This is a matter of debate among the cat owners. Many people who have cats prefer to leave their cat as it is while some of them prefer to put a collar on their necks. Well, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. There are several factors which conclude in this kind of decision. So here we are going to explore should cats wear collars.

You might be putting a collar on your cat because you think she might run away or get lost somehow. Well, your concerns are valid, but there are some things that you must know about collars. Although collars have been helpful to identify your cat in between other cats, did you have the right one?


Why should cats wear collars?

Putting collars on cats have its positive side. Some most common reasons why people prefer to put a collar on cat’s neck are listed below:


To Identify Them

You never know when you find a cat that looks just like your cat. So, it can be tough to identify your cat. Thus, if you have a collar on her neck, then you can be sure that which cat is yours. Plus, whenever you take your cat to an exhibition or to visit a vet, the collar will help you to tell them apart from cats which look alike.


To Find Them

This is another common and very considerate reason why cats should wear collars. As we all know cats are very naughty and every now and then they love to roam around freely. In doing so, they can get lost, and it will be the collar that can help you to get them back. If the cat has collars, then the person who finds the cat will know that the cat belongs to someone. Additionally, if you put your cat’s name and your information in the collar, it will be easier to find you. Thus, a cat can make its way back home with the help of collars.


Collars are Cute

Many people would agree that a collar is an adorable and small accessory for cats. You can add something that your cat likes or you can add a bell. Thus, every time when your cat is on the move, you will know its whereabouts, and it will be easy to find them.


Why should you avoid putting collars on cats?

There are some harmful effects of putting collars on your cat’s neck too. It affects the cats in the most unexpected ways. So, you should also keep the following things in mind that will make you avoid putting any kind of collar on your cats.


Collar Is Not Visible

What is the point of putting a collar if it is not clearly visible? Many cats have long fur, and small collars get lost into the fur. Thus for a long-haired cat, the collar would be of no use. So, even if your cat gets lost and someone else finds the cat, if they can’t see the collar, then how they are supposed to return it to the owner?


Poor Fit

The fur on the cat’s body grows more quickly than you can imagine. This can make the collar slippery or tight. If the collar is too tight, this will make the cat uncomfortable, and she can have problems breathing too. If the collar is leading to some kind of pain or discomfort, then the cat will try as hard as it can to remove the collar and might end up hurting themselves too.



The reason your cat has a collar is so that your cat can stay safe, but the situation has another side. Cats have a habit of roaming around and exploring new things, but collars can create some problems for them. Collars can get stuck in bushes and other things and can lead to damage in the neck. There are breakaway collars too, but even they fail to snap sometimes.

So, whatever you do, there will always be some kind of risk of putting a collar on your cat. But the collar does have benefits that you can’t ignore. Thus, you can think about getting a collar that would be perfect for the cat.


What should you remember while buying a cat collar?

The technology is not just improving for humans. People are developing new tools, accessories, and equipment for cats too. You can try using quick release cat collars which can be removed by putting some pressure and allow your cat to get away instead of being trapped. Agree or not, collars are designed for the sole purpose of your cat’s safety. You if your cat is a keen explorer and loves to play all the time, you should keep some points in mind before you buy a collar for her.

  • Remember to use a good quality quick release or snap open collar
  • You should avoid collars with sharp and pointy accessories stuck to them.
  • While putting on the collar, check if it is a perfect fit or not. If the collar is loose, then it will just slip out from the neck. If it is too tight, then it will create issues for the cat. Try placing your two fingers underneath the collar, if they fit it means that the collar is perfect, if not try other ones.
  • Collars need to be checked properly. If your cat is growing, then you will need a bigger size collar soon enough.
  • The bells and discs hanging from the collars can be hazardous for the cats.
  • Consult a vet and use spot-on products instead of flea collars.

If you consult a vet, then there are chances that the vets will recommend not putting collars on cat’s neck and warn you about the potential damages. Vets have seen severely injured cats all because of the collars. While most of the cat’s owner thinks that they are being protective and responsible for their cats, but many cases have occurred that proved that overprotectiveness can cause severe damage too.



So, remember that if you want to tell your cat apart from all other cats then use some other means instead of the collars. But it is not necessary that collars would surely harm your cat, so it is entirely your decision.


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