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5 Signs: How to Tell If a Guinea Pig Is Pregnant

Do you have a guinea pig and want to start breeding it? Or do you notice that she has different behaviors and seems like she's carrying a baby or two? You might already be seeing or looking for bumps to see if they're carrying babies!While pregnancy on guinea pigs can be telling, sometimes it's difficult to see if your guinea pig is pregnant or not! But not to worry,...
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How To Tell If A Cat Is Pregnant?

Cats, like other animals, get pregnant from time to time. This is how they increase their catty population. Pregnancy in cats is a natural and regular occurrence. Indeed, cat owners are always excited when they discover that their cats are pregnant.Often, their excitement grows into anxiousness as they wait to see their cats giving birth to kittens. Cat pregnancy may not be noticed until a few weeks into their...
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