Do guinea pigs make good pets? Is guinea pig a good pet for children? Is guinea pig good to have a pet over other pets?

All these questions might be going in the mind of those people who are planning to have a guinea pig as a pet. There is no doubt that most of the people prefer to have either dog or cat as a pet. However, there are now many people who want to know about guinea pig.

That’s why our today article will tell you is guinea pig can be a good pet or not for you. Continue reading this article and explore real facts of the guinea pig as a pet.


Can a Guinea Pig Be A Good Pet?

Yes, guinea pigs can be a good pet. Like dogs, cats and hamsters, they are also very friendly in nature and have so many amazing qualities in their behavior that make them a good pet.

Some guinea pigs are very shy and take some months or years to become friendly with a human. However, having a guinea pig as a pet can give you many wonderful and memorable experiences.

Are you now wondering to know what makes them a good pet? Continue reading, and you will get to know the reasons why you should have a guinea pig as a pet.


Why Guinea Pigs Make a Good Pet?

If you are planning for adopting a pet for the first time, then you must have a guinea pig. There are many reasons why guinea pigs become great pets. They are also one of the exotic pets, and it is also reason to own them as a pet.

Guinea pigs are one of the most adorable pets, and if there will be any competition for a most charming pet, then there are high chances that guinea pigs win.

Here are reasons that guinea pigs are good pet:


Guinea Pigs Are Very Friendly

Guinea pigs are one of the social animals, and they live happily with other guinea pigs. However, it is recommended that you keep same-sex guinea pigs. Males can be together, and the same goes for female pigs. Moreover, females guinea pigs are known to be more sociable as compared to male ones. As male guinea pigs grow older than female, they might fight with each other, and this can disturb you.


Guinea Pigs Need Little Maintenance

As compared to other pets, they need lesser maintenance. They need fresh water, hay, and fresh vegetables to eat. They require a cage which should have ample space and yes, you need to clean the cage every week so that your guinea pig doesn’t smell bad or become dirty. Want to know the best part. Give a little attention to the guinea pig, and they will be delighted.


Guinea Pigs Live Long Lives

They live long lives as compared to hamsters and rats. They can live for seven to nine years, and thus, the guinea pig is good to have a pet for those families who want to have a pet for a very long time.


Guinea Pigs Are Special

As we all know all guinea pigs look like a same, but let me tell you, even if two guinea pigs look exactly same, but does not mean they are also same in behavior. Some are very shy, and some are very bold. It depends on you what type of guinea pig you want.


Guinea Pigs Purr And Like To Pop

They are quiet, but when they are pleased, they make an audible, vibrating sound which is a purr. They also like to pop when they are very excited. They jump or run from one place to another. “Popcorning” or “Pop” is unique behaviors which are seen in guinea pigs, especially young ones.


What Are Reasons Guinea Pigs Are A Good Pet For Children?

Are guinea pigs are a good pet for children? Many parents think very deeply when it comes to adopting a pet because of their children. For every parent, their first priority is their children safety and care. That’s why they want to have a pet that creates a few problems so that they can take care of their pet and children together with ease.

You know that guinea pigs are a good pet. You may be surprised to hear that they are also an excellent pet for children. If you have children then having a guinea pig as a pet will be your right choice. Let’s explore why they make a good pet for children.


They Entertain Children

Guinea pigs are social and funny creatures. As we told earlier, they do purr or pop when they get happy. Watching them doing these funny things can be fun for your children. Thus, if you have a single child then must adopt guinea pig so that your kid can have a good friend who can entertain your child.


They Will Teach Children How To Be Responsible

When you have a pet at home, your children also get attached to a pet. You also know we care for someone when we get attached with a person emotionally. Caring a pet means feeding a pet at the right time which is one of the great responsibility that your children can learn if you have a pet for your kid.


They Are Easy To Care

One of the right reasons why you should have guinea pigs as a pet is that they are easy to care and even, your kid can handle them easily. They don’t need constant care or attention like other pets such as dogs and cats. They require low maintenance.



Hence, guinea pigs are good pets, and you can have them as a pet without any second thought. If you are great pet lover then must adopt guinea pig once in your life, and you will definitely be amazed to have a guinea pig as part of your life.


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