At some point in life, all the cats get worms in their intestines. Cats might be good in self-grooming and maintenance, but even they can’t prevent some diseases and health issues. The same thing can be said for the worms. The problem is found inside her, and thus you won’t be able to identify the issue right away. If you take your cat to a vet for regular checkups, then there is a possibility that you will be able to detect the problem. But unless the cat is exhibiting the symptoms, or you discover a segment of worm in their stool, they will stay hidden inside and could grow up to 2 feet long.


How Does a Cat Get Worms?

It is the tapeworms and roundworms that are found inside cats. But how they get them is a general thing. Cats have a habit of roaming around and digging into things. Sometimes, they don’t even realize that they are eating something that has worms in it. The main places where cats could pick these worms are given below:


Eating Eggs From The Soil

The most usual place where you can surely find the eggs of various types of worms is the soil. If a cat that already has worms pooped in the soil than the worm eggs would get passed in the poop and mixed with the soil. Without even realizing, the cats end up eating those eggs which are hatched into their stomach and keeps growing until they are taken out.



The Fleas are also the carrier of the larvae of these worms. When a flea rests on cats, they leave the larvae on the skin which is eaten by cats while cleaning themselves. Finally, the larvae get stuck in her intestines.



The rodents, birds and other small animals that cats can eat could be the reason for a cat getting infected with the worms. Many stray animals have these kinds of worms, and when the cat eats them, the larvae also get ingested, and they become infected.


Mother’s Milk

The main problem arises when a mother has worms, and she feeds her kittens. This way the larva is passed within the milk and the kitten gets the worm in a small age. Gradually the larvae grow into a complete worm and feed on the cat’s food.


How Can Worms Be Dangerous For The Cats?

Having a parasite in the body can never be beneficial for the body whether it is humans or the cats. A grown-up cat could survive longer without showing any symptoms of infection. But the kittens become more vulnerable if the worms get inside them. It could lead to diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss and some other issues too.

The infestation can be fatal for the small kitten. They can die from hookworms, or they could die from Anemia. Either way, the worms would inevitably end up killing the host life. So, it is better that you take your cat to a vet before it is too late.


What Are The Symptoms of Worm Infestation In Cats?

Worms have various capabilities and lead to many different issues in the cats. Sometimes, the cats will show instant signs that there is some issue in her body while sometimes the worm goes undetected for a long time which leads to severe illness and health issues in cats. That’s why it is recommended that you take your pets to a vet for a regular visit.

The most common signs and symptoms that are shown by a cat that has worms in its system are:

  • A segment of the worm is visible in the stool, or a complete worm can be seen
  • Blood in stool
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Apparent weight loss
  • Bloated belly
  • Constipation
  • Rigorous coughing
  • Heavy breath and difficulty in breathing

If you see any single of the symptoms mentioned above, then you better take your cat to a vet because she might need immediate treatment. Only the vet would be able to diagnose the real issue and tell you how to get rid of the parasites.


How To Remove Worms From Cat’s Intestines?

The problem is complicated, but the solution to this is relatively simple. Once the vet has diagnosed and identified the type of worm present in the body of your cat, the method of prevention will be decided by that. The medications for different types of worms are also different which means the drug for a roundworm won’t kill a hookworm, and the same thing applies to other scenarios.

Medications are given as tablets to the cats depending upon the degree of infestation. The results of this medication will be shown in the feces of the cats. For some following days, you will notice worms segments or an entire worm in the cat’s stool which means that the medicines worked and the worms are dead. The dead bodies will be eliminated from the intestines gradually.

For example, if it is the roundworms, then the cat will be given medicines 3 times a day for starting weeks and then after 3 months later to ensure that no worms are left alive in the intestine. When the worms are alive, they stick to the surface of intestine which makes it hard to remove them. That’s why the killing medicine is given.

The vet will also perform a fecal examination on your cat to confirm that worms are eradicated completely. But you will have to be careful in the future too. It is not hard to get re-infected as these worms could be present anywhere. You can also give in a hand to prevent your cat from being infected. Give her lots of food so she won’t feed on stray animals. Give her oral doses and visit a vet more often for her body checkups. You can also try flea prevention methods in your home to prevent the fleas from getting in.



Moreover, you will have to be proactive because some worms can infect humans too and can cause various health issues. So, protect your cat and yourself from these nasty and harmful worms.


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