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Is Catnip Safe For Dogs?

If you’ve been on spending time on social media lately, you may have seen the memes and the funny posts about how crazy cats get about catnips. Better yet, you may have noticed some kittens happily munching on a neighbor’s backyard full of catnips. So, Is Catnip Safe For Dogs?In some cases, you may see some passed out cats in the driver, all for eating excess herbs. It's hilarious when...
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Is Catnip Bad For Cats?

If there is a cliche which says that “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” then for cats, it should very well be "Catnips are a cat's best friend." Indeed, cats go crazy about it.If you are a cat owner, then you might have seen how this herb can bring out strange but hilarious side of your cat’s personality.Cats react to catnips it in a variety of fashion. Rolling around,...
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Do Cats Eat Catnip?

The catnip is a plant which keeps essential oil which is used for cats. The spice can be found in the Middle East, central Asia, Europe and in some places in China. This plant blooms in the autumn season. This plant belongs to the mint family. Catnip blooms in 50-100 cm of height. It features green in color. You can find an intense fragrance of catnip. This plant is...
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