Preventing and controlling flea infestations is the primary concern for pet owners. Fleas are generally found in shady, forested and wooded areas. Unfortunately, if you are living in that type of atmosphere, your dog will likely to face flea’s problem. That’s why flea collars for dogs are invented that can kill or prevent fleas.

However, many pet owners want to know do really dog flea collars work? Moreover, it is always good to understand how dog flea collars work before buying it. Our today post will tell you how it works to prevent flea or is it really worth to have it for your pet.


How do Flea Collars Work?

Flea collars offer a path to convey the active ingredients that are required to kill or prevent fleas. There are some types of flea collars that provide constant coverage over your dog’s body. If we talk about older flea collar designs, then they depend on generating ingredients having a powerful odor to prevent/kill fleas.

Flea collars made of new technologies release the active ingredients in the flow, i.e. from high concentration area to low concentration, such as your dog’s hair, skin, and coat. When fleas present on your dog’s body contacted with the active ingredients, they get killed. The collar discharges the active ingredients slowly over your dog’s body. This process continues until the flea collar doesn’t need to be substituted. Moreover, it is very vital that collar should be fitted and applied to pet with by following the proper instructions.


Do Flea Collars Truly Work?

Now, you know what the working of flea collars and next is, it is essential to know whether collar really works or not for dogs. The answer is YES!!! Flea collars are made with the aim of killing fleas. There are some collars that target adult fleas only, and on the hand, some may prevent or kill younger fleas and some both of them. You should research appropriately on the working of flea collar you want to buy for your dog. It will help you to analyze which is a good option for your pet.

Moreover, you can also contact your vet for the suggestion about flea collar if you are very confused. Your vet can give your right advice if you have any doubt in your mind.


What are Different types of Flea Collars?

Yes, there are three different types of collars, and you should know about them before buying flea collar for your pet. So, let’s take a look at different flea collars.


High-Frequency Collar

High-frequency collar works by releasing an ultrasonic wave that prevents fleas. Some dog owners have positive reviews about the collar, and some have negative. You can ask your vet is it good for your dog. This collar can also repel fleas, but can’t kill fleas. It is also the most expensive one.


Gas Based Collar

Gas based collar prevent or kill fleas from your dog body by releasing gas based toxin. Fleas that contact with this gas gets killed out. This is a very useful flea collar to kill fleas. The best part of this collar is that the gas released by this collar does not get absorbed into your dog’s skin.


Absorption Based Collar

Absorption based collar also have insecticide but get absorbed into your dog’s skin. This flea collar is considered to be harmful to pets. When dogs are exposed to this collar poison, their safety has become a significant concern for owners. As the insecticide is dangerous and that’s why you need to supervise your dog carefully if you are choosing the absorption based collar for your dog.


Are Flea Collars Safe?

Now, you may be wondering to know flea collars safe for your dog? Dog owners who are thinking of purchasing flea collars for the first time may wonder that is it the right thing to do or not. Let me tell you, flea collars are not really safe for your pet. The flea collars release chemicals that are toxic and can make your dog suffer from illnesses if ingested. If your dog is very old, pregnant, nursing, or young, then you should avoid flea collar because of toxic chemicals.

However, it is also true that every flea collar is different and that’s why it is vital to research collar you want to buy for your pet. Or the best thing you can do is contacting your vet for right opinion and which flea collar is best for your dog.


Are Flea Collars Effective?

If flea collar is applied and fitted correctly to your dog, then yes, they are useful. Fleas that are close to collar will be killed quickly and also, are controlled from reproducing. However, it is also true that flea collars do not provide full protection, in case if fleas are away from it or poisonous chemicals that are released by the collar.

Many dog owners say flea collars do not work and even, some you may hear this statement for the vet. That’s why the best thing you can do is contact your vet when it comes to preventing and killing fleas from your dog body. Your vet has more knowledge and will suggest you best way to treat fleas.


What are Tips for using Dog Flea collar?

  • As we also told earlier, follow the instructions mentioned adequately on collar product package or label on how to apply and fit collar properly to your dog.
  • Prevent your dog from biting and chewing the extra length of flea collar, and you can cut down the extra length of the collar.
  • Supervise regularly that if the collar is fitted correctly, especially if your pet is growing.
  • When it comes to replacing collar, follow the instructions mentioned on product package carefully.



Hence, flea collars are great for dog owners who are busy and don’t have enough time to take their dog to vet for flea treatments. Moreover, if your dog is outdoor adventurists, then you must have a flea collar for your dog.


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