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What Causes Dog Diarrhea?

Dog owners consider their pets as parts of their families. It is, therefore, easy to understand their worries when something is wrong with their furry family member. This is primarily because these animals are not able to communicate as quickly as their human counterparts. A cause of worry for many pet lovers is the onset of medical conditions such as diarrhea. What Is Dog Diarrhea?Very much like its namesake among...
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Are Cats Carnivores?

Are you a parent to a pet cat? What do you feed your cat? Can your cat survive on a vegetarian diet? Does she like plant-based food or only relishes meat? Cats belong to a category of mammals called Felidae who are direct descendants of the group called carnivorans. So unlike dogs who are omnivores (people or animals that can eat all kind of food - both plant and...
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Do Cats Drink Water?

When James Herriot, a distinguished vet, and the author said that "cats are connoisseurs-of-comfort," his sentiments were far away from the soft, cozy cat beds. He wasn't even thinking about sweet cat delicacies. He, instead, was referring to always having a clean full bowl of water beside the cat's food, all the time. This was to entice your cat to drink water especially.Cats initially used to be desert animals,...
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Can Cats Eat Cherries?

If you're a cat owner, you'll know that they just love to eat. They seem to be happy eating most food items. However, some things we humans enjoy aren't always good for their health. Although some fruits and vegetables are fine for cats to eat, others may be detrimental to their health. Are cherries something that you should avoid? Can Cats Eat Cherries?Cats are primarily carnivorous, and many question whether...
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Do Cats Eat Catnip?

The catnip is a plant which keeps essential oil which is used for cats. The spice can be found in the Middle East, central Asia, Europe and in some places in China. This plant blooms in the autumn season. This plant belongs to the mint family. Catnip blooms in 50-100 cm of height. It features green in color. You can find an intense fragrance of catnip. This plant is...
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Can Cats Drink Milk?

Is your cat drinking milk? Have realized any health change when your cat drink milk? Many cats do drink milk. Most cat owners have included milk on their cat's diet. But how do scientist say about milk in cats? Many cats are so interested in drinking milk. However, before you give milk to your cat, it's good to understand what the benefits and effects milk on cats are. Cat...
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Can Cats Eat Dog Food?

Dog food can turn out to be really dangerous for cats to eat. If you are keen enough, you might have noticed cats do not take a keen interest in dog food. You will also find out that dog food is entirely different from cat food regarding dietary requirements. Regular feeding of such food to cats may, therefore, be detrimental to the health of your feline friend.This is mainly...
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10 Best Puppy Foods for Large Breed Reviews and Guide 2019

Great dog parents know that a puppy’s health begins with a high-quality diet. A nutritious food fuels your pup’s mind and body. It helps her develop lean muscles, a healthy brain, good vision, and a shiny coat. It also gives her the energy needed to grow up happy and strong.When looking for the best large breed puppy food, one important thing to consider is quality. You are looking for...
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