pet so that your pet stays fit and healthy. Hamsters pet live for 2 to 3 years. When your hamster reaches his old age, nothing will able to save him. But, hamsters can suffer from various serious illnesses that can be treated with proper care and love. Here, we are going to mentioned symptoms that will indicate your hamster is dying and you need to visit your veterinarian for his treatment.


1. Gastrointestinal Abnormalities

If you ever suspect your hamster is dying then must observe in your hamster for any gastrointestinal abnormalities. Hamsters are highly prone to have an illness called the wet tail. There are many signs that show your hamster can die from this illness, which include loss of appetite and excessive diarrhea. If this illness is not treated at the right time, then your hamster can die.


2. Behavioral Abnormalities

Spend some time with your hamster every day, and if you suspect any changes in your pet behavior, then it means your hamster is sick. Moreover, in this situation, your hamster might refuse to eat as he may be suffering from life-threatening illness.


3. Change in Appearance

If there is a change in your hamster appearance, then it also indicates that your hamster is suffering from severe illness. In this case, look for symptoms of infection, such as swelling, abscesses, and redness. Also, look at your hamster’s fur. Generally, hamsters fur look shiny and full. As hamsters reach his old age, their fur becomes thin, and that is very normal. But, if your pet begins to lose his fur in a massive amount at once, then it shows he is sick.


4. Difficulty in Breathing

Hamster suffering from a serious health problem might face tremendous difficulty while breathing. If you see signs of labored breathing, like huffing and wheezing in your hamster, then it means your pet is dying. Other symptoms your hamster is suffering for life-threatening illness are heavy and noisy breathing.


5. Bloody Discharge

Blood is coming from your hamster’s nose, eyes, mouths, ears or anus shows that your hamster is badly sick and he is going to die.

Hence, these are five common signs that show your hamster is dying and you need to take immediate action for his treatment.


What are Tips to Keep Your Hamster Comfortable when he is Dying?

There is no doubt that it is an alarming situation when your pet is very sick, and he may die. However, there are some tips you can use to keep your pet comfortable when you suspect he is dying.


1. Give Conformable Housing to your Hamster

Do you have more than one hamster? If your answer is yes, then give separate space to your sick hamster or dying hamster so that he can rest. It will help to keep your pet comfortable and prevent disturbance from other pets.


2. Clean your Hamster Cage

Clean your hamster cage every day so that your hamster can have a healthy environment. Thus, clean all parts of the cage and also wear gloves while cleaning for your own protection from any infection.


3. Warm your Hamster

Try to warm your hamster, especially when you see your pet is hibernating. You can use a heat lamp or heating pad to warm your pet. However, you need to make sure that your hamster doesn’t get overheated. Otherwise, it can further cause heatstroke.


4. Enhance Protein in your Hamster Diet

Protein can aid your pet to build more power and strength to fight against illness. You can add protein to your pet diet that helps him in recovering from illness faster. You can give Tofu, Hard-boiled eggs, cooked chicken (Small Bits), Baby food that is free of onion, garlic and lemon juice.


5. Give Liquids to your Hamster

Make sure that your hamster gets fresh water, and that is more important than food. Provide food that has water content in high amount as it will help in keeping your pet hydrated. It will definitely aid him to feel better. You can give fruits such as apple or pear as they are a good source of liquids.


My Story

I am also one of the hamster owners. I have a hamster that is just 9 months old. My hamster also got sick a few months ago, and he was not eating and drinking anything. At that time, I got so worried, and it seems like my hamster was going to die. It is indeed unfortunate when our pets get sick. However, I immediately took my hamster to the vet, and the vet gave me some tips to make him comfortable. At that time, I gave the all love and care to my little one, and I followed all the suggestions that I have mentioned in this article. With time, my hamster seems to again fine. Now, he is eating and drinking happily.



As a pet owner, you should never ignore any symptoms of sickness in your pet. You should contact your vet immediately for the treatment if your hamster is suffering from an illness. Undeniably, it’s miserable to lose our pets. Unfortunately, hamsters have a very short lifespan and thus, show love and care to your little one as much as you can.


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