Is cilantro safe for guinea pigs? Is it healthy for Guinea pigs to eat cilantro? What are the health benefits of cilantro to guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs can easily suffer from various digestive problems if a healthy diet is not provided to them. They need fresh water, vegetables, hay, and high-quality pellets on a regular basis. That’s also one of the primary reasons why people who have a guinea pig as a pet are prudent while introducing new food to their pet.

Occasionally, you can also offer green veggies to your guinea pig. As every green treat, you provide to your guinea pig is not safe and that’s why you need first to make sure that is cilantro safe for guinea pigs to eat? To know about it, continue reading this article.


Can Guinea Pigs Eat Cilantro?

Cilantro is also generally called coriander or Chinese parsley. All parts of it are edible, and its fresh leaves and dried seeds are mostly used for cooking. Cilantro is not only good green addition for your meals; however, it is also a great green treat for your guinea pig.

Guinea pigs like to chew on cilantro leaves, and even, many experts have proven that guinea pigs love to eat cilantro and it is a valuable green treat for their health.

However, always remember that excess of everything is wrong and thus, don’t give cilantro to your pig in an excess amount. Otherwise, it can cause digestive problems in your pet.


What are Vitamins contained in Cilantro?

Cilantro is one of the most used fragrant herbs for cooking various kinds of dishes. It is a beneficial green ingredient that you can add to your meal.

As you know guinea pigs requires vitamin C and green treat, cilantro contains vitamin C. That’s why cilantro is one of the essential treats for guinea pigs.

This green treat may contain vitamin C in a large level. But, even a small quantity of cilantro can be very beneficial for the guinea pigs. It is suggested that don’t feed cilantro in a high amount to your pet. You can feed cilantro to your pig every week.

Cilantro also contains calcium and phosphorus. These two components are not much beneficial for your guinea pig as your pet can develop kidney stones. That’s why it is recommended that you should restrict food that contains a high level of calcium and phosphorus to offer your little guinea pig.


Can Guinea Pigs Eat Stems of Cilantro?

As we told earlier, even experts say that guinea pigs love to chew on the stems of cilantro. You also know that your furry guinea pig needs something inside his or her mouth. Otherwise, your pet will make different kind of noises that can disturb you. The cilantro stems surface not very rough, and thus, you can slice the stems of this green treat in small parts. This will be a safe way for your guinea pig to feed on cilantro stems.

Moreover, every part of cilantro is considered to be edible, including floral part or flowers, leaves and yes, of course, stems also. Thus, don’t be panic if you see your guinea pig eating stem of cilantro.


What are Health Benefits of Cilantro for Guinea Pigs?

When you offer a new food to your guinea pig, it is always vital to know whether new treat you are introducing to your little pet is healthy or not. It is always great to give that treat that has health benefits for your pet. You know that cilantro is safe for guinea pigs and now, let’s explore all health benefits of this great treat that your pet can have.

  • Cilantro contains powerful antioxidants that aid in promoting the overall health of your guinea pet. Along with it, it also enhances cardiovascular health.
  • Many studies say that cilantro is also a great source of anti-inflammatory compounds that help in fighting against various sever inflammation forms.
  • Cilantro contains vitamin C and A. Guinea pigs require both these vitamins to stay healthy.
  • Another significant health benefit of cilantro is that it is beneficial when it comes to detoxifying the pet body from various harmful toxins.

Hence, these are cilantro health benefits that your guinea pig can have after eating a green treat called cilantro.


How to Introduce Cilantro to your Guinea Pig?

Is your pet never had it before? If your answer is yes then you need to introduce cilantro to your pet diet and more importantly, feed cilantro to your pet slowly. It is all because guinea pigs have a very sensitive stomach and that’s why it is good to introduce new treat in small parts. Remember that it is not necessary that your guinea pigs may like this new treat as it depends on your pet taste.

While introducing cilantro to your guinea pig, monitor your pet reaction, and you will get to know whether your pig likes it or no. You can also mix cilantro with other treats that your pet loves if you find your pet does not like a new treat, cilantro.

Also, make sure to clean cilantro before giving to your pet and wash it properly with fresh water. It is necessary to remove all pesticides or dirt remains on cilantro treat. Once you cleaned it, don’t worry about water that left on the cilantro leaves. This will provide hydration for your pet. Thus, water remains have no harm to your guinea pig health.


My Story

I am also a guinea pig owner. The first time, I gave cilantro to my pet by mixing it with his favorite food. Now, whenever I offer cilantro to my little one, he eats very happily. It is really adorable to see my guinea pig to eat cilantro. I always give cilantro in small parts as we all know guinea pigs can easily develop digestive problems.



Thus, cilantro is absolutely safe for guinea pigs to eat. As it contains calcium and phosphorus and that’s why don’t feed cilantro to your pet regularly.


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