When it comes to having a pet, guinea pigs can be a good choice. They are known as a most adorable pet over other pets, and they are adorable that attracts everyone towards them. However, before buying a guinea pig, many people might want to know Are Guinea Pigs Loud? Or Are Guinea Pigs Noisy? If they are loud then how loud are guinea pigs? All these questions are trendy and most searched topic on search engines by many pet lovers.

Thus, our today article is exploring guinea pigs vocalization styles, what kind of noises they made and when they make more noise.


Are Guinea Pigs Loud?

Guinea Pigs come under one of the quiet animals, and that’s why they are the most beloved pet that many pet lovers prefer to have them. They don’t make an excessive noise like other pets.

Moreover, loudness also depends on the individual guinea pig. Even two guinea pig looks precisely the same and but, they can be very different in behavior or making noise. Many guinea pigs are known as talkers, and they make noise when they want to communicate with their owners. These talking noises are not much louder.

Guinea pigs are also one of the unique creatures that are known for making various different kinds of noises. These noises are not very loud. However, their sound can sometimes be disturbing for you, especially while you are sleeping.


What Makes Guinea Pigs Louder Than Usual?

If you have a guinea pig as a pet, then you might have seen that sometimes, your pet making the noise louder than usual. And have you ever wondered what the reason behind this is?

Let me tell you if your guinea pigs make the noise louder than average then it means that your pet is in an excellent mood. Guinea pigs are louder mostly when they are playing with their owners. If your pig is very excited about something, then you might hear voice louder.

In these scenarios, your pig can be very noisy, and it can be disturbing for you.


What are sounds that Guinea Pigs Make?

Guinea pigs make a unique sound, and if you have a guinea pig, then you might have heard from your guinea pigs. Here, we have mentioned sounds that come from guinea pigs.



This is the typical sound made by them, and you might hear this sound when they are very excited, mainly when their owners feed them. Many pigs make this sound very loudly and can be very frustrating for you sometimes.



Guinea pigs when they are happy and comfortable, they make a purring sound. Sometimes, when they feel fear, they make very short purr sound. Purring sound is a unique one that comes mostly from young guinea pigs.



Rumbling sound is deeper as compared to purring noise. This sound is generally heard when male and female guinea pigs do physical interaction. Rumbling sound of them also called “Rumble Strutting” or “Motorboating.”


Teeth Chattering

When guinea pigs are very angry, they make sound called teeth chattering, and they show their teeth to others when they are not in a good mood. It is a sign that indicated to stay away or back off from them.



This sound comes from the mother guinea pigs for their young ones. It is the rare sound of them, and you might not have heard this one.



Similar to teeth chattering, a hissing sound is a sign of their anger or shows that they are upset. This sound is also seen in other pets such as cats.



Another rare sound comes from guinea pigs. This sound indicates they are happy or very relaxed. You might hear this sound when you are petting your pet.



Whining sound indicates that your guinea pig is not well. It can be because you are feeding him or her something that is not right for his or her digestive system.


What are Tips to Stop Guinea Pigs From Making Loud Noises?

Now, you know your guinea pig different sounds and reasons why they make these noises. However, if you are very disturbed from your guinea pig noise, then there are useful tips that can stop your little one to make noise.


Keep Fresh Things To Eat

When guinea pigs are sick, they make noises that can be very noisy for you. Don’t give them rotten vegetables that can make them suffer from health problems and you might hear a whining sound from your guinea pig as it signifies he or her not well.


Place Fresh Water Before Sleeping

Always place fresh water in the bowl in the front of your guinea pig before sleeping. It might be the case that they become thirsty in the middle of the night and if they don’t get water, then they will make noises that can disturb you.


Have Two Guinea Pigs

Your guinea pig can feel lonely and thus, you should have two guinea pigs. It is because they need a company or partner with whom they can play.


Try to Make Guinea Pigs Sleep

They don’t sleep as we sleep and you have to make them sleep. It is because if they don’t sleep, then they will start to make noise.


Wash Guinea Pigs With Shampoo

Giving a healthy diet is not enough unless you don’t give them a bath. Cleanliness is also essential, and otherwise, their dirty body can irritate them and which results in their making loud noises. You have to clean your pig on a daily basis with shampoo.


Provide A Big Cage

The cage where they live in and eat in. It should be big, if it is too small, then it can make your guinea pig feel suffocated. Also, clean the cage regularly so that they can have a healthy environment.



In the end, we can say that guinea pigs are lovely pets to have them at home. All you need is to learn how to handle their behavior well, and everything will go well.


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