Are you planning to adopt guinea pig as a pet? Don’t know much about a guinea pig? Are you wondering guinea pigs smelly or not? How smelly are they?

Undoubtedly, guinea pigs are one of the lovely creatures that many pet lovers prefer them over other pets like dogs, cats, and hamsters. However, before adopting any pet, most of the people want things about pet such as how they behave or are they smell bad.

Our today article is all about adorable little creatures, guinea pigs and we will tell you do guinea pigs smell bad. If they smell then how bad do they smell?


Are Guinea Pigs Smelly?

The answer to people question Does guinea pigs smell bad is straightforward. It is that it all depends on your means if you clean your guinea pig cage on a regular basis, they will not smell bad.

Guinea pig cages can start to smell if they are not cleaned or maintained correctly. When your little guinea pig lives in a dirty cage, your pig begins to smell bad obviously.

Thus, it is in hand of guinea pigs owners how much they do smell. As you also know care is very important for every pet whether it is a dog, cat or guinea pig. If you don’t wash your pet on a regular basis then they do smell quite bad which can be disturbing for your home environment.

So, if you want to adopt a pet, then you need to make a mind to take care of it and not taking your pet cleanliness lightly. Otherwise, it can be bad for your health as well to your pet health.

As simple as is that if you clean your guinea pig cage every day and wash him or her every week or month, then your guinea pig will not smell bad.


What Are the Reasons Guinea Pigs Can Become Smelly?

You might want to know how guinea pigs can become smelly and every owner of guinea pig must know about the reasons. It will help owners to prevent the bad smell of their pet.


Hair Locks

Guinea pigs hair locks are one of the primary reasons why they smell bad. Moreover, if their cage is not clean, then their fur can become dirty because sometimes, they try to groom themselves using the floor. This will make them really dirty, and they will begin to smell very bad that you may not be able to tolerate. Thus, keep your pet cage and fur clean.



Especially, male guinea pigs can be very smelly as compared to females ones because of the hormones they produce. Male ones produce an element, and that element can make their hair or fur dirty which in result can create a bad smell for a very long time. However, it is a natural process that occurs when they are becoming an adult, and you can’t do so much in this case.


Health Problem

Due to infection like mold on the skin can also reason for their bad smell. This infection generally occurs because guinea pigs live in a moist environment and why they live in this type of situation, everyone knows, and it is because of their urine.


Very Low Maintenance

As we told earlier, all pets need care and maintenance from their owners. It is your big responsibility to take care of your guinea pig. If you are very lazy to give a bath to your pet and clean your pet cage then noting can prevent bad smell from your pet. Like for you, cleanliness is vital to stay healthy, pets also need.


What Are Tips To Control Guinea Pigs Bad Smell?

Yes, every guinea pig owners must be aware of tips that can effectively pervert lousy smell of their pet. Here, we are going to mention some of the tips that can help you to provide a healthy environment for your little one.


Clean The Cage

The first and very important to clean your pet cage often and don’t be lazy and make sure to clean the cage every week so that your little one can live in a healthy environment. Wash your pet cage properly, and you can also use safe-cleaning material that will reduce your effort. There are many pet safe solutions to clean their cage surfaces that you can use.


Give Your Pet A Good Bath

As cleaning of the cage is essential, giving a bath to your guinea pig is also very necessary. You can buy shampoo from the pet store, and purchase shampoo that is primarily for a guinea pig. Use a towel to dry your pet. To prevent smell, give a bath to your guinea pig when you feel he or she smells bad. Remember that don’t over wash your pet, it can be harmful to your lovely pet.


Healthy Diet

Last but not least, a healthy diet is crucial to protect your guinea pig from various minor health problems. If your pet is not getting healthy food, then he or she can suffer from health which can make him or her smell terrible. You can give cucumber, green and red leaf lettuce. You need to avoid romaine lettuce, citrus fruits, yogurt drops, and Brussels sprouts.

Thus, give diet to your pet that can make your pet digestive and immune system strong. However, you can also take a suggestion from your vet, and he will provide better recommendations for your healthy pet diet.



Remember that if your guinea pig has a kind of smell that is not going away, then there is a chance that your pet is sick or suffering from some of the types of infection. In this case, you need to visit your vet immediately for your pet treatment.

In the end, there can be many reasons behind guinea pigs lousy smell, and there is also a solution to every problem. All you need to do proper care of your guinea pig and feed your good pet food.

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