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10 Reasons: Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

Do you ever question why do cats have those whiskers? Unlike how men can grow a beard and do what they want to stylize it, cat's whiskers are not for their fashion sense.Also called vibrissae or ‘tactile hair,’ whiskers are embedded into a cat’s body. A cat's whiskers are patterns that grow in a horizontal line along their muzzle, between the uppermost edges of the mouth and external edges...
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Do Cat Whiskers Grow Back?

The Importance of Cat Whiskers Facts, functions and reminders that cat owners must know Do Cat Whiskers Grow Back?Having cats as a pet means that you have to care for their well-being. But it turns out that not a lot of cat owners are aware of how significant their whiskers are to them. They are commonly known as "touch receptors" of cats or in scientific terms, “vibrissae." It is...
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Why Do Dogs Have Whiskers?

Since dogs have poor vision on close up objects, they don't entirely rely on their eyesight for navigation. They use their noses which have high smelling senses as compared to human beings. It's no surprise dogs use whiskers for tracking. However, apart from their noses, they have whiskers which they use to navigate around their surroundings. Many animals such as cats, bears, rats, dogs, etc. have long hairs around their...
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