Dogs are very playful in nature and love to run around the house chewing anything they find on their way. Socks seem to be their favorite one because of the smell which reminds them of the owner. They usually feel attached to their owner while tearing socks into pieces. It may look like a fun game for the dog, but as an owner, you will always have to pay the price of leaving good socks on sight. There are plenty of dog toys made from socks. Most of these are easy to make from old socks, and in this post, we shall discuss the eight methods on how to make dog toys out of socks:


Doughnut Toy

To begin the process of making this toy, you will need to grab a pair of scissors and washed old socks. And if you do not have a couple of old socks at the ready, you may have to drive down the store for a new pair. Once you have your socks, cut off their top. Now, turn those socks inside out and place one on top of the other.

Insert one sock inside the other in the same position and roll it up inside. Start rolling at the top as you proceed down to the bottom. After adjusting the rolled up socks on both sides, it should begin looking like a doughnut. Dogs surprisingly love to play with toys that look like a doughnut. Additionally, it keeps them from causing unwanted chaos inside the house.


Crinkling Toy

For this dog toy, we will need a pair of socks, scissors, and an empty plastic bottle. It’s simple and easy to make yet effective for the dog to play around with. Start by cutting the bottom part of the sock to create openings on both ends.

Implant the plastic bottle from one end until it reaches the middle part of the sock. Now carefully, tie knots from both sides of the sock to prevent the bottle from getting out of it. Since dogs are usually intrigued by unusual and strange sounds, the crinkling sounds from the toy will keep them on the run.


Tennis Ball Toy

You can get creative while making a toy for your beloved dog. This is because it can be a fun-filled project for you before it becomes a fun plaything for your furry friend. The tennis ball toy is quick and easy to make. This is because it requires a ball and a sock that does not have another pair. Cut open the top of the sock and then insert a handy tennis ball inside it before tying the knot on both sides.

You can play fetch with your dog without losing the ball as it reduces the bounce. Alternatively, you can choose to twist the socks on both sides before tying knots on both ends. Even better, you might also want to turn another sock with the one you inserted the ball, securely tying knots after twisting both socks.


All Knots Toy

This toy may be the easiest to create on our list. The toy requires a long ladies sock because it doesn’t come out perfect with a small one. You don’t need any tools or accessories to create it. Instead, you’ll need your hands.

Secure a knot on the bottom of the sock and close the hole used to slip your foot in it. Start tying a knot next to the previous knot after leaving some inches of a gap. You can also twist the sock before you leave the space to achieve a rope-like effect. Your dog will love this all-knots toy.


Rope With Balls

The backbone of this toy is a long sock and some tennis balls. If you are a tennis geek, you won’t need to buy those balls, but chances are you won’t have tennis balls around. Therefore, head out to the nearest store and get four tennis balls.

However, the necessary tools for creating this toy are your hands. Insert the first tennis ball inside the sock, then secure a knot. Leave some room for a gap and tie a knot before inserting the second ball, then tie another knot. Continue doing this until you reach the hole at the top and secure it tightly to create a new toy your dog will love.


Maraca Toy

Marca sounds to soothe your baby and keep them entertained. A maraca toy can be perfect for your sweet, playful dog. The Maraca toy sounds can especially be great for grabbing the attention of your dog even when he or she is busy.

A short sock, some plastic pebbles, broken rice grains or some seeds, and popcorns are all you need to make this toy. Secure a knot at the bottom of the sock and put the mixture of items inside the sock. Tie a knot somewhere close to the top of the sock but not all the way up. The sock should now make a sound when you shake it. Furthermore, you can use more than one sock to prevent spilling the mixture.


Fishing Rod Toy

The fishing rod toy is perfect for those people who wish to train their dogs to jump. You don’t have to buy a separate fishing rod for this. Get a handy stick lying about in your garage or a broken branch in your garden.

Fasten a rope around the stick with a knot and tie a ball made out of socks on the other end. You can create a ball of socks by inserting one sock over another until it looks like a ball. Finally, go out to a park, take it with you and try making your dog jump as he tries to catch the ball.


Sponge Ball Toy

A sponge ball toy recycles the waste sponge from the kitchen and socks that are not wearable. Gather enough pieces of sponge and place them on the small sheath of cloth. Sew it together to turn into a ball-shaped round figure. Two of them will do the trick.

Fix in a ball to the bottom of the sock and tie a knot. Now, insert another ball at the top end so that there is a gap between the two balls, and close it. You can use the ball to teach your dog to fetch before he begins running real errands for you. The sponge is soft to touch and allows your dog to learn to hold things delicately.


Our Last Words

There are many dog toys available on the market for your dogs. However, you can reuse your old socks and other unwanted objects to make a simple and fun toy for them. These toys are easy to create so you don’t have to worry even when the dog loses or damages them.


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