Does your dog go through toys like a machine and are you having to buy new ones often? Have you tried lots of different types of dog toys only to have them break in a matter of weeks? Well, a good idea is to make them yourself.

DIY toys are of great value for money as you can just reuse and recycle any old shirts that you have. Plus, they are safe and reliable. Below I’m going to discuss how to make dog toys out of shirts and the benefits of such. Make sure to be careful that there aren’t any small bits your dog can choke on.


Why DIY?

Recycling will save you money in the long run, help the environment and make use of anything that you don’t need anymore. If you like cutting, sowing or braiding, then making your dog a toy will be something you are going to enjoy. It’s easy and won’t take too long to do. Why not spark your creativity?

As well as shop-bought toys not lasting for very long, homemade versions add a touch of personalization. Your dog will appreciate the effort, especially if they really enjoy their toys.


Be Careful

Even though the toy is homemade, you will also need to make sure that the toy is safe for your dog to use. This includes removing dangerous items such as buttons, string or anything else that is small or hazardous to your dog. We don’t want any accidents happening.

Also, whenever your dog is playing with the toy, make sure to supervise them, even if you’ve made the toy accident-proof. Remember, there’s always a chance of your dog accidentally swallowing something they shouldn’t.


Benefits of Home-made Toys

Remember a tired dog is a dog that won’t be causing you trouble! A toy will keep them busy and happy. Relieving stress and leaving them calm, limiting destructive behavior.

The best toys will help with your dog’s physical (jaw exercises and promoting dental health) and mental (stimulation) needs. Homemade toys will also take care of his emotional (bonding between you and your dog) well-being. They are the productive outlets for all of the powerful energy dogs have stored up inside.


Braided Chew Toy

One toy you can make out of a shirt is a braided chew toy. This also works well with some leftover fleece or an old blanket. Any kind of fabric and that you can cut up and use will be perfect. Get some scissors ready and away we go.


  1. Layout 2 old shirts that you have on a flat surface, even better if they smell like you. If you have more extra shirts available, you can use more and make it colorful.
  2. Now cut 2-3 inch wide slits 6 inches up at the base of the shirts. Afterward, rip along the slit, and you’ll have strips of fabric left that we’ll use to create your braided toy.
  3. Get the strips and knot them together at one end. Divide the strips into thirds and braid them. Make sure that the braids are tight so that they can’t come apart easily.
  4. Now tie up the bottom end and cut off any pieces that you don’t need.

This toy is excellent for tug-of-war to adjust to keeping your dog occupied in general.


Tough Chew Toy


  1. Take 2 shirts
  2. Cut sleeves and neck of shirts off
  3. Put 2 pieces from the different shirts together and roll vertically.
  4. Tie in a knot


Throwable Cloth Toy

Gather a tennis ball, an old shirt, a piece of ribbon and some scissors, and you can start creating the next greatest dog toy.


  1. Get supplies together
  2. Cut the shirt into 2 strips
  3. Fold the strips in half and wrap about the ball. Place the ball at the center of the folds so that you can tie it up equally. Tie the ribbon about the cloth and ball as tightly as possible.
  4. Once you tie it, cut the tails of the shirts into several strips. Then braid each of these strips. Make sure each strip has 3 parts. Again, make the braid as tight as you possibly can.
  5. Tie knots at ends of braids

Can easily be thrown for your dog.


Indoor Frisbee

You’ll need around 5 shirts, some scissors, and a needle and thread. You can use fewer shirts if you want the toy to be smaller. This toy will take some time because the braids new to be sewn together to create the frisbee.


  1. Take the shirt and place it sideways.
  2. Measure and cut every 2 inches from the bottom of the shirt to the sleeves of the shirt. Cut until about 3 inches before the end of the other side. Now, take the shirt and place the opposite ends of the sides you didn’t cut together. Next, cut it diagonally. You will end up with a long strip of fabric. Once you have done this, you should repeat for the other shirts.
  3. Make an ongoing braid with all of the shirts. It will end up really long.
  4. Wrap the braids all around each other so that it looks like a flat coil.
  5. Sew the braid together so that it stays. Wrap at the end of the twists so that it blends in.

You now have a frisbee.


Fun Toy Chew Tips

  • Switch out the toys and create new ones to keep them fresh.
  • Supervise your dog whenever they are playing
  • A variety of toys is the best way – whether it’s stuffed, tough or light. Variety will keep your dog entertained.
  • Keep your dog’s size in mind. You may have to create a bigger/smaller toy depending on the size of your pup.



So, to reiterate, going DIY is a great way of saving money on dog toys. Even better, you get to use old unused clothes while creating something that will last longer for your beloved dog.

I am sure that they will love what you have made and hope you have found the instructions and tips useful. Was this article helpful? Is there anything else you make dog toys out of?

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