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8 Useful Tips: How To Stop A Cat From Biting?


Does your cat love to bite often? Whenever you sit near her, you might have seen your kitty’s tendency to drag your hands close to her and start sinking her teeth into your hand.

It is quite natural for a cat to bite your hand because she is trying to understand her surroundings. Chewing; whether painful or not, is a grave behavior of your feline pal.

You should train her to stop biting others. If your kitty is super excited to play with, let her use her paw to express her love to you. Never make her scratch you with her claws because it may be painful.


Is there any reason why your cats bite?

The kittens are new to the surroundings and even to their mummy, so bite whatever they see around them. But, what is it that makes your kitty bite you? Just like our kids learn manners from parents or through the interaction with their siblings, kittens also learn the initial lessons of good practices from their moms or siblings.

Unfortunately, they are separated from their mums and siblings, even before they realize what is happening around them. So, the caretakers should assume the role of teaching the kittens manners.

Most commonly, the kittens don’t know how others will feel if she scratches with her claws. Here the role of caretakers as trainers, begin. They have to make the kittens understand they hurt when they scratch with their nails.


Trim the Claws

You can trim the claws of the kittens to avoid a bloody wound. You can make sounds to help your kitten understand her love causes pain. As nature puts it this way, a well trained, fully grown cat can only give the best training to her kitten.

In contrary to the kittens, your kitty may scratch, you because it is her natural character to express domination. You can understand whether your cat is dominating if it tries to bite you and you show love towards it, it doesn’t want to cuddle you.

They may also feel nervous and as a result, bite you. Some cats may want to tell you something like they are hungry and want food. Sometimes, a cat may want to play outside and may ask you to open the door. Instead of making sounds, it bites you to communicate something to you.


How to get rid of this habit?

Since biting is terrible and can cause an infection, you should deter your pet from biting you or anyone else. You can try the following things:


Tip 1:

Raise your voice a little to make him realize that the behavior is not acceptable to you. Ask your family members also follow the same thing. If it is a kitten, you can make her understand softly. You should always respond according to the nature and age of your cat.


Tip 2:

Make your cat understand that it hurts when a cat uses the claws while using paws to express the feelings. Sometimes, the nails can be dangerous enough to infect your hand.

So make it clear to your kitty that your hands are not toys. She is not supposed to be harsh with your hand.


Tip 3:

Give your cat a toy to play with it. It will help you to stop the nasty habit of your pet.


Tip 4:

You can try distracting the cat for making her understand it hurts us when a cat bites. Also, you can meow back or make a loud noise which could also help. You can also make a hissing sound to prevent her from biting you.


Tip 5:

You can use a little force to keep your pet away from your hand. When you forcefully take your hand away from your pet, she will understand she is annoying you. Never hurt the cat to teach her some manners.


Tip 6:

Show the cat how to keep the hands softly on you without hurting. It will help to a great extent. Whenever a cat holds the hands on you softly without using the claws, appreciate the action. Give her a small piece of tuna or chicken to encourage this habit.


Tip 7:

The last thing you can do is to let your cat stay in a closed room for 5 minutes for her nasty behavior. It will help your cat understand biting is a bad habit.


Tip 8:

Sometimes, if you don’t respond, a cat will understand her behavior has irritated you so much. When you answer, at times, she may misunderstand that you are enjoying along with her.


Is the cat biting so dangerous?

Just like you consult a doctor if a dog bites you, ask your doctor when your cat nibbles you. It can lead to severe infections. You may get cat fever if your cat chews you.

Staphylococcus streptococcus is the bacteria that may cause serious diseases that you have to throw out of your body. If you get infected, you may experience pain in joints. There are certain things that you can help to keep yourself safe.

If your cat bites you, squeeze the blood out of hand to get rid of bacteria that can cause serious harm in us. Apply a disinfectant to sanitize the affected area. Tie the affected area with a bandage and antiseptic cream.

Consult your doctor who will check and tell you whether you need any treatment for the wound. Experts highly recommend anti-tetanus vaccines if the injury is deep and complicated.



In short, biting caretakers or others is a natural behavior of cats. The kitten may bite you out of love, or she may be struggling to get adjusted to the new caretaker and place.

She may bite out of tension. The grown-up cats may exhibit dominating nature when they sting you. Either way, it is bad for your cat to hurt you and your family members. You can try different things to keep this habit at bay.

But, never yell at your pet. A cat will get upset, otherwise. Try to explain why it is terrible to bite others. If you encourage the cat when she bites softly and shouts at the cat when she is rude, it will confuse your pet. Instead, use a shrieking voice to express discomfort.

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