Felines are considered one of the most mysterious creatures. They are vain and immaculate and have this notion of self-worth, which makes them feel important. They would crave for your attention and love, but only when they want it.

The rest of the time, they will spend cleaning, licking and brushing themselves. The number of time cats spends licking themselves, they should be considered as the cleanest animals on the block. Nonetheless, we still ask ourselves, should cats be bathed?


Do Cats Enjoy Being Bathed?

Even though cats are known for their hygiene and cleanliness, being bathed is another story. Most people believe that cats feel bewitched by the sight of water and have this inner urge to respect it. However, when she is immersed in a tub full of water, she feels trapped and helpless. It is the same feeling which humans feel when we drown.

Not all cat breeds love water, though. Most instinctively react to water by jumping out and running away. This hinders a bathing session, which might be necessary if the cat is filthy or has fleas. However, if your cat is dirty and bathing her is absolutely required, then you might first want to socialize her with the water so that she doesn’t get frightened.


Should Cats Be Bathed?

Most vets have a conventional theory that it is not necessary to bathe cats regularly, especially if they look clean and are in good health. This is so because cat’s fur has certain oils within and regular bathing might affect it. Considering the number of time cats spends licking their fur and paws, they are spotless and do not need human interference. Adding to that, being splashed with water is a traumatic incident for them. This might lead to an adverse psychological effect.

The fact that sometimes owners let their cat go out, or she climbs out of the window is the reason for human interference. In such a situation the cat might have interacted with other cats, and have caught fleas or infection, and her health is in danger.


When Should Cats Be Bathed?

When animals were created, God made sure that they take care of themselves. Though, under some circumstances, humans have to interfere and help the animals, whether they like it or not. These can be any type of reasons. Suppose you adopt a stray cat, and that cat has fleas or some sort of infection, it is vital for you to bath the cat. If you don’t, you too might fall sick because of her.

Another reason may be when your cat gets on grease on her, or rolls in wet, sticky mud you might have to interfere, as she cannot clean herself. Additionally, you might also have to bathe her if she catches heatstroke.


Bathe A Cat

Before you take the decision of bathing your cat, you need to get everything you will need. Apparently, once you start with it, you won’t get a chance to fetch equipment, because your cat might run away.



You would need a large bucket; a plastic one would be fine. This will be used as a bathing tub for the cat. Then, you must have the right kind of shampoos; there are special cat shampoos. Make sure the shampoo you use does not have harsh chemicals within. You should avoid human shampoos, as they are dangerous for cats. Furthermore, you will require towels, brushes and a hairdryer.



Since most cats are not accustomed to bathing, there is a proper method for it. If cat owners want to avoid any unpleasant experiences, they must follow these guidelines. Keep in mind that your cat’s first bath will be a bad experience for both you and your cat. If you don’t want to be shocked by your cat’s immediate reactions, then be ready and very patiently bathe her. Since this is your first experience, you must ask someone to help you with it. Your partner will hold the cat down, while you clean her.


Warm Water

Before beginning with the bathing process, make sure that the tub has warm water. Also, make sure that the tap is off and the container full, when you put the cat in it. The sound of running water might frighten the poor animal and make it react aggressively. If you think your cat will react, then put a towel at the base of the tub so it can claw into it.



Make sure that the shampoo you use is meant explicitly for cats. Apparently, other shampoos will damage the cat’s fur and might cause rashes. In the case of rashes, your cat might react by scratching and hurting herself. Avoid bathing the head, and concentrate on the rest of the body. When cleaning the body, you might feel it convenient to pull your cat half out of the water and wrapped in a towel.


Keep Cats Calm

Once you are ready to rinse her, use one hand to pour warm water and clean her, while the other hand to protect her eyes. It is essential that you rinse the shampoo well because it might otherwise cause itching. Afterward, pull the cat out of the water and wrap her in a dry towel. You can use a hair dryer to dry her. Just make sure you don’t let it run outside, it might catch cold.


How Often Should A Cat Be Bathed?

If your cat remains indoor most of the week, then bathing her once or twice a year is enough. Though many people do not bathe their cats at all, and cats are fine with it.

Normally, long-haired Persian cats will require bathing. Do note that cats that are bathed regularly, since kittenhood generally are accustomed to it, and create less fuss.



Having pets is not a fun job, by any means. Pet owners have an immense responsibility to take care of their pets. Some pets like cats usually do not require bathing as they remain most of the times indoors.

However, if your cat gets out a lot or interacts with other cats, then bathing is a must. Apparently, your cat is your responsibility, the more you care for it, and the more she will love you.


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