Can Guinea Pigs Swim? Or Guinea Pigs like to swim? Today, there are many Youtube videos showing a guinea pig swimming, and that’s making guinea pig owners very curious to know whether their pet can swim or not.

Are Guinea Pigs Natural Swimmers? Or they like to be in water? Are All Guinea Pigs love to swim? Before letting your pet in the water, must read this post as guinea pig like to swim or not may depend on its personal preference.


Can Guinea Pigs Swim?

Yes, guinea pigs are natural swimmers. Thus, if you let your guinea pig swim in the bathtub, then he will be able to swim. However, if you drop your guinea pig into the water, then he might get scared like you get scared if someone pushes you into the swimming pool.

If you want to analyze that if your pet can swim or not then, place your guinea pig in shallow water on a bathtub. Also stay close to your pet so that if he can’t swim, then you can take him out of the water.

However, guinea pigs can swim, and if your pet can’t swim, then it might be because he is tired. As guinea pigs are of small size, they require huge energy to swim, and that’s why they easily get exhausted of swimming. Thus, it is suggested that don’t force your pet to swim, and just give him a chance to swim. Forcing can make your pet unhappier.


How to See if Guinea Pigs Like Water?

Most guinea pigs genuinely don’t like to swim, and moreover, some don’t want to be bathed. They clean themselves, and that’s why there is no need to give a bath to them.

However, if you want to see if your guinea pig like water or not then you can do a simple test. Just put your guinea pig into the water (few inches) in the bath and see how your pet responds to water. Every guinea pig owners have different experiences when it comes to water and guinea pigs. Some say their pet love to be in the water, some hate it to be in the water, and some naturally sink into the water.

Thus, it depends on individual guinea pig whether he would like water or not.


Do Guinea Pigs Like to Swim?

For guinea pigs, swimming activity is stressful, and they will easily get depressed after swimming. As we told earlier, guinea pigs have to put a lot of energy for swimming and so, forcing your guinea pig to swim, it can make your pet disturbed mentally.

Thus, the answer to the question “Do they like to swim” varies from one guinea pig to another. It is true that not all guinea pigs like to swim and many are very scared of water. If you see guinea pig love to swim in videos, then it might be possible that the guinea pig has taught not to be afraid of.


Can Guinea Pigs Swim in Chlorinated Pool?

As a guinea pig owner, you may know that chemicals are really bad for guinea pigs and it is highly suggested by a vet to keep away your pet from chemicals. Thus, guinea pigs can’t swim in the chlorinated pool at all, and it should be highly avoided. No matter if your guinea pig enjoys swimming, but you should not try to give a chance to your pet for swimming in a chlorine pool. Otherwise, you can put your pet in danger, and you may lose your pet.


Can Guinea Pigs Swim in Salt Water?

Salt is better than chlorine for guinea pigs, and thus, yes, they can swim in the salted pool. However, it is still suggested that avoid letting your pet to swim in the salted pool. Don’t take any risk with your pet until you don’t know what will be consequences in the future.


How can you teach your Guinea Pig to Swim?

Want to teach your pet how to swim? Or you just want to see if your guinea pig can swim or not? However, n both cases, it is better to teach your guinea pig how to swim so that he doesn’t feel scared in the water. Here, we have mentioned steps on how to train your pet to swim.

  1. Select a shallow bathtub made of plastic and make sure that your pet can jump into and out of tub easily.
  2. Fill the bathtub with water.
  3. Place your pet into your hand and gently, hold him into the water.
  4. Try to lift your pet back out of the water. Repeat it until you don’t feel your guinea pig can swim in the pool without any fear.
  5. Place your pet into the water by gently moving your hand away from water.


What are Safety Tips for Guinea Pigs to Swim?

  • Supervise your guinea pig while he is swimming or in the water.
  • Take out your pet immediately if he shows a symptom of discomfort or fear.
  • Don’t place your pet into chlorinated pool or water as chlorine can burn your guinea pig eyes and sensitive skin.
  • Don’t force your pet to swim. Wait until he does not get to learn how to swim.


My Story

I too had a guinea pig, and I also tried to place my guinea pig in the water by seeing the videos showing guinea pigs swimming happily. Let me tell you that my guinea pig does not like to swim as when I tried to place him in the water, he got scared a lot. However, I taught him how to swim, and his fear slowing goes away with time. But, still, my little one does not like water at all, and that’s why I keep my pet away from water for his happiness.



Thus, in the end, we can say that it is not necessary that all guinea pigs like to swim, even if they can swim. That’s why you should never compel your pet for swimming, just because you want.


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