Are you curious to know what fruits guinea pigs can eat? After all, fruits are packed with vitamins and fiber, and it is excellent for us. As a genuine pig owner, the question might come in your mind whether your guinea pig can also eat fruit or not. Thus, our today post is all about genuine pigs and fruits.


Can Guinea Pigs Eat Fruit?

As a caring guinea pig owner, you may have definitely researched about the healthy diet for your pet. While many experts recommend feeding your guinea pet a lot of leafy green vegetables and hay, many experts have different opinions on the fruit nutritional value.

As sugar content is high in fruits and that’s why feeding your pet excess fruit can put your guinea pig at diabetes risk. However, the fruit is beneficial to your guinea pig health if fed in a moderate amount. You can give your pet a healthy life by giving small portions into your pet diet.

So, your guinea pig can eat fruit, and there is no problem at all. But, you should always remember that excess of everything is terrible no matter what it is.


Why Should You Feed Your Guinea Pig a Fruit?

Guinea pig diet should contain hay with pelletized food. To give your pet enough nutritional requirements and additional variety, you can feed your pet leafy green vegetables and some fruits occasionally.

Like us, guinea pigs cannot also produce vitamin C, and that’s why your pet should obtain it from his diet. You can give your pet fruit that contains vitamin C. A fresh fruit can be an excellent treat for your pet, but it should be in the right amount. Be careful about sugar content when giving fruit to your pet as high sugar content can be dangerous for your pet health. While feeding fruit to your pet, make sure to monitor your pet behavior. If you notice any strange behavior or symptoms, then you should consult your vet immediately to take action as fast as possible.


What Fruits Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

If you are seeking for additional vitamin C to your pet diet, then here are some fruits guinea pigs can eat without any problem:


1. Oranges

Oranges are an excellent source of vitamin C., And you can give your pet oranges occasionally to have health benefits. A small orange slice is great for guinea pigs as a treat. Before you feed your pet oranges, make sure to peel them.

However, if you notice that your pet starts to have mouth sores, then you should avoid giving your pet oranges or other citrus fruits.


2. Apples

If you want to add fiber to your pet diet, then apple fruit is the best way for this. Introduce apple slice to your pet and see how your pet reacts. If you see your guinea pig enjoy eating the apple, then you can give an apple to your pet once in a week.


3. Bananas

You can also give your guinea pig slice of banana as a treat once in a month. This fruit can offer an additional vitamin C source and flavor to your pet’s diet. However, this can also lead to constipation and digestive problems if given in excessive amount.


4. Blueberries

Another fruit which is a good source of vitamin C is Blueberries. They remarkably contain high sugar content, and that’s why you should feed your pet a few blueberries once in a while. Giving this fruit to your pet regularly can cause various health problems to your pet.


5. Melon

You can feed melon to your pet once a week. All type of melons are great for your pet, and watermelon is great for your pet on hot days.


6. Apricots

Another fruit that is safe for guinea pigs to eat is apricots. But, again they are high in sugar content, and so, you should give this fruit to your pet in very moderate amount. Feed your pet small slice of apricot fruit once or twice in a week.


7. Strawberries

Strawberries are also a great source of vitamin C, but they also contain high sugar content. You can feed your pet a strawberry once or twice in a week. Also, make sure to clean and wash it properly and cut the fruit into small pieces before feeding your pet.


8. Cherries

You can also feed your pet cherries, but once in a month for the safe side. This fruit can offer an additional source of vitamin C to your pet. They are also highly sweet, and that’s why it should give once a while to avoid health problems for your pet.


9. Pears

Pear is also one of the healthy fruits for your guinea pig. But, it should be given to your pet once or twice in a week. As this fruit is acidic, and that’s why it can cause digestive problems and even, mouth sores if it is given in excessive amount.

A small piece of pear once in a week is excellent for your guinea pig. And monitor your pet behavior or see how it reacts to this fruit.


10. Cranberries

The last but not the least fruit that contains vitamin C at a high level is cranberries. This fruit can aid in preventing urinary tract infections. You can feed your pet the fruit two times in a week.


Which is Best Fruit for Your Guinea Pig?

The best fruit for your pet is the one that your pet loves most and the fruit your pet consumes most of the time. Feeding your pet a fruit in moderate amount can provide your pet a healthy diet having fresh variety.

When it comes to dried fruits, you should avoid giving them to your pet as they are incredibly high in sugar and calories. Fresh fruit is only a great treat for your pet.



That’s all on about what fruits guinea pigs can eat. After feeding fruit to your pet, if you ever notice any strange behavior then contact your vet immediately.

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