What does pooping blood mean? Pooping blood is a condition in which there is blood in the stool. This condition is also called hematochezia or melena. Blood in the stool of your dog can be something that is frightening. In human beings, blood in stool is associated with cancer. With dogs it is different. It is caused by various causes. In case of the condition, you need to seek the help of your vet. Blood in the dog’s stool is majorly caused by parasites. Various reasons cause pooping blood in dogs.


Causes of pooping blood in dogs

The primary causes of pooping in dogs include:



This is a common and virus that affect puppies. The condition affects breed like German shepherds, black and tan among other breeds. The situation is accompanied by vomiting in dogs, lethargy diarrhea blood in stools and also the loss of appetite. This is a deadly condition in puppies. If they cannot be treated earlier, it will die. If you realize your dog has the symptoms, consult your vet for medication.



Parasites are a common cause of pooping blood in dogs. Various parasites cause blood in the dog’s stool. Some of the parasites are roundworms, hookworms, and hookworms. The feces of the pet will have blood. To add to that, other symptoms will be realized. With the help of the veterinarian, they can help to identify the specific parasites and prescribe the proper medication.


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Hemorrhagic gastroenteritis

This condition involves copious blood in the stool. Diarrhea and vomiting are the other conditions that a dog can exhibit when it is suffering from it. The cause of it is not apparent. Experts have not yet proved what causes the condition. To cure it, have a proper medication from your vet.


Blood clotting disorders

Blood clotting disorder can also be one of the causes of pooping blood in your dog. This condition can be caused by rat poison or other conditions. The rat poison causes blood clotting and bleeding in a dog once they eat it. The primary symptoms are a black tarry stool, blood stool among other conditions.


Dietary intolerance and Allergy

This condition occurs due to the dog eating foods that are not good. Consuming non-edible food too can lead to the condition. The sudden change of dog diet can tool it. This will later lead to blood in the stool. The mild case may bring stomach upsets in dogs. Dogs are allergic to specific agents like protein, perfume among others. These allergies can lead to pooping blood in the stool of the dog. If you want to change the diet of your dog, do it gradually in several days.



Dogs can have stress. Severe stress in dogs can lead to blood in the stool. Stress in dogs can be caused by mistreating from the owner, addition of new dogs in the home among others. This may make a case of colitis with blood in the stool and mucus.


Rectal injuries

When a dog injects sharp objects, sticks, and bones. They scrape the lower part of the intestine and later causes blood in the stool. With this case, the blood will stop after a few days. Be careful about what you give your dog. Avoid giving your dog bones and sticks. When they have already been injected, feed them with high fiber foods. This food will help in passing out the bone. Try also to look at any swelling injuries in your dog. You can too consult your vet on further medication.


Health risks for dogs pooping blood

Pooping blood in dogs has several risks in dogs. Some of them include:


Black Stools

This can be caused by your dog eating Motrin. This causes severe poisoning. Some of the symptoms that can be accompanied are low blood cells, pale gums among others.


Blood in dog stools

It can be a fresh blood stool, i.e., Hematochezia or it can be a black stool that is majorly known as dyschezia.


Mucus in the dog’s stool

This is caused by various illness and parasites. It can be accompanied by blood when it is dangerous.



This is an intestinal disorder that majorly affects puppies. It lives on the walls of the intestines later it leads to diarrhea in dogs. Also, It can be a severe disorder if it will not be treated. It damages the walls of the intestine and leads to blood in the stool.


Dog diarrhea

The feces become loose. This is one of the common problems that affect dogs. It makes the dog to lose appetite, have frequent vomiting, and have abdominal pain among other problems. Here medical intervention is needed.



The bloody stool. It involves passage of fresh blood in the stool.


What to do when a dog is pooping

When your dog is pooping, you need to see your vet determine what the causes are. With a careful examination, the vet will want to know some of the other symptoms you have seen on them. As we have seen, the primary symptoms that are associated with pooping are vomiting, weight loss, loss of appetite and diarrhea. It will also strain in a bowel movement. After a clear understanding and examination. The vet will give the proper medication.


Prevention of pooping blood

To prevent pooping in your dog, you will need to be careful about what they do. Avoid giving your dog unknown food. Avoid also giving your dog food that has spoiled and bone foods. Ensure you have consulted your vet on a regular basis in determining some of the changes that your dog may undergo. Feed your dog with a balanced food. Ensure your dog has done exercise every day. This will improve their health. The cost of treating pooping blood is not such expensive. Do not fear about the cost. Talk to your vet.


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Pooping blood in dogs is a condition. It is experienced with blood in the dog’s stool. Pooping in dogs can be caused by various conditions. Some of the major causes include parasites, sudden change of diet, blood clotting stress and other factors. We have also discussed some of the health risks of pooping. Finally, we have discussed various things that you can do prevent pooping in dogs.