The pet’s diet always has been a matter of issue for all pet owners. Just like humans, every single pet is different, and that’s why the owners have to be more careful with each one of them. But one thing which is getting very popular these days is coconut water. We already know that Coconut water is healthy for humans but is it possible to say the same for the cats.


Can cat drink Coconut water?

Well, the answer varies from one cat to another. So we are going to explore all the possibilities of the effects of drinking coconut water on cats.


How coconut water affects the Cats?

Coconut water is a vibrant source of Carbohydrates and electrolytes. It contains a high amount of sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Due to all these components, coconut water acts as an excellent dehydrating agent. But the coconut water can’t be treated as a rehydration solution. Usually, many food items which are made for humans are harmful to cats and other pets. Luckily Coconut water isn’t harmful to the cats. The coconut water contains triglycerides which are very useful for the pets who suffer from digestive problems such as bloating, stomach aches, etc. The vitamins and minerals present in the water help them to keep their coats and improve immunity.


What are the benefits of coconut water?

You will be glad to know that coconut water is very beneficial for kittens who are building up their immunity. Coconut water can make them resistant to diseases and health issues. The best thing about coconut water is that it has good taste. That’s why cats love to drink coconut water.


Is it okay for the Cats to drink coconut water?

Some cat owners have reported that their cats behaved strangely after drinking coconut water. Sometimes, cats behaved like they are under sedation or hyperactive. As every human have a different reaction to different foods, the same is with the cats. Some cats can drink coconut water like regular water. But for some cats, they have a weird reaction as a drug.

Usually, it is okay for cats to drink a small amount of coconut water. But the owners must give their cats a small amount of coconut water. The water must be provided as a treat for them. As we already know that milk and sugar are not that good for the cats. But coconut water contains a high sugar level. Thus, the amount of sugar must be within the limit, i.e., 10 gram of sugar per ounce. As cats must not drink more than 8 ounces, you can use the water for rehydration.

The issue that can arise due to drinking coconut water is because of the Potassium present in it. The potassium can affect the cat’s kidneys, and an excess amount of potassium can cause Hyperkalemia in cats. So, it is better than you get your cats checked up regularly to help them stay healthy and fit.


How Cats fulfill their water requirements?

For every living being, Water is extremely important and contributes to maintaining the overall health of the beings. Cats naturally have a low thirst drive and the primary source of water in their food. So, you should give them food items which contain a high quantity of water, i.e., up to 70-75%. If the cat’s diet includes cooked food in a huge amount, then she will suffer from dehydration. As they don’t usually drink much water, it is essential that their diet is rich in water.

Another scenario when cats can suffer is when they have some kind of kidney insufficiency. Typically, when a cat hunts and finds her own food, she eats prey which has a high amount of water in it. Therefore, it is recommended to give the cat’s canned food as they have a higher moisture content. If your cats deny drinking water usually, then you can also provide them with water through a syringe.


Points to Remember

  • Kidney and bladder problems are widespread in cats, and therefore their food intake must be maintained as a water-rich diet.
  • The canned food can flush out a cat’s bladder which increases the urine output and ultimately benefits the cats.
  • The Cats diet must be high in water, low in carbohydrates and protein must come from animals, not plants.
  • Cats have a less optimal water balance, so you should take care of their diet to avoid kidney issues.
  • You can use food items like clam juice, tuna water, beef or chicken broth, etc. per meal to fulfill their water requirements.
  • Cats can quickly lose weight if their food has less amount of water or doesn’t have water at all.
  • You can just blend the food items and water and feed it to the cats to provide her the vital nutrients.


My Story

I had two cats named Lori and Micee. Both of them had disgust for water. They usually avoid drinking water which led to some health issues in Lori. As we took her to the vet, they identified that Lori has some kidney issues and she needs to drink more water. The vet advised giving her canned food as they have higher moisture content and also to provide her with some coconut water. Some of my friends suggested not to listen to the Vet and told me that Coconut water is not good for cats. But I was willing to take the risk for my cat. I gave both of them a small amount of coconut water, and they both loved the taste. For the first time, when they drank the coconut water, they behaved like they were drugged or something. But after a few days, the cats were able to drink coconut water easily.

Thankfully, both my cats are fine now, and at least now they drink water.

So, if you are worried about whether coconut water has any ill effects on cats, then you should probably try giving it to them. Every cat will have a different response, and if you are lucky enough, your cat will love the taste. The water will help to build up her immunity and keep her healthy.



But remember not to give her coconut water in an excess amount as the excess of everything can be harmful.


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