Before getting a pet, every person has many concerns because they don’t have enough knowledge about them. Unless you already have a pet in your home. It can be hard because petting a Guinea Pig will be similar to own any other pet in some aspects. But the first question that crosses everyone’s mind is whether to buy one Guinea Pig or two?

Well, you will be relaxed to know that Guinea Pigs are a social animal. Setting apart the other things that come to your mind, the one thing you would never have to worry is that whether Guinea Pigs get along with other pets or not. Luckily, Guinea Pigs are not just cute, but they are also one of the friendliest pets. You might struggle to figure out the right things for your sweet little companion, but they will adjust in any type of environment because of their excellent social skills. So, if you have enough space to keep not just one Guinea Pig but a pair of them that would one day become a group, then you should immediately make this decision.

Above the necessary care and requirements that needed to be fulfilled so that they can live happily, a companion with whom they can play all day will be the best idea.


What Are The Social Needs Of Guinea Pigs?

As we already know that Guinea Pigs are very social animals, you might be trying to figure out what are the social needs of these pets so that they will be satisfied with their mate. Typically, these creatures live in herds, and hence they have a habit of interacting with other pigs. They often talk and play with each other. It is very rare that you will find a loner Guinea Pig. So, ensure that you never take one Guinea Pig home because loneliness will deteriorate them of their most crucial need of social interaction. It will be thriving and better for their health too if they have one or more companion in the house.


How To Decide Which Gender You Should Get?

You will be shocked to know that the male Guinea Pigs don’t mix well with other males. But the females do great with other females. So, you better be careful before you decide a companion for your Guinea Pig. The males who have been together since a young age would fit well with each other, but if you introduce two makes in adulthood then they will fight for dominance, and this can lead to severe injuries for both of them. As it is not recommended to keep two males together, you would think to keep the male with female. But wait and think again.

You must know the fact that breeding after the age of 8 months can be fatal for the female Guinea pig. The females who have been bred before would be able to handle the situation, but the females who have never bred before; they will be in great danger. Being aware of the significant risks is very important. Thus, choose the companion only when you are sure that they will be great for each other.


What To Do To Interact With Your Guinea Pig?

Guinea pigs stay very happy when they have cage mates. But do you know how you can interact with them? If not, then don’t worry, it is not that hard to learn. Once your pet gets familiar with you, it will be straightforward. But in the start, you have to pay special care and attention to your cute and adorable pets. Once you bring them, it is essential that you hold them every now and then, have a little chat with them and give them little treats. As we have concluded that you should keep them company, so it will more than one guinea pig who will need all of these things. So, make a little time out of your busy schedule and remember that it is essential that you frequently interact with them.

If you don’t get familiar with them and don’t express your love, they will grow distant and become aggressive if you get anywhere around them. Frequent interaction will help them to feel like home, and it will come in handy whenever you take them to a vet for a regular health checkup.


What Are The Housing Needs Of These Pets?

Well, everyone would agree that a cage to keep your pets is like holding them as hostages in your home. So, it is for sure that you will need a big cage. Let your guinea pigs can roll around and play. And as they are very social, they like to explore new things. You can leave them in a park to roam on a regular basis. If you have a park in your home, then it is excellent. If not, you can take them outside too because they will come back to you as your home is the only place where they will feel safe.

Also, if you are thinking of making a cage for them. Keep in mind that you should at least keep it in a size of 2 square feet. This will be the ideal area for one guinea pig to live in. They still have a separate place to eat, sleep and litter. If you have more than one guinea pig, you can increase the size according to the number.



Hopefully, now you know that whatever the number is, Guinea Pigs get along with each other. Social interaction is a significant part of their lifestyle. Hence they need others around them and require special care too. When they are kept in a society of their own, they will thrive and live happily in your home. As you notice your pets, you will hear them squeaking while they communicate with each other. You will know that they are living the best life they could. Of course, there are some other needs too that needs to be fulfilled. But, this is just the first step towards being a fantastic parent to your pets.


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