The way hamster moves around and gets inside small spaces, a question always comes into mind. Do hamsters have bones?

Well, the answer is pretty obvious. Yes, they have bones. Hamsters also have a complete skeletal frame for their body, just like humans. Although the number of bines varies a lot. There are some other aspects too which are very different from humans. Hamster is very fragile animals, and they bones get broken easily. There are lots of people who think that hamster doesn’t have bones, but that’s not true. So let’s explore what the bone structure of hamsters is and how it works to make them strong.


What is Bone Structure of Hamsters?

By understanding the bone structure of hamsters, it will aid you in keeping your hamster healthy and happier. Outside of hamster, you see only ears, color, whiskers, claws, tail, fur, etc. You are also well aware of that hamsters have teeth and cheek pouches inside. But, inside of hamsters, there are also bones, like human have. The bone structure of hamster is entirely different from us as they are different in the way they move. They have a complete skeletal structure of bodies and organs, like a human as they are a vertebrate animal.

Moreover, they have cartilage and joints, like we have, however, their bones are strong and very flexible, unlike a human. Their bones are very fragile, and that’s why they get easily broken. As hamsters are also mammals, they also have a backbone. According to many studies, hamsters have about 124 bones.

As it is challenging to feel bones in hamsters and that’s why many people believe that hamsters do not have bones as they are too soft. Sometimes, people break their bones accidentally by holding them too tightly.


How bones make hamsters strong?

Whatever hamsters do, jumping, walking or moving, it can all be possible because they have bones too. If they have strong bones, then they will stay healthy and fit. Otherwise, they face massive difficulty while walking or doing anything. You see hamster moving out of the cage so smoothly, and all because of flexible bones they have.

Thus, you need to provide a healthy and nutrient diet to your hamster so that his bones stay strong and do not get broken easily.


What are Symptoms of Broken bones in Hamsters?

Fractures are also known as broken bones are quite common in hamsters. They occur due to many accidents that include your improper handling of hamsters or hamsters trying to coming out of their cage. Hamsters are small in size, and that’s why fractures are hard to treat. However, first, you need to know is your hamster have broken bones, and then, you can only give treatment. So, here, we have mentioned common symptoms that will aid you to know your hamster bone is broken:

  • Swelling around or in fractured area
  • Popping or crackling sound coming from the area which is fractured.
  • Massive pain in the fractured area.
  • Unable to move fractured area or slow moving
  • Partially or totally paralyzed
  • Laying on the particular side only.
  • Huge difficulty in walking

Thus, if your hamster ever shows these signs, then it means your hamster has broken bones, and you need to take your pet to vet immediately for his/her treatment. Your vet will perform some diagnosis test of a fractured bone, such as your vet will perform X-ray of your hamster affected area. Don’t take it lightly and otherwise, the problem can bigger, and your hamster has to suffer from severe pain due to your negligence.


What are the Causes of Broken bones in Hamsters?

There can be various reasons for broken bones in hamsters, and here, we have mentioned the most common causes of broken bones:

  1. Improper handling: Hamsters are tiny in size, and that’s why if you are going to handle them in your hand, then you need to be very careful. Generally, broken bones in hamsters occur due to improper handling.
  2. Trapped legs: Hamsters getting their leg trapped in wire or exercise wheel can cause broken bone very severely.
  3. Fight with other hamsters: Do you have two hamsters? Hamsters when the fight with another hamster can also harm itself that result into the fracture.
  4. Fight with another pet: Fight with another pet, such as a dog or cat can definitely cause a fracture in hamsters.
  5. Jumping: Hamster is jumping off the bed, couch, ledge, etc. that is too high from the floor can cause a broken bone in hamsters.
  6. Accidentally: Hamsters can have broken bones due to child mistake. Kicking hamster accidentally is also one of the causes.
  7. Nutritional Disorders: Phosphorus and calcium imbalances can also make your hamster bone brittle that result into fractures. You have to provide a healthy and nutritional diet to your pet to make his/her bones strong.


What is Treatment for Broken Bones in Hamsters?

If you suspect that your hamster has a broken bone, then the best thing you can do is to take him to the vet immediately. The vet will suggest you some anti-inflammatory, and pain medicine. However, if you are not able to contact the vet, then there are some tips you can follow to reduce pain and prevent infection.

  • Remove ladders, toys or wheel from your hamster cage.
  • Try to keep your hamster in aquarium cage rather than wire cage until hamster broken bone is adequately healed. It will prevent your hamster from climbing on wires.
  • Provide a healthy diet to your hamster and try to make things easy for him so that he doesn’t have to put his efforts.



Hence, hamsters have a full skeletal structure with the spinal cord, and that’s why they easily get or fit into small spaces. Unfortunately, broken bones in hamsters are very common. As a good hamster owner, you need to take care of your pet if your hamster has fractured.


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