If you are a dog owner, then you definitely know how much difficult it is to give medicine to your dog. No matter whether it is liquid or pill, some dogs are great, even masters at not taking or consuming their medicine. For these types of dogs, you have to be more smart and stealthy.

If you are looking for some great tips to give your dog a pill, then you have come to the right place. Here, we have mentioned some of the best tips you can use to give your dog medicine successfully. So, let’s explore all these tips one by one.


How to Give Your Gog a Pill?

You may find a lot of methods on the internet on how to give a pill to dog smartly and here, we have compiled the most effective ones you can use.


1. Wrap Pill in Meat

You can wrap your dog pill in the meat slice. In this way, the pill will hide, and amazingly, most dogs love to eat meat. You can hide the pill in your dog favorite meat. Some of the favorite dog meats are bacon, ham, meatballs, sausages, and hot dogs.


2. Hide Pill in Dried Apricot

Dried apricots are truly great when it comes to its size. You can easily insert pill into dried apricot, and in this way, you can successfully hide the pill from your dog. So, poke a little slit in the dried apricot by knife and after that, just inserts the pill inside it.

However, this way is not ideal when it comes to giving multiple pills in a day to your dog. The excess fiber by eating dried apricots can lead to runny stool. Also, remember that dried apricots are entirely safe for your dog to eat, but apricot pits are not. That’s why you need to ensure apricot should be pitted suitably whichever you are using before giving to your pet.


3. Hide Pill in Dog Food

If your dog loves to eat food, then you can just slide the pill into your dog food bowl. Luckily, your dog may ingest the pill without noticing. It is one of the ways to give a dog a pill.

Furthermore, you can crush the pill if it is possible and so, grind the pill to a powder and then, sprinkle the powder on kibble top.
The main problem with this way is that some dogs will eat every kibble bite, but they leave the pill behind in the bowl.


4. Hide Pill in Empty Gel Caps

Another thing you can do is that you can hide the pill in the empty get caps. In this way, you have to simply crush your dog pill and then, place the pill powder in the empty get caps. It will make it easier for your dog to eat the pill without tasting the pill.


5. Mozzarella Sticks

String cheese is great when it comes to shape and size, and it is perfect to hide your dog pill inside. But, there is also a potential problem with this way, and it is that there is diary interaction risk, but with only certain medications.


6. Hide Pills in Coconut Oil

This tip is beneficial when it comes to giving larger pills to your dog. Coconut oil lubricates your dog throat and mouth. This will aid the pill slide right on down even before your pet throws out the pill.

But, if you have to give many pills in a day, then this way can cause a problem. So, you can go for other methods if you want to give multiple pills to your dog.


7. Bananas

Another excellent way to hid pills is to use banana. Their shape and consistency make it perfect to ingest a pill in. So, you can hide the pill in the banana and then, give the banana to your dog to eat.


8. Play a Game

You can play a smart game with your dog. Give your dog some commands, and rewards your dog with some treat every time he or she obeys your commands. Then, continuously play the game and give the pill like a treat in between giving rewards. Maybe your dog eats the pill without even thinking.


What to do if the Pill is too big and can’t be hidden?

If the pill you want to give your dog is too big to be hidden in the food of your dog, then you can use pill gun or pill dropper. It is a small device that has a resemblance with a syringe. So, pill dropper is the perfect solution to give a dog a pill. Now, how it works? First, make your pet sit down, and then, tilt your pet head, and after that, use the pill gun to drop the pill right on your dog tongue back. Finally, massage your dog to aid swallow the pill.


What to do if Dog Still doesn’t take Pill?

Tried all the above methods? But, you are still facing trouble to give your dog a pill? Then, the last thing you can do is to contact your veterinarian. Your vet can suggest your best way that is perfect for your dog as your vet is the only the ultimate source of information when it comes to your dog’s health.

So, your dog can suggest to you how you can make it easier and enjoyable for your good to eat pills without much trouble.

No doubt, giving your dog a pill is one of the most challenging tasks as most dogs don’t like the taste and smell of pill. However, it is medicine, and so, it is essential for maintaining your dog’s health. That’s why here we have mentioned some helpful tips you can use to give your dog medicine.



Hopefully, you will become successful in giving your dog the pill without facing much trouble. Nevertheless, if everything fails, then just contact your vet for better suggestions.

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