Worldwide, videos screening cats afraid of cucumbers are famous on the internet. In the videos, cat’s owners secretly place a cucumber behind their cat while she is eating and when cat turn around, she gets scared of cucumber and gets away from it. If you have come to this page, then it means you have also definitely seen the videos.

Undoubtedly, the cat’s reaction in videos is really shocking, and they are really very scared of cucumbers. That’s the reason it has now become a famous or most searched topic on the Google why are cats afraid of cucumbers? What makes them scared of cucumbers?

Today, we will tell people what the reason behind it is and what is deal with cats and cucumbers. Why do cats make so many jumps after seeing cucumber?

How can harmless vegetable cucumber provoke such a scared reaction in cats? Why cats get frightened of a non-moving thing like cucumber?

If you are one of those people, who have the curiosity to know about the truth behind cat’s fear for cucumber then continue reading this article.


What is the reason behind Cat’s fear towards Cucumber?

Viral videos of Cats and cucumbers have made people very interested in knowing the actual reason behind the cat’s reaction.

The truth is that cats are not afraid of cucumbers and they are scared of the unknown thing. Cucumber is one of the unseal thing for cats that make them scared.

After so many viral videos of the cats and cucumbers. Many animal behavior experts give the reason according to their theories. The biologist said that cat’s reaction for cucumbers is related to the terror of natural predators like snakes. He explained it as “FEAR OF PREDATOR” theory. It signifies snake danger or other predators.

Maybe your cat gives the same reaction to plastic fish or spider as she gives to cucumber.

Even, many other suggests that cat’s shocking response towards cucumber is because they assume cucumber is a snake which makes them very terrified of a deadly predator.

Roger Mugford, who is also an Animal behavioral specialist, explained it as “FEAR OF UNKNOWN.” It means that cats don’t have any terror of cucumber and they have a terror of unknown. So, if you place any unusual thing in front of your cat, then she will get scared. It is not just about cucumbers.

Undoubtedly, your cat will jump or get afraid if cats come across with other vegetables or things such as banana, teddy bear or etc., but only if your cat has never seen these things.


Is It Right To Scare Cats?

It might be fun for you seeing cats shocking response to cucumber. However, it is absolutely not funny for your cat. If you scare your cat, then you are just making your cat uncomfortable at your home.

Moreover, if you terrify your cat while she is eating, then you can make your cat put your cat at health risks. For pets like cats, they want eating place very relaxed and calm. Thus, if you are scaring your cat for fun, then you need to understand that it is only fun for you, not for your lovely cat.

Therefore, whatever the reason is behind cat’s fear for cucumber, it is not nice to scare your cat with cucumber to see if she really scared or not.

If you want to have fun with your cat, then try other things that do not harm your cat or scare her. There are plenty of ways to have great fun with a cat. Don’t hurt your cat who loves you so much just because of your curiosity to know about the reason why cats fear of cucumber.

Cats are sensitive pets and not a human. You can’t make a funny joke with your cat as you do with your friends and family members. Your cat doesn’t take it as a joke, she or he might get serious and really get scared if you put a cucumber in front of him or her.

Remember that Don’t Scare your Cat, it is not nice. If you have humanity, then you will never make stupid jokes with your cat.


Why Should You Not Scare Cats?

Now, you know that it is not right to scare your cat, because of not putting your cat at various health risks. Maybe now you are wondering to know what probable health risks for scaring a cat are?

If you put unusual thing behind your cat while she is eating, then your cat feels unsafe and unluckily, cats want to feel when they are eating. Thus, scare makes them feel unsafe and they are not able to eat.

Many experts said that when cats don’t eat. They get sick quickly and which in turn develops the further disease in cats called “fatty liver.”

Moreover, experts also said that another severe health impact on cats is stress because of not eating correctly. If you change your cat diet plan frequently then the cat can also suffer from various health problems like vomiting, diarrhea and many more.

Therefore, a little joke you make with your cat. It can make you suffer the consequence of the cat’s health issue. Also, your cat as well in future and so be careful with your actions.

Viral videos of cats and cucumbers are entertainment for humans only and placing cucumber, or unusual thing behind your cat is not healthy for your cat health.



I also have a cat as a pet, and I love her so much. When videos were becoming viral so much about cat’s fear of cucumber, and then, I also tried it with my cute little one while she is eating and surprisingly. She got terrified. She jumps and moves from one place to another all over the home.

After seeing her shocking reaction, I got scared too much. I got afraid that time; I realized it is not really funny.

So, avoid scaring your cat with cucumber or any strange thing.


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