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6 Tips: How To Clip Dog Nails When Dog Is Scared Of?


Is it a battle merely to clip one nail from your dog? Do scratch marks claw up your arm? There has to be some genuine way to cut dogs nails.

No dog, or owner for that matter, enjoys having to get their nails clipped. In the end, trimmed nails make everyone feel better. The process, however, is grueling. All dogs have the ‘I don’t want my nails trimmed’ fear in common.

Don’t ever stop clipping your dog’s nails. It’s a danger to their health. As a result, their dewclaws pinch into the pads of their feet. Not only that, but your pets claws are sharp to the point that they may draw blood if they ever jumped on you.

More negative effects will happen, too. After reading this article, you’ll want to schedule your pup for a nail trimming more often than usual.

Here are six tips on how to clip dogs nails when they are scared.


1. In the Know

Pet owners have to be aware when their dog is due to have their nails clipped. If their nails are clacking loudly along the floor that means it’s time for a good clipping.

That contact with the hard surface is only pushing their nails dangerously into their pads.

Keep their toenails free from any dirt that could pile around their fur. For that reason, keeping their toenails clean help prevents any bacterial infections. Dirt, rocks, and salt are among what could stick to their paws.

The groomer is a better choice to have your dog’s nails clipped. However, they either have the restraint or muzzle them to prevent biting. You may even have to sedate dogs for the reason that vets need to get the job done.


2. The Importance of Having A Dog’s Nails Clipped

As mentioned above it is essential to keep your dog’s nails clipped. Aside from their dewclaws pinch into their pads, a dog’s posture is also affected. Joint problems and arthritis are also a substantial risk. Pet owners have shared painful stories where their nails split or broke open in unpleasant ways. Listening to a dog screech in pain is the worst sound of all.

Aside from that, dogs will also use their long sharp nails to scratch up the furniture. Keep your dog’s nails clipped to avoid being scratched and even from buying new furniture.


3. Reduce Stress

First, it’s essential to reduce your dog from any stress before the process. Your pet feelings should come first especially when it’s a puppy.

Slowly, introduce your dog to the Clippers and let them get used to the feeling. Trim one toe at a time. You probably shouldn’t clip all nails in one day. Take a break or even give it another day. Don’t take over a week! Then you’re just procrastinating. Your dog’s nails need trimming now.

Have a couple of treats on hand to reward him if he’s behaving like a good boy. Treat the clippers as a present; therefore, they’ll understand it’s not anything harmful.

Get them used to the sound, too. Once they understand the noise and have adjusted to it, he’ll let you clip their nails.


4. How to Trim Nails

Most dogs won’t allow owners to touch their feet. To make them comfortable, calmy touch their paws, relaxing them. Use your fingers to separate their toes gingerly. In contrast to grabbing their leg and immediately clipping into their nails, a dog will respond better if you’re gentle and even offer a message. Hint, hint.

Now that you have full permission, it’s time for the trimming process. Carefully grasp the paw and only cut the very end of a dog’s nail. Never squeeze. That will merely make your dog more nervous and even may feel threatened.

Cut only the point of the nail that begins to curve. Take small amounts off at a time at a 45-degree angle. Don’t ever cut across the finger. Keep the clippers parallel to the nail.

Only use small sized scissor clippers for better control. Make sure they’re sharp, too. Keep in mind that all dogs nails are different. Cut their nails before they become cracked or at risk of clinging to the fabric of clothing or even blankets.


5. Warning

Be very careful regarding their veins. Never clip their seams because they will only bleed. It’s easy to note the thread. It’s much darker than the nail itself.

If you did happen to cut into the vein on accident, then use styptic powder to stop the bleeding.

All dogs have different nail coloring. Trim only the whites of a dog’s nails. Furthermore, solely clip the small amounts off from it. Never cut dogs nails in a dark room. Better lighting is necessary to see where you are trimming.


6. Other Nail Cutting Options

Here’s a fun idea. Teach your dog to cut this very own nails! For this, you must create your filing board. Thus, your dog will file his nails taking the weight off your shoulders.

Also, doormats are handy nail trimmers. Each time the dog comes back inside, they’ll file their nails along with the mat.

Test out these helpful tips and see how they work. However, you don’t just need to take the obvious way out. It’s important to give dogs a regular nail trimming.



Cut your dogs nails regularly. For dogs to stay in good health, you must trim their nails regularly. Make a nail trimming fun! Dogs love to have fun, especially with their owners. Dogs even pick up social cues from their owners on how to behave. If cutting nails is something you don’t look forward to, then your dog picks up that tone.

Carefully cut their nails in a bright environment. If you have to, let your groomer or the local vet cut them. They can also give some handy tips on the best ways to trim the dog’s nails. Never give up. There is always an option.

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