To maintain a healthy environment for your cat, you often need to clean the litter box. Keeping your cat’s litter box clean is a must to make that your cat stays clean. Plus, as a pet parent, it is your responsibility that your cat stays healthy and don’t smell. Since the cat’s business can be pungent, it’s critical that you remove that thing from the box right away.


Why do you need to clean the litter box frequently?

No matter whether a cat is domesticated or not, they always prefer having a clean space to litter. Usually, a cat doesn’t poop in the same place if it is dirty. If you leave the litter in the box, then it will force the cat to find some other place in your house to poop. And you surely won’t like it because it can be any cozy corner of your home like shower mat, corner of the closet, or bedspread. On the first day, you might not notice anything but the day pass by, you will see smell coming from the different corner of the house.

So, instead of getting to the point where you have to call a house cleaning service, make sure that you clean your cat’s litter box right away.


How often cats use the litter box?

A healthy cat that gets enough food for the day would need to drop feces almost 2 times a day and urinate up to 4 times a day. Along with the food, fluid intake, age, and home temperature also affect the cat’s routine.

When your cat is healthy, it is most likely to drop more solid feces at least one time a day. Don’t worry if the number of times your cat poops increases. You need to worry when it doesn’t poop at all. The kittens have a small system. Therefore they defecate more times as compared to adult cats. Along with age, cats that have a more complicated diet due to medication also have an unusual pooping schedule. Also, the cat’s exercise routine also plays a significant role in digesting food.

If your cat is pooping 3-5 times a day then it normal. But this means that you have to put extra efforts in cleaning the litter box.


How often you need to scoop the litter box?

Ideally, it will be fine if you scoop the litter box 2 times a day. If you have a busy schedule, then you can scoop up just one time too. But make sure that under no circumstances the cat’s feces should be left more than one day. Just imagine if someone leaves the toilet unflushed, wouldn’t that be gross?

The same thing applies to the cat litter box. If you leave it unclean for one day, then your house will be filled with a pungent smell. Therefore, you should invest in the excellent litter box to make sure that it doesn’t drop the feces and breaks at the most inopportune moments.


Tips You Should Remember About Changing the Litter Box:

Normally, people try as much as possible to keep their pets healthy and safe. But sometimes, a little ignorance can lead to big problems. And this rule also applies to the litter box. Some tips that you should remember about changing the litter box are given below.


Tip 1: Scoop Away Daily:

Consider swooping daily and make it a routine. Scooping doesn’t take that long as people think. Instead, it is just a two-minute job, and you’ll be happy that you cleaned it.


Tip 2: Change Litter in the Box:

Many people replace the litter in the box every week. And some of them change it in every few weeks. But the best thing would be changing it as often as you can. There is a simple rule for changing the litter. You can add 3-4 inches of fresh litter after dumping out the old. Don’t get rid of the litter, dispose of carefully.


Tip 3: Clean the Box:

When you are changing the litter entirely, make sure that you wash the box with soap and water and dry it. Proper cleaning is necessary to ensure that no bacteria or droppings are left in the box. Plus, washing will keep the box fresh. Remember not to use traditional bleach to clean the box as it might react with the ammonia in cat’s urine.


Tip 4: Keep the Box Filled:

We all know that cats like to dig a little bit. So as you are filling up the litter box, make sure to fill in extra. Add 2-3 inches for clumping just to give them some place to dig.


Why cats jump into a clean litter box?

Cats have a habit of marking their territory by urinating in a particular area. But when you wash away their markings, they get irritated and jump in to mark their spot again.


Few Tips to Place the Litter Box:

  • As much as the litter box is essential, it is also important where you keep them. So, while you are putting up the boxes around the house, keep these points in mind.
  • Place the box in a quiet and intimate place where no foot activity or noisy activities take place.
  • Cats need a hidden and more private space to do their business.
  • Cats don’t like sharing the litter box. If you have more than one cat, then one cat then gets a separate litter box for each of them.
  • Prefer buying a covered litter box to give your cat a safe space.
    Place enough litter in the box that can cover the stools and hide their urination smell.



As your cat also like cleaning, it also needs to have a clean space for pooping and urinating. If you leave the litter box dirty, then the cats will look for substitutes. Therefore, you need to make sure to change the cat’s litter box often. You can also think of buying the new automatic litter box that cleans itself.

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