Undeniably, guinea pigs come under the most lovely and adorable pet. Today, many pet lovers love to keep them as a pet over other pets, especially dogs and cats. Most of the people have a good habit of knowing about the pet that they are going to adopt. If you have come to this page, then it means you are also planning to adopt guinea pig as a pet, or you already have a guinea pig. So, do guinea pigs stink or not is today most searched topic by pig owners or those who are planning to have them.

Thus, our today post is all about lovable guinea pigs, Are they smelly, if they are how bad do they smell, and what you can do to prevent bad odor coming from your pet.


Do Guinea Pigs Stink?

The question “Do pigs stink: might come in your mind if you have felt unpleasant smell coming from your little guinea pig. Generally, guinea pigs keep themselves clean. However, it also depends on you how much you keep your pet surrounding hygienic. Thus, it means if you keep your guinea pig cage clean on a daily basis then your pet will not stink.

Guinea pigs can stink if you don’t take care of your pet every day or weekly. If you don’t want that your guinea pig gets stink, then it is your duty to clean your pet cage, pee and poop every day. Pet owners who don’t give a bath to your pet for a long time, their pet can smell moderately bad that can be troubling and upsetting for you.

As we old earlier, guinea pigs like to clean themselves and if you also have the habit of cleaning your pet cage then your guinea pig will not be stink, and there will be no odor problem, ever with your pet.


What are the reasons Guinea Pigs can stink?

Are you now wondering what makes your pet smell so bad? No doubt, giving a healthy food and environment is a major concern for every pet owner. However, sometimes, we ignore things, and the problem becomes more prominent. Therefore, here, we are going to mention some of the reasons behind lousy odor from guinea pigs that you should know about it.


1. Carelessness

Every pet needs care and attention from their owners. Adopting a pet means you are getting a big responsibility. You need to give attention and time to your pet from hectic schedule to keep your pet happy and free from various problems. Not giving a bath to your pig and not cleaning his cage on a daily basis can make your pet smelly.

Thus, cleanliness and sanitary environment are vital to keeping your pet healthy.


2. Health Problem

Is your guinea pig suffering from health problem? You might don’t aware that pig that is sick can also smell bad. For instance, mold on your pet skin can be one of the reasons for bad odor. Thus, in this situation, all you can do is to provide a healthy atmosphere and food so that your guinea pig can quickly recover from the disease.


3. Hormones Changes

Hormonal changes can also be the reason why unpleasant smell is coming from your guinea pig. Male ones can produce awful smell as compared to females ones. It is because male produce a hormone that makes their fur/hair unhygienic which further result in bad odor. In this case, you can’t do anything as it happens naturally and it is a stage when your guinea pigs are becoming an adult.

Hence, these are some of the reasons why guinea pigs can smell bad, and how badly they smell, it depends on how much your care for your pet.


How to Keep your Guinea Pigs Smelling Good?

As we told earlier, guinea pigs keep themselves clean. However, there are some breeds of guinea pigs such as long-haired one may face a challenge because of their very long hair. Thus, here, we are going to mention some useful tips you can use to keep your pet smelling good.


1. Clean Cage

It is very vital to clean the place where your pet lives and eat. Therefore, make sure to clean your guinea pig cage every day so that the cage should be free from dirt. Luckily, now there are many pet-friendly products are available in the market you can use to clean your pet cage. Cleaning your pet cage on a regular basis will provide a clean atmosphere to your pet.


2. Litter-train your Pet

Spot cleaning would be easier for you if you trained your guinea pig to use the litter box. In this case, you need to identify the place where your pet prefers to utilize as a toilet area. Then, just place a box in that area. Also, clean the litter box on a regular basis, and it can also depend on how much your pet used it.


3. Give a Bath to your Pet

If your guinea pig smells very bad, then give a bath to him or her. Bathing will help in keeping your pet safe from various illnesses. Make sure that your pet hair is clean and free from dirt and you can also contact your vet if the nasty smell is coming from your pet and your vet can give you some pet-friendly suggestions.


4. Avoid Giving Improper food to your pet

There are some foods that can disturb your guinea pig digestive system very badly. For example, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and many more. Give your healthy pet food such as cucumber, bell peppers and fruits like apple, kiwi, and strawberries. You can also ask your vet for a healthy diet for your pet. Also, avoid citrus fruits because acid present in it is not suitable for guinea pigs.



Hence, these are some tips that guinea pig owners can use to reduce the bad smell coming from their pet. In the last, we can say that guinea pigs also need care like other pets. Giving your pet a clean environment should be the primary duty of every pet owner.

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