Just like every other pet, Guinea pigs can also be trained to do everything correctly. Plus, when you train your pets, you are engaging in activities which are likely to make a bond between you and your pet. If you don’t know how you can train a guinea pig, then you should take a look here. We have gathered some pro tips that can help you to train them. You can also add a few of your own tricks in training to help them learn new things.

There is no doubt that training provides an opportunity to be creative and add a little fun time in your guinea pigs routine. So, don’t worry, there are a lot of things that you can teach your pet. But as you are about to start, you need to focus on the essential things at first. There is a reason why guinea pigs are considered as the best-domesticated rodents. They are cute, curious and big enough so that we can handle them properly. That’s why; training them is also comparatively more straightforward than other small pets. So, here are some things that you should teach your guinea pig.


Tip 1: Litter Box Training

The first and foremost training every pet needs is potty training. No one can doubt that learning where the pets should poop or urinate is very hard. If you are a good trainer, then it will be easy for them to comprehend and respond to simple commands. To properly train them; you’ll also need to lure them in the starting until it becomes a habit.

Put a small litter box in the place where your guinea pig poops in the cage. Place a handful of hay in the box and add fecal pellets in it. And when the guinea pig poops in the litter box give them a treat as an appraisal. Do it more often as the guinea pig uses the litter box. Gradually, it will become a usual habit, and it will be easier for you to maintain the cage.


Tip 2: Calling Your Guinea Pig

Another trick that you can teach them is calling them by their name. Training him/her to come whenever called upon will be a lot easier. But at first, you’ll need to start calling them by their name as often as possible. If you are successful in making a connection with your guinea pig, then he will come running and squealing when you call them.

Start by standing at a distance and calling them by their name. Keep a treat in your hand and when they come towards you, give them the treat. It is evident that everything becomes more comfortable and motivational if you get a reward. And the same concept is followed by pets. But don’t be over smart when you are training them. The guinea pigs are also intelligent animals. They can associate things with each other. Thus, you need to reward them without making sudden moves.


Tip 3: Training To Stand Up And Begging

Yes, you read it right. Just like dogs, guinea pigs can also be trained to stand up and beg. The only thing you need to do is to hold up the treat at a certain height which is easily reachable for them. To grab the treat, they will try standing up on their hind legs. As they try to reach it, say stand up at least three times. As you do it more often, the guinea pig will learn to react to the words and start standing up by himself. This way, even when you are not holding the treat, the guinea pig will similarly react to the command. You can further teach him to jump through a plastic hoop or rings and other tricks.


Tip 4: Training to Do Funny Tricks

No matter what the guinea pigs do, it can always be funny and cute at the same time. Well, not everyone becomes successful in teaching tricks to their pets. But you can surely try. You can think of teaching them how to roll a ball or roll themselves on the ground. You can try using veggies like cucumber or carrot to teach them. Place the vegetable on the floor and put the ball on top it. Now encourage the guinea pig to try and push the ball forward so that they can get to the veggie. When you are encouraging them, keep repeating “Push the Ball.” But remember, patience is the key. Your pet won’t learn the trick right away. It will take time, but the habit will catch on sooner or later.


Tip 5: Teach Simple Pet Commands

Some people are so lucky that their guinea pigs learn new tricks very quickly. But not everyone is that lucky. Some common commands like “Turn,” “Wait,” or “No” are very helpful when you are trying to teach new things to your pet. These commands can be taught with the help of clicker. For No and Wait, clicking sound would be enough for them to conceive the commands. For Turn command, you’ll need to say turn and wait for them to respond.

As you are training your cavy, don’t forget to reward them with a treat to idealize their behavior. Gradually, your guinea pig will make a connection with the words and learn to respond to them quickly. Keep in mind that you need lots of patience, treats, and calm behavior to teach your cavy. The smoother you are, the easier it will be for your cavy to learn and adapt to new habits.


My Story

I have been trying to teach my cavy to stand up for two weeks now. But she doesn’t stand up at all. But after I read an article about offering them treat, I used veggies instead, and it got up and took it from hand. Now, whenever I say stand up, my guinea pig stands on her legs and try to reach my hand even if I am not holding a treat. Still, it is pretty amazing to know that they understand us.



Guinea Pigs are intelligent. As a pet owner, you can train the Guinea Pigs for sure when you patiently team them with proper training.

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