Almost every cat owner might have noticed that whenever you try to bathe your cat, they scratch and try to run away from the water. Have you wondered why do cats hate water? Is it really true or just a myth?

Don’t worry, we will answer all your questions, and you will be amazed to find out the answers. There are many people or should we say cat owners who agree that their cat doesn’t like water at all. Well, anything is possible in this world. There are chances that your cat might hate water, or maybe she just doesn’t have a habit of being anywhere around water. There are some cats that even know how to swim and love having a bath. So, we will explore all the possibilities and reasons whether cats really hate water or not.


Why Do Cats Avoid Water?

Agree, or not but cats seem to have their own reasons for avoiding water. The tepid relationship between cats and water has always been a matter of debate. Many cats are known to have an aversion to water, but the real reason continues to elude the cats.

The main reason is considered within the evolution of these species. The feline species evolved in the desert and arid climates, and thus they become averted from the water. As they were never exposed to water via lakes, rivers, rain, therefore they are not familiar with it.

Some other common reason why cats are likely to avoid water includes:


Fur Gets Waterlogged

When the cat comes in contact with water, their fur gets waterlogged. The coat is thoroughly drenched, and it gets heavy as well. This makes the cat’s moving slow. The top layer of the fur is usually water resistance, but only up to a degree. So, when she gets wet, she will feel uncomfortable in her own skin, and that’s why she tries to run away.


Sensitivity to Odors

You might not know that cats are susceptible to odors. She can even smell the chemicals in the water which are mixed for purification of water. There are chances that your cat doesn’t like the scent of the chemicals from the tap water. This will lead to more aggression in cats if you try to give her a bath in tap water. Cats sometimes even avoid drinking tap water.


Fear from Water

Many cats are afraid of water, and they also don’t like being submerged in it. Even humans get afraid of things they are not familiar with. And the same behavior is exhibited by the cats. They are naturally skittish, and even though their favorite food item, i.e., fishes, comes from water, they are highly protective of getting wet.


Cats Can Get Sick

This might be the most apparent reason. Every living being has more awareness of their body than others. The same rule applies to the cats. They know that getting wet could lead to some kind of health issues in her. Cats can maintain a higher body temperature than humans, but it is hard for them to stay warm. So when their fur gets wet, it takes a lot of time and efforts to dry off, and in between the time, she can catch a cold or pneumonia or some other problems.


How can you teach your cat not to hate water?

You will be glad to know that just because cats are not familiar with water doesn’t mean that they will hate it until the end of time. It is possible to teach your cat to take a bath and how to swim. There are some things that you can do to accumulate a sort of liking in the cats for water. Try them out and see which one works:

  • Start exposing your cat to baths and water from a young age. If a kitten gets familiar with water, then she will accept it as a part of her routine and will be able to enjoy a bath more often.
  • Try using catnip. Begin with making an enclosure that you are about to give her a bath. Give her catnip and place some toys in the water.
  • Give her a bath more often over a few weeks so that your cat will get comfortable splashing the water here and there.
  • As soon as you are done bathing your cat, dry her off really quick. The more she stays wet, the more her chances of being sick. If your cat grows into a habit that you will dry her up after a bath, then she will stop avoiding water gradually. You can also use a blow dryer to ruffle the fur.

If you are bathing your cat, remember not to use Human shampoos, flea shampoos or medicated soaps unless it is recommended by a vet.


Are there some cats who like water?

Of course, there are. Some domestic cats actually enjoy water under different circumstances. Take the example of a hot and dry climate. Any cat who lives in such an environment would love to take a bath in water as it will be refreshing. Some cats even adapt themselves to hunt fishes from the water. The other felines often spend a lot of time around water looking for fishes, and they are also great swimmers.

You will notice that some cats get curious about water and try to stick their paws in it. But sticking their paw and drinking water is an entirely different matter as of taking a bath in it. If your cats apprehend about getting anywhere near water, then it will be better than you don’t push them. Otherwise, you will end up with severe bruises and scratches on your body, even on your face.

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If you are damn sure that your cat doesn’t like water, then instead of putting her in a sink or tub, try giving her a sponge bath. In fact, a cat doesn’t even need a bath that frequently. They are fully capable of keeping them clean.


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