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8 Reasons: Why Do Dogs Howl At Sirens

When people take their doggie out for a walk, they often hear their doggie howling at sirens, when an ambulance passed by. By then, they keep pondering over the reason why do dogs howl at sirens?It looks like our pets are afraid of the sound. Usually, ambulance siren releases high-frequency sound waves that are high pitched, loud enough to frighten our doggie.But, is it their instinct to howl? Or...
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Dog Behavior, Dog Health, Dog Questions, Dogs

Why Do Dogs Howl?

We have all heard the all familiar sound of a dog howling. The sound of a dog howl could even be pleasing to some of the people that listen to it depending on their attitude towards dogs. A popular misconception is that only wild members of the dog family such as the wild dog, the wolf, or the coyote can actually howl. This assertion is very flawed since domestic...
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