This question might be bothering you a little bit. Well if you have noticed something unusual into your cat’s ears while scratching, then you have already come around with a mite that you don’t know about. So, first, we will discover what exactly a mite is and learn whether the cat ear mites are contagious or not. Then we will find a way to treat the cats to free them from the parasites.


What is a Mite?

Ear Mites are the most common parasites that are found in both cats and dogs. These infectious organisms’ looks like tiny dots but usually can’t be seen with naked eyes. The ear mites feed on the skin of ear canal, ear wax and skin oils. The unfortunate fact is that these mites multiply at a breakneck pace. They can lay multiple eggs which only take four days to hatch and takes almost three weeks to develop into an adult mite.


How Can You Find Out That Your Cat Has Ear Mites?

Although the cat’s ear mites are tiny in size, some symptoms are followed by their presence. Your cat will surely exhibit some or all of the below-mentioned symptoms if she has ear mites:

  • She will scratch her ears excessively.
  • You will find fresh or dried blood around her ears and inside her ear canal. The blood will resemble coffee grounds or small white dots.
  • Excessive shaking of the head also signifies that there are mites in her ears.
  • She will feel dizzy and lose balance.
  • She will have flattened ears all the time and could also have some unpleasant odor coming from her.

As ear mites are a widespread infestation, they can easily spread from cats to other animals too. Thus you will need to take your cat to a vet as soon as possible.


Are Ear Mites Contagious?

As you already know that mites are usually found in cats and dogs, but unfortunately these mites can spread to other animals too. If one of your pet has it, then there are more chances that your other pets also have a risk of contamination. Even though the symptoms of mite’s presence differ from animal to animal, it is essential that you get them treated at the same time. The ear mites are highly contagious, and as they breed fast, they can increase their number within a month which can be harmful to your pets.


What An Ear Mite Looks Like?

Ear mites are known by their names, but they don’t have a strict rule to sticking to the ears only. Mites can travel throughout the body and can feed anywhere on the skin. The mites will look like spots and results in red or brown discharge from the ear. In real, the mites can only be detected by a Microscope. So, instead of judging the health of your cat and looking for the mites all by yourself, you must take her to a vet. The irritation that is caused in your cat’s ear can be because of some allergy or other infection too. So, it is crucial that you get her adequately diagnosed to examine her situation.


How Can The Ear Mites Be Dangerous For Your Cats?

Mites don’t have a specific liking for a particular area. For them, every part of the cat is tasty and healthy. Their presence usually causes itchiness in the cat’s ear. Their ears will be red, and they might also have rashes around the skin. These parasites cause inflammation in the cat’s ears called as cat otitis. They can also lead to various allergies, endocrine diseases, and tumors too. If the parasite stays intact with the cat’s ears, then it will lead to permanent or partial hearing impairment in the cats.


How To Identify The Ear Mite’s Presence?

Usually, the cat owners dig a little deeper into the situation to ensure that their cat really has ear mites. And it is a good point because you will need proof that your cat is really suffering from a problem. You can try to remove the debris gently from the ear canal with the help of a cotton ball. Then put the debris on a white paper and bright light. If there is any movement in the waste, it means that there are mites in her ears. You can also try another way which includes massaging the back of her ear at the bottom. If a cat has no mites, then she will enjoy the message. Otherwise, she will be fussy about it and try to run away.


How To Treat Ear Mites?

Instead of trying out any home remedy you must visit a vet with your cat immediately. The first towards the treatment is to clean the ear to remove the build-up that has been accumulated over the time. The vet will flush the ear with a solution of tepid water mixed with dish soap and rinse it afterward. When the ear is cleansed, medication will be applied to the skin that is harmed by the mites. Most of the medicines in the treatments contain an insecticide that contains pyrethrins. Some drops of the medication will be put in your cat’s ear, and the ears will be massaged to allow the medicine to spread around.


How To Prevent The Cats From Getting Ear Mites?

As we now know that ear mite is usually transmitted through the social and physical interaction of the cats with other infected pets. The only method to prevent this from happening is to get your cat checked up regularly. The definitive diagnosis will help the doctor to treat the cats.



Thus now you know what kind of risk ear mites pose in your cats and other pets too. As the ear mites are highly contagious, you should keep an eye on your cat and her companions. This way you will be able to protect her and the other animals also from the pain and suffering that can be caused by ear mites.


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