When a cat is at the far end of her life, she will show specific signs that will help you to realize that you are going to lose your beloved pet.

If your pet is always dull or doesn’t eat the way she used to do before or she is losing weight so rapidly, you can understand that your cat is going to die. During her last days, she will not interact with you much. She would withdraw herself from socializing with you and your family members.

As we all know, cats may exhibit specific signs of pain when they are going to die. We often mistake it for symptoms of the disease. But, how to identify or interpret the signs of death in cats?

What are the exact signs that your cat is dying?

Usually, five signs tell that your cat is going to die. If you see any of or all of these signs, don’t think that there is no need to take your cat to a vet. He will prescribe some medications or tools that will help you to give a dignified death to your kitty.


Sign 1: Unusual behavior in cats:

It is one of the common symptoms found in these feline creatures. If you take care of your pet well, they will live up to 19 to 20 years. Just as humans get some disease which indeed shows that they are going to give up their souls, the cats also get certain contract diseases that make it sure that the cat is going to die.

Senile dementia is one of the illnesses that shows this fact. Also, the cats are social animals and love to be with their caretakers. But, when they become 15 years of age or more, they tend to have many mental to physical disorders.

They may lose their capability to perceive what is happening around them. Moreover, cats may get physical disorders like joint pain, a hearing disorder that exhibits the incapacity of kitties due to their old age.


Unusual Behaviors

  • A cat roams around the house in search of litter box or water or food bowl.\
  • If she does odd things to grab your attention.
  • Your cat is afraid of the darkness because she has lost her ability to identify the surroundings, and meows all the time.
  • She doesn’t keep her body clean and tidy. When she feels tired all the time, she doesn’t feel like tidying up herself.


Sign 2: Slowing down of vital bodily activities:

When you realize that the heartbeat of the cat has come down, you can be sure of the fact that the cat is in the final stage of her life. The standard heartbeat rate of a cat is 140 to 220 beats per minute. If the heartbeat rate is 100 or even less, you can confirm that you are going to lose an excellent friend of yours.
You can calculate the beats per minute by placing a hand on the left side of the cat to check the heart beats for at least 15 seconds. Multiply the number 4 times to find out the beats per minute. If the BPM is low, you can be sure of the fact that your cat is going to die.


Sign 3: The breathing rate comes down considerably:

If your kitty is young, she will inhale and exhale for 20 to 30 times. If she is weak and is going to die, she will breathe for 5 to 6 times. While breathing, she will struggle to take in and give out air. When her lung function declines, you can be sure that she will live only for a few days more.


Sign 4: Low temperature:

If your cat’s body temperature drops below 100 degrees, you can be sure that her days are full and numbered. All you have to do is to accurately place a thermometer in the cat’s ear or rectum to monitor your pet’s body temperature. If you have an ear thermometer, you can use it.

Otherwise, place your hand in the cat’s paws. If you can feel it has become cold, it may tell you that your kitty is going to die.


Sign 5: If your cat keeps herself out of sight:

If she loves a secluded life, it is possible that it wants solitude to pass through the final stage of her life. When the cats feel sick, they tend to stay in an isolated place and refuses to come out of that place. Just like that, an old cat may feel sick all the time. She doesn’t want to go from its hideout and to socialize with others.


Sign 6: Your cat will refuse to eat:

It will be extraordinary for you to watch your kitty’s food bowl always full. If you experience such a thing, understand that your kitty is going to die. If she urinates wherever she wants, and urinates only one or two times a day, it is due to old age.
Her blood pressure will also be very low. If she has anorexia, this is another sign of old age. Drooping eyes and wrinkled skin can also indicate your cat has grown very old.


Sign 7: Bad Body odor:

Well, when there is a continuing decline in the working of vital organs of your cat, it shows she is going to pass away, soon. When you can feel a strange lousy odor in your cat, it is a negative sign.

Also, When the vital organs fail to function, poisonous substances get accumulated in the body which will give off a bad odor from her body. From this, you can understand you are going to lose a member of your family.



In short, when your cat is dying, it will show some signs from which you can understand she is going to give up her life. If she refuses to sit on your lap, or mews always, or her body temperature has come down, considerably, that means she is going to die.

When you see such signs, you can consult a vet. He will diagnose whether you are going to lose your cat. He will also advise how to take care of her well during the declining stage of your feline companion.

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