Cat owners or those who are cat lovers know the effect of catnip plant on cats. The plant is stimulant for cats, and they love this plant. However, dogs do not respond to catnip plant as cats do. But that does not mean that this natural plant has no effects on dogs. So, Does Catnip Work On Dogs?

So, Does Catnip has Effect on Dogs? Or Can Dogs Eat Catnip as Cats? Or what are Effects of Catnip on Dogs? Every dog owners or dog people, who are curious to know about catnip for dogs, continue reading this article. Our today post will explore interesting facts about catnip on dogs.


What is Catnip?

Catnip is scientifically known as Nepeta cataria, and it is a herb that belongs to the mint family. The plant is originated from Africa, Asia, and Europe and now, it has a presence all over the globe. Many people are not aware of the fact that dogs also like catnip.

This natural plant contains vitamin E and C, along with many minerals such as flavonoids, magnesium, and tannins. Moreover, the plant also contains essential oils that aid in keeping the digestive system of dogs healthy. The catnip is used as a sedative for humans, and it is also considered the harmless plant for both dogs and human.


Can You Give Catnip to your Dog?

It is assumed by many people that catnip is particularly for cats only, but this plant is also good for dogs. You can give catnip to your dog. Your dog can sniff or even can eat catnip. It is edible, harmless and non-addictive substance for dogs. There is no doubt that dogs do not give the same reaction to catnip as cats give. But, the herb is completely safe when ingested by dogs.

However, it is highly possible that if your dog eats catnip plant too much, then your dog may have vomiting. It is natural because dogs do vomiting by eating any herb or plant in an excess amount.


What are the Effects of Catnip on Dogs?

Many people don’t realize that catnip plant or herb has effects on dogs. Some breeds of dogs love this herb and some may not.

Here, we are going to mention the effects of catnip on dogs that every dog owner must know it.


1. Sedative

Catnip is stimulant for cats, but the herb has opposite effects on dogs, and it is sedative for dogs. Till today, it is unclear why dogs respond differently when it comes to catnip plant. Generally, dog owners give catnip to their dogs when their pet gets nervous during traveling. You can put fresh leaves of catnip in your dog drinking bowl, or you can just sprinkle dry and crushed leaves on your dog food. The catnip is very helpful in calming dogs.


2. Diuretic

Among people, catnip is used as a diuretic because the catnip oil enhances urination that aid in relieving excess water of body, along with toxins like uric acid. The catnip oil also helps in keeping dog’s system fine and regular. However, it is recommended that don’t give catnip in a high amount to your dog. Otherwise, it can be harmful to your dog.

Moreover, catnip is also an excellent remedy for stomach and intestinal ailments. The plan is an excellent remedy for calming dog’s ill stomach.


3. Maintain Blood-Flow

Catnip plant is very beneficial in regulating the blood flow for both dogs and human. However, catnip for the pregnant recipient of both human and dogs is not good, and it should be highly avoided.


4. Antiseptic

The catnip has an antiseptic compound called thymol that can aid in treating wounds. You can apply fresh catnip oil to scratches, and injuries of your dog. As insect and mosquito repellent for dogs, the catnip plant is excellent.


5. Medicine

As catnip contains various vitamins and minerals, along with essential oils, it can help in keeping the digestive system of dogs healthy. However, you should contact your vet before using catnip as medicine for your dog.


Are Catnip Toys Safe for Dogs?

You can feed catnip to your dog, and there is no harm to your dog. But, allowing your dog to play with catnip toys can be trouble for your dog. As all catnip toys are not suitable for dogs. Unfortunately, most catnip toys come in a small size that can be easily ingested by dogs. That’s why your dog can swallow catnip toy unknowingly while playing with it or chewing it. This can cause massive trouble for your dog as it can lead to intestinal obstruction in your dog.

Moreover, if your dog chews on catnip dog regularly, then it can also cause an adverse reaction. Thus, you should be on the safe side. It is suggested that you should avoid giving catnip toys to your dog for playing or chewing. Otherwise, you never know when your dog has to suffer from various health complications in the future.


How Can You Give Catnip to your Dog?

There are many ways you can give catnip to your dog, but here we are going to cover the two most common and easy ways.


1. Mix Catnip with Food

You can mix catnip with your dog food, and this way is preferred by many dog’s owners who introduce catnip to their dog for the first time. You can add catnip from 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon to your dog food. Also, you can mix catnip oil to your pet diet.


2. Mix Catnip with Water

You can also add catnip leaves to your dog’s drinking bowl. This is an easier way to introduce catnip to dogs and thus, if you can’t be able to mix catnip with your dog food well, must go for this way.



Thus, in the end, we can say that catnip has many positive effects on dogs, and its small amount can give a better life to your dog. However, if you are going to introduce catnip to your dog for the first time, then it is suggested that you should contact your vet.


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