Domestic cats are used to eating many kinds of homemade food, in addition to croquettes. But this does not mean that everything they eat is healthy as some things can make them sick. You might have seen your cat eating popcorns that fell to the floor while you´re watching a movie.

Your cat can eat one or more popcorn, and you might not realize it, but there are some things you need to know about it. So, can cats eat popcorn? Well, that will be the focus of our article.


More On Cat Diet

You should always ensure you serve your cat a balanced diet. This is very easy to achieve with the cat food you find in the store. However, some pet owners may decide to serve homemade cat food to their feline friends.

Giving your cat another kind of food does not have to be a problem, but you must make sure it is healthy and packed with the right nutritional elements. Usually, a cat’s diet comprises of different varieties of animal meat. You can offer chicken or fish (especially tuna) to your cat so she may achieve a healthy diet.

Some pet owners may be tempted to serve vegetables to their cats. Though not entirely wrong if you serve it in small proportions, cats need animal protein to stay healthy. You can choose to give your cat croquettes or homemade food, but you must make sure you go for the sort of food that’s the best for her.

If your cat has a lot of energy and is very playful, then this is an excellent way to know that what you’re serving her is working in her favor.


Should Cats Eat Only Meat?

Cats are mainly carnivores, and they need animal protein to stay healthy, but they can eat other food as supplements. Some varieties of vegetables can help keep your cat´s hair stay in good condition.

As for popcorn, they can eat it in moderation without presenting any health problems. The grain of corn can help in the nutrition of your cat, providing them fibers and essential minerals. However, you must be careful and see to it that she doesn’t overindulge in corn grains.

Popcorn can also give your pet the same nutrients, but its properties are different from those of the usual grain. Popcorn takes longer to be digested, and your cat should not eat more than just a few.

Remember that wild cats practically do not eat fruits, vegetables or legumes, and their main diet is the flesh of other animals.


Varieties Of Popcorn

Another thing you should take into account is the type of popcorn that you offer to your cat. As you well know, there are many varieties of popcorn on the market, and those without added flavors are the healthiest ones.

Popcorn with onion, chili, butter or caramel may pose risks to your pet´s health. These could cause some diseases as it becomes difficult for your cat to digest all the ingredients.

Caramel can be the most harmful ingredient to the health of your pet, so avoid them at all cost. As for salt, a little bit of it will not be harmful and could even be beneficial for your cat´s health.

Your cat can eat natural popcorn, but you should be careful if you use popcorn flavors, because they too can be dangerous.


How Popcorn Eating Can Affect My Cat

If your cat eats spiced popcorn or consumes too much of it, she can develop gastrointestinal diseases.  And if you find out that the cat ate too many, watch out for vomiting as this is a common side effect associated with overconsumption of popcorn.

This happens because your pet cannot digest a large volume of popcorn. If she ate a lot of corn seeds, you might notice some health problems warranting a visit to the vet. The seeds are not readily absorbed and can accumulate in the intestine, causing an obstruction. This type of problem can be severe and endanger the life of your cat.

Another symptom that your cat can present is stomach pain, which can last only a few hours. In most cases, your pet will not feel bad after eating popcorn, as long as you offer it to her in small doses.


What Should I Do If My Cat Ate A Lot Of Popcorns?

If you left a bowl filled with popcorn for a few minutes and on your return, you discover that your cat ate some, do not be alarmed. The first thing you should do is see if your pet is in excellent condition or has some kind of obstruction in the throat.

Then, you should let some minutes pass and monitor the status of your cat. If you notice that she presents signs of weakness, you should go to the doctor. The best way to know if your kitten suffers from stomach pain is to press his abdomen gently. If she does not respond to this action, then there is no pain. But if he catches a meow, he will most likely have some discomfort.

Another thing you should pay attention to is if your kitten has an appetite after a few hours. A healthy cat will always eat at the usual time, but a pet with ailments will have more difficulty eating.


The Age Factor

Another thing that you must consider is the age of your cat because this can be a factor that increases risks to her health. A young cat can eat some popcorn and will not have any problems. But an older one, (more than 12 years old), may need more care in her diet.

Cats, like people, begin to show a generalized weakened immunity when they are older. It is recommended that you change your cat’s diet as the years go by so that he is always healthy.

Very young cats, less than a year old, also need great care in their diet. Make sure your pet does not eat popcorn to avoid any health problem. Cats of at least one-year are stronger and healthier and have more freedom to consume.


Take Care Of Your Cat’s Diet

Your cat depends mostly on you, and will always eat what you give him. Therefore, it is essential to bear in mind that your pet cannot eat all kinds of foods. Also, try not to overfeed your kitty, as this can cause illnesses and even death.

A well-fed kitty can live up to 20 years or more, have good health and be very active. Conversely, cats that do not eat well can live less and be more prone to disease.


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