Regarding sheer joy, there’s really no match for the excitement released into the world when a dog discovers a new chew toy. Sure, your dog loves you, and his entire existence revolves around how happy he is to just hang with you. But you can’t help but think that sitting and watching you clip your toenails probably gets boring after a while. Buying toys for your dog at a pet shop is one way to bring joy into your dog’s life, but have you ever thought about making one yourself? When done right, it’s easy to DIY a chew toy. Here are some tips on how to make indestructible dog toys at home.


Planning Your DIY Dog Toy

First, you must take into consideration the size of your dog. When planning your toy construction, the first step is the examination. What kind of chew toy would bring him the most satisfaction?

Bigger dogs naturally need stronger, more durable toys. If you’ve ever come home to a living room covered in cushion stuffing, you’ll know that some items and materials just don’t hold up to a dog’s strong canines. See, dogs love toys, but what they like most about toys is the act of destroying them. The bigger the dog, the bigger the destruction.

Some dog species are known for their ability to chew through pretty much anything. Labrador and Golden retrievers are some excellent examples. The hint is in the name: they were bred to retrieve things, which means in the day, pretty much everything will end up in their mouth if they aren’t well-trained. Jack Russell terriers are another breed that is known to be world-class chewers. In short, you’ll need to beef up your chew toy accordingly.


Durable Materials You Can Find At Home

Now let’s take a look at materials that guarantee permanent results. A popular material for DIY dog toys is old T-shirts. Who wouldn’t love this? It’s a great way to put to use those old, stained band T-shirts from your teenage years that you just couldn’t throw away. The memories, man. No, it’s time to let go of the old memories and let your dog create new ones.

Another great option is getting an old pair of jeans to work with. No, not the leggings painted to look like jeans. Those may hold up under pressure, but that’s not the material we’re talking about. Real denim is tough, stiff, and can endure a surprising amount of wear and tear, and that’s what you should be using to make your indestructible dog toy.

Old, thick socks make fantastic coverings, as well. Of course, you’ll want to pick a pair of socks that you won’t use anymore, but try not to pick the ancient ones with the gazillion holes. A couple that has stood up to the test of time and remained remarkably whole will do the trick.

Remember, it’s going to be gnawed on, yanked on, and chewed on by your beloved pet. It’ll need to be tough enough to stand up to a group of bikers in a dingy bar, at least. Dig deep into your underwear drawer and see if you’ve got any; if not, no one will judge you for buying new ones. This is all about the DIY experience.


Making Your Indestructible Toy with Old T-Shirts

You’ve picked T-shirts. Well done, and your closet will thank you for it. Now, grab those scissors.

You’ll want to cut your T-shirt into long strips at least three inches thick. Once that’s done, pick out three strips and begin to braid them into a rope. The trick here is to braid the T-shirt strips as tightly as possible. This will help it hold up under your dog’s canines.

Gather three completed ropes and start again. The result will be a tough braid that will be great as a tug-of-rope toy! Thread the braid through a tennis ball, and tie a few hard knots a few inches apart.


Jean Ropes

You can do the same braiding trick with jeans, but it’ll take a little more effort due to the robust nature of the material. One trick with jeans is to stitch the fraying edges so that it won’t unravel as your dog plays with it.

A tug-of-war toy made with the jean material will be even more durable than a toy made with T-shirts. Just tie the jean strips together and braid it into a rope, adding balls or knots as you please.


Sock-Covered Tennis Balls

Covering a couple tennis balls with your old sock help them last longer, and also ensure that your dog won’t accidentally inhale one as they’re playing with them.

You can mix in a couple squeaky balls in with the tennis balls if you want, for a fun surprise for your dog.


Nylon Rope Toys

Tightly braid a couple lengths of nylon rope into fun shapes as a great, durable chew toy. You can try making a “doll” by threading some braided nylon rope through a tennis ball, which will act as the head. Then twist the rope into a torso, arms, and legs.

Voila, a chew toy that even bigger breeds will have a hard time destroying. Nylon rope is so tightly woven that it’ll take hours of playtime before it even begins to unravel.


Covered Plastic Bottle

This is a simple toy that your dog will love, and also ensures its safety. Any dog owner will know the satisfaction a dog gets from the sound a bottle makes under its teeth, but a bottle by itself can be a potential choking hazard.

Try wrapping a large plastic bottle in a towel or those socks you found earlier, and tie firmly.


DIY Treat Feeder

A short length of PVC pipe and a power tool are all you need for this durable toy. Simple drill large holes in the tube and insert some doggie treats inside, and you have a great dog toy in your hands. The PVC pipe will hold up to chewing and gnawing, it’s not too hard on the teeth, and your dog gets the challenge of knocking the treats out of the hole. It’s a great distracting toy that will keep your dog occupied for hours.



In conclusion, with a few bucks and some DIY skills, it’s simple as pie to make some fun toys for your dog. Commercial dog toys can be expensive, and sometimes have toxins and chemicals that you don’t want your dog to be exposed to. Try out these tricks for fun toys and see how happy your dog will be.


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