Cats are considered cutest pet over other pets. Today, many people love to keep the cat as a pet as compared to a dog. As cats don’t like to bath and that’s why people want to know are Cats clean or dirty before having cats as a pet at home.

Some people believe that cats are not clean and some think they are dirty and unclean animals. Even those have a cat as pets; they get confused while telling someone is cat clean or not.

Thus, what is the real truth? To know about it, continue reading this article.


Are Cats Clean?

Those who think that cats are not clean, they might be surprised to hear that cats are clean and they groom themselves that makes them clean. They use their litter box as compared to house room corner. This is how they clean themselves. However, they are not as clean as other animals.

Cats rub against many things which are present at home. Male cats rub more as compared to female cats. Victoria Voith, who is a professor in animal behavior, said that Healthy cats groom themselves fastidiously. Even some experts said that health cats groom themselves up to 50% in a day.


How Cats Clean themselves?

Wondering how do cats groom themselves? Thus, let’s explore it. The cat’s barbed tongue is responsible for the groom, and it serves various purposes, and many people also don’t know about it. The purposes that you may also get surprised after reading it are:

  • It removes loose or dead fur.
  • Remove dust from her coat.
  • Helps in getting rid of fleas and many other parasites.
  • Helps in stripping away food scent from fur and whiskers which protect them from nearby predators.

Thus, cat’s clean themselves using their tongue or by licking themselves. Additionally, there are many benefits that licking gives them to cats such as:

  • Helps in maintaining body temperature
  • Make them feel good.
  • Helps in increasing circulation.
  • Helps in speed healing.

Moreover, the cat also uses his or her front teeth to eliminate ticks and fleas from their fur and even, plant material which gets stuck in their fur deeper, cat his or her teeth. It is because with the tongue it is hard for them to reach in their fur. Cat also chews his or her claws with the help of his or her back teeth to get rid of worn claw husks.


Why Cats Groom themselves?

Now, if you have ever seen cats grooming, then you might be wondering, or the question may arise in your mind why cats groom themselves so much?


Cleanliness or Parasite Control

The first reason is undeniable, and it is cleanliness. Cats not only want to remove plant material or dust particles from their fur, but they also want to remove smell so that predators do not get aware of them. Grooming themselves helps them a lot to stay clean. Generally, a cat’s itching or irritation reason is fleas, and many people are not aware of it.


Marinating Temperature Level

Like a human, cats don’t sweat when during summer. In their paws, they have sweat glands. They cool down themselves using their tongue, and they wet their fur using tongue and saliva that occurs on their fur, evaporates that help them in cool down. Thus, it really helps them when the temperature is very high or during extra-warn weather.



Usually, cats groom themselves when they want to feel relaxed or good. Whenever cats are in stress or depress, they start grooming themselves or their fur to feel better and to get rid of stress.



Especially, kittens groom each other to shown love, and that behavior also called allogrooming. Even, many adult cats groom each other that strong share bond.


Skin Health

When cats groom themselves or each other, it helps in keeping their skin shiny and healthy. Grooming on skin produce oil that is responsible for their beautiful skin, and it also guards them against extreme cold and humidity.

Thus, these are all reasons why cats groom themselves, and it is very beneficial or healthy for them. Luckily, grooming helps them in staying healthy, which is really advantageous. Hence, if you see your cat grooming herself, then it means your cat is clean.


What if your cat is not grooming?

Have you ever wonder if your cat stops grooming and what it means?
Remember that too little or too much grooming signifies that your cat is having a health problem and that is a significant concern for you as a cat owner. In this situation, you need to visit an animal clinic.

The healthy cat never smells bad, or if your cat smells very bad like hell, then you also need to take your cat at the clinic to see what happen to him or her. Hence, grooming is essential for a cat’s health. Otherwise, you never what will happen to you’re a little and cute cat.


Is it necessary to give a bath to Cats?

Many people or cat owners also wonder Do Cats Need Bath? The Answer is – Yes, you do need to give a bath to your cat. However, we can’t say it is necessary, but it is good and can provide many benefits to your lovely cat.

There is no doubt that cats clean themselves by licking their tongue. However, if your cat is not able to wash his inner ears well himself, then it’s your responsibility to clean your cat.

The small cats generally can’t clean their all body parts, and that’s why bath is right for them. It will make them clean or fresh and even, healthier. It also reduces shedding to a great extent. Hence, bath your cat with care and love, she or he will also get definitely love to the bath.



In the end, cat’s owners can proudly say that cats are clean and they have their own ways to clean themselves. They can also contribute to their cleaning by keeping them indoor that will protect them from the risk of diseases and parasites.


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