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9 Reasons: Why Does My Cat Stare at Me?


When your beloved cat sits at your feet staring up at you with those big cat-like eyes, it eventually becomes a staring contest. What do they want from you that is so important? Could they be hungry? Do they want to go outside? Or would they just like some attention. All those options are pretty likely.

If only you could develop powers to understand cat language. Cats also stare at other cats, too. So, what does that mean? Are they in a contest to prove who the best cat is? You’ll have to find out in this article.

Your cat staring at you is difficult to ignore. And cats are even tough to beat. Therefore, to avoid spending hours milling about on the Internet, this article will help you understand the nine reasons why cats stare at you.


1. Eating

Eating is a cat’s primary concern. You’re the one who prepares pet food every day. Except it’s not their feeding time yet. Thus, that hypnotic stare won’t leave you alone. Any movement you take, even into the kitchen will have them in your shadows waiting to see if you’re going to give them a special treat.

Remember, you have to be the boss. Make the rules and give them a treat if they deserve it. Overfeeding a cat is never good for their health.


2. Cat Communication

Cats live in their world. They rely on their understanding and sense of sight to stalk predators or other furry friends. That trait will not disappear if they are inside cats. Cats are generally outside animals. Even inside, the cat may stalk down her own reflection in the toaster.

Whenever cats are in a battle of wits, they’ll stare at each other to show who is the dominant cat. No cat enjoys seeing other kitties walking around on their property or even in their own home. It’s their house! No way, their owner should be paying attention to them not this other furry stranger.

Cats will stop everything they’re doing to stare at another cat. However, if one cat was ever to break eye contact, a kitty battle is yet to come.


3. Peaceful Slumber

Have you ever noticed your cat opening and closing its eyes when they in the middle of enjoying a good nap? Cats don’t want to let their guard down. Predators could be looming around. They may also be keeping an eye on you to make sure you have not left them alone.

Cats tend to be more independent creatures, but they’ll look at their owners as a sense of security. Knowing that we’re still here makes them feel safe.


4. Hunting Tactic

Since cats are hunters, they rarely ever blink. Cats can go for hours without even blinking. Don’t you wish you could have that power? A cat does not want to miss anything in their line of vision, like their prey.


5. Curiosity in the Kitty

Humans lead a much different life from cats who roll onto their backs and bat at a ball of yarn. They’re wondering what you could be doing as you sit typing words into a computer screen.


6. How Should They React?

Like a child, cats are also learning social and visual cues from humans. To help them realize how to react in any given situation, whether happy, angry, or sad, a cat will copy our emotions. If you greet a new visitor into your home, then they will kindly greet the new guest.

They’re also trying to read you for visual cues. Cats will note if you are paying attention to them. Don’t ignore your cat. Give them a playful rub now and then to respond that they’re a good kitty. Likewise, even give them a playful toy to distract them.


7. Love

Cats may not quit staring at you as you have given them a home, feed them, and provide them with the utmost love they deserve. Not all cats are lucky. Other than purring or rubbing up against your legs staring is also a sign of affection. And it’s also to form a bond that will last for years and years.


8. A New Guest

Perhaps its time for more company if you’re the type of owner who has to leave your kitty at home all day long. Adjusting to a new furry friend in the house will take some time. And also a lot of staring.

It’s best to introduce the cats gradually. Pay same notice to both cats so nobody will be jealous. Even share treats or any playful toys with them to get the two furry felines to connect. It will take time. Don’t rush a cat’s friendship. At least it will minimize all the aggressive staring.

If you ever see them in a staring contest, break them up. To avoid stepping between the antagonists, create a loud noise. That will break the epic battle apart. Now you can breathe.


9. Health Issue

A cat’s staring can also be symptoms of any serious diseases such as heart failure, kidney disease, and hyperthyroidism. So, if your cat’s eyes appear to be dilated, then a visit to the vet is in order. Remember, a sign of staring could also be a sign for help.



Now you understand why cats will continuously stare at you for hours on end. Don’t ignore your cats wanting eyes. It’s a sign of affection. Similarly, make sure you respond to a cat’s affections by communicating that you care about them and you’re happy to have a cat keep you company. Cats look to you for behavioral cues. And food, too. Thus, keep your cat well fed.

Trust is an essential yet significant factor in any relationship. Develop a sense of trust with your cat. Then they will note you as their alpha leader of the house.

Do you think you can beat your cat in an epic battle of staring? The odds are that your cat will be the winner. Still, have a playful match. Cats are wonderful company.

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