Why do humans adopt cats? Cats are said to be domesticated animals, initially adopted by our ancestors. However, historians are not quite sure why cats were domesticated. It seems that cats came into close contact with humans because of food. However, when our ancestors realized that cats and dogs can keep away rodents, insects, and snakes away, they decided to adopt them as pets. Keeping away rodents is understandable, but the question is; how can cats keep snakes away?


Do Cats Keep Snakes Away?

This question might seem a long shot for someone who does not know the answer, but the answer is yes. Cats are the domesticated version of feline animals. Unlike their cousins, cats do not live in a jungle. They instead live with humans in cities and villages. Cats have initially domesticated around 5500 years ago when farmers saw that cats could kill or force out rodents and insects of the farmlands. Since then, cats have become a typical member of most families.

Cats, while cute and beautiful creatures are natural predators. Most of us think that cats are lazy and sleep all day. On the contrary, cats are the ones who keep rodents and snakes away from our houses. Snakes can be a problem for us, especially if you are living in the countryside. Snake bites are worrisome, especially if they are poisonous. Cats can, therefore, be a relief, even if they don’t interact with a snake directly.

Cats are natural hunters and can kill snakes easily, but that does not mean they kill every snake. It is said that we have not domesticated cats; In fact, they domesticate us and mark our territory as their own. Hence, if a snake does slither up in your living room, the cat will consider it a personal issue and counter the breach by defending the territory. However, it is advised that you do not rely entirely on your cat, because it can get bitten. Poisonous or non-poisonous, the bite might severely hurt the cat. Hence, experts advise that you take the matter more seriously.


Are Cats Afraid Of Snakes?

There are several theories that cats have an innate fear of snakes. For this, some people have shared videos of pranksters placing cucumbers behind cats, which made them jump. However, these theories cannot be taken seriously, because in this case the cat was merely surprised by something which appeared suddenly. Additionally, cats themselves love bringing surprises; like rodents and cockroaches, to their owners.

Claiming that cats are afraid of snakes is far-fetched. Cats are curious creatures, and they like to inspect things they find unusual. Domesticated cats are usually quite playful and love to play with ribbons. Snakes are the only animal we can consider as something close to a ribbon. A cat would, therefore, most likely play with a snake, and then be afraid of it.


Are Cats Natural Predators Of Snakes?

In many places, feral cats hunt down some species of snakes. Domestic cats too can hunt down snakes. A report published in the Independent; a British news website, claimed that cats reportedly kill several reptiles in Australia, on a daily basis. Hence, cats are natural predators of snakes, and snakes are afraid of them.

However, we can’t guarantee that all snakes are afraid of cats. In fact, even all cats are not natural predators. Many simply like to play with snakes. Most consider them the live version of a ribbon or wool thread and enjoy it.


Why Would A Snake Come Near You?

There can be some reasons why you are worried about snakes. Either, you live in the countryside with thriving wildlife all around you. Or, snakes find your home a natural habitat. Whether you live in the countryside or the city, there are reasons why snakes are there around you.

Snakes are usually seen in places that keep them warm during winters and cool during summers. Additionally, such areas should also have abundant food. So if your house is infested with insects and rodents, then you must expect snakes to be there as well.

Some things which attract snakes are mentioned here;


Snake Habitat

Snakes prefer to hang around damp and cool areas. Hence, rocky streams, retaining walls, wooded area and garages are the most likely places where snakes live.



Snakes love lawns that are well watered. Well irrigated lawns are a common nest for lizards, birds, insects, and rodents. Such places not only provide lots of food but also offer snakes with shelter during summer.



One reason why snakes come into the human territory is food. Rodents and similar insects usually infest homes where we do not keep food locked in safe places or clean our houses. People who don’t have time or energy to clean their homes are inviting rodents.


Neglected Lawns

Lawns that have tall grass, uncut shrubs, and overgrown bushes are usually home to snakes. This is because these places often have food and shelter for snakes, besides offering a safe cover.


Where Does A Cat Fit In?

Cats and snakes have a standard meal choice; rodents. Snakes will seek refuge at your home if there are lots of rodents living under your roof. Hence, a logical move will be to adopt cats and let them eat all of the rodents, leaving snakes no reason to move in your home. Cats usually mark their territory by peeing. Cat’s urine has strong ammonia content, and rodents find the smell of the urine displeasing.

Besides being natural predators, cats are loving creatures. If they like you, they will do anything for you. There have been several instances where snakes have been hiding in shoes, garages, under tables, etc. and the house owner without looking, tried to sit there, but the cat warned him beforehand, saving his life. She may not have killed the snake but, she did save her master’s life.



Cats are the fantastic creature. They are beautiful, cuddly and loving. They may not be big and loyal like dogs though, but they are still useful. Cats may not be big and strong, but they can still take down the smaller snakes.

Besides, these feline companions can eliminate the reason for a snake to slither in. Just make sure your cat’s wearing a collar every time it leaves the house.


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