Undoubtedly, hamsters are one of the most adorable and cutest pets. As they have low maintenance as compared to other pets and that’s why many pet lovers love to have them as pets. Recently, many people who have hamsters have questioned Do hamsters sweat? Or they sweat like we human sweat?

If you have come to this page, then it means you have a hamster and you have seen your hamster back looks sweat, or you may have found that your hamster started sweating under his or her armpits, throat and whole body underbelly.

All things make you thought do hamsters sweat or is there any problem with your hamster? Continue reading this article to know about it.


Do Hamsters Sweat?

Well, hamsters are also living creature. If they are kept in the temperature that is suitable for them then most probably, they will not sweat. When you hold your hamster in your hand for a very long time, then she or he may start to sweat a little bit. Therefore, we can say that yes, hamsters do sweat. However, they don’t sweat like we human sweat.

Moreover, if your hamsters get too much hot, then they will sweat. More importantly, a living creature can’t live without sweat because sweat cools down a body. Thus, hamsters can also sweat as they are also living creature.

However, you need to take care of your hamster from overheating as too much hotness can harm your pet and can also make your pet suffer from illness.


What are tips to keep Hamsters Cool in Hot Weather?

So, as we told earlier, you need to be very careful with your little pet, hamster especially in hot weather. Hamsters feel most comfortable between 65 and 75 Fahrenheit. If the temperature goes higher from this range, then you need to make your hamster cool to prevent him or her from overheating.

Here, we are going to share some tips that you use to keep your hamster cool during summer days.


Move your Hamster Cage to House Cooler Part

Find out coolest part of your home and once able to find out, move your hamster cage to that part. Mostly, the coolest parts of the house are in the basement or bathroom or kitchen. Tile of bathroom and kitchen are cool, and they can prevent from overheating.


Use Fan

You can use a fan to make a room cool where your hamster cage is placed. However, don’t use a fan directly on your hamster because it can be harmful to your little one. Just make a place well ventilated where your hamster cage is. A Fan help in circulating the air that will make room cool for a long time.


Avoid Direct Sunlight

Don’t put your pet cage in direct sunlight. Notably, during hot days, place your hamster cage in an area where sunlight rays can’t be reached. Moreover, they also avoid heat sources such as stoves, heaters, and fireplaces.


Give Cool Water to your Hamster

You may also know that hamsters become dehydrated very quickly and thus, it is vital to give cool and fresh water to your hamster. It will keep your pet cool.


Avoid Playing with Your Hamster

If you see your pet becoming dehydrated very quickly, then avoid playing with your hamster, or you can limit playing during hot days to prevent him or her from overheating.


Offer Frozen Treats

You can offer frozen treats to your hamster, and it is also one of the best ways to keep your hamster cool during summer. However, make sure that treat you offer is safe for your little one. You can offer treats such as Barley, Oats, Cooked potato and many more.


Ventilate the Cage

Also, make sure that your little one cage has ventilation. That’s why experts recommend wire cages over aquariums. However, if you have kept your hamster in the aquarium then make sure that the room where the cage is placed, it is well ventilated.


What are Symptoms of Overheating for Hamsters?

As compared to other pets, hamsters are ones that are very sensitive to heat, and that’s the reason why they can easily suffer from overheat. Here are some symptoms or signs of heatstroke that every hamster owner should be aware of that:

  • Panting/ Heavy Breathing
  • Depression
  • Slobbering
  • Bright red tongue
  • Weakness
  • Convulsions
  • Lack of Movement

Hence, these are symptoms of overheating. If you ever feel these signs in your hamster then use tips that we have mentioned, or you can talk with your vet for better suggestion and treatment.


Can Hamsters die from Heat?

Now, the next question might be going in your mind is that Can Heat Kill hamsters?

Maybe, you will be amazed to hear that hamsters can die due to heat if you don’t take immediate action after knowing that your hamster is suffering from overheating. Die is also one of the heatstroke symptoms.

Thus, if you ever feel heatstroke signs in your hamster then try out cool down tips on your hamster and consult your vet immediately to avoid death situation.

Also be careful while cooling down your hamster area and cooling must be done gradually. Cooling too quickly can also be very harmful to hamsters and can also make your hamster suffer from life-threatening problems. When you visit the veterinarian, keep your hamster on a wet towel.

I had a hamster too, and unfortunately, he died last year. He died because of overheating. One day, I found my hamster sweating extremely under his many body parts and I tried everything to cool down him. However, I failed in my every effort, and he left.



Hamsters are indeed one of the susceptible pets, and that’s why you need to take care of your hamster to ensure your pet is living comfortably in his cage. Don’t take any sign of heatstroke lightly and take instant action to protect your hamster!!!

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