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8 Reasons: Why Dogs Are The Best Pets

The connection between dogs and humans has been acknowledged as the strongest and unique bond for a very long time. The unconditional love of dogs towards their owners is one of the primary reasons why dogs are known as most loveable pets.One can’t deny it dogs are man best friend, and there are plenty of reasons behind this. Worldwide, most people love to keep dogs as a pet over...
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What Dogs Do Police Use?

Dogs have been the most loyal companions to man for ages. As you probably already know, dogs have closer relationships to man than any other animals. In our family homes, they are pets to the average citizen. However, to the police force, they are known as "K-9." Here, they are explicitly trained to assist law enforcement agencies to successfully perform duties such as sniffing out a criminal from their...
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What Dog Breeds Are Good with Cats?

According to recent studies, pets have become an integral part of our household that approximately 57% of the global population are either dog or cat lovers. Needless to say, almost every individual in this world, at one point in their lives, has lived with and loved a cat or dog.But what happens if we or members of our family love both? Can dogs and cats both live, co-exist peacefully?...
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Which Dogs Have Webbed Feet?

We all love the canine beings as our pets. But have you ever seen one with webbed feet? If not, we are here to enlighten you. Not all breeds exhibit the distinct webbed feet.Only some have that particular advantage. They acquired these either naturally or through long years of the evolution process. Such breeds tend to be very brave no matter what size they are. So, which dogs have...
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10 Best Dog Breeds for Kids and Selection Tips

There are many dog breeds in the world today, and like humans, they are all different. Thus, when choosing a dog for your kid, it is essential to look beyond superficial attraction to make the right choice. Choosing the right dog breed for kids can be tricky as you may be swayed by the wrong things. Most people get carried away with a dog's appearance, without understanding the training...
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