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9 Reasons: Why Do Dogs Lick Your Face?


Dogs make coming home all the more exciting. As soon as you open the door, they’ll run up and tackle you to the ground covering your face in wet loveable kisses. That means they were lonely the whole day and missed your company. And, so did you.

Why do dogs lick our faces? You can hammer that question to your furry friend all day, but they’re not going to answer you. Dogs communicate in their language.

In dog’s terms, licking is their way of an affectionate kiss. And it also indicates the strong bond you have between you and your dog.

Dogs kissing your face has multiple different theories. Studying the way dogs live their lives is quite fascinating. They’re just like us, only different.

Don’t read this article alone. Get your furry friend and read aloud the reasons why dogs lick our faces. Your pup will be delivering thankful kisses at the very end.

Here are nine different reasons why dogs lick your face.


1. Affection

The most obvious cause for a dog licking our faces means affection. A dog’s licking can say the same thing as a kiss or hug that humans deliver to each other.

Since you have given your dog a safe and warm home, regularly paid attention and played games and all the more cuddles; now your dog is thanking you for this love. It is also a way of comfort. Dogs can grasp it accurately when you are unhappy or angry. Dogs will never ignore our feelings.


2. Begging for a Treat

Yes, your dog may act all goody-goody to get a treat off from you. Dogs turn crazy when it comes to gifts. It’s the part they look forward to most of the day other than you arriving home and giving them that needed belly-rub.

It is tough to say no to those eyes, and even the affection, too. That lick may mean they want a treat.


3. Let’s Talk

If only dogs had those talking collars like in the Pixar film ‘UP,’ right? Dogs licking can interpret all sorts of different messages such as ‘feed me!’ or even ‘Fill my water bowl, please?’

Keep note of your surroundings. Dogs may alert you of a situation that blew over your head. Or they could be saying ‘I have missed you so much!’ when they have tackled to the floor.


4. Our Face Tastes Good

Keep in mind that they do pay attention to everything you eat. As soon as the meal is over, that kiss may mean the dog is trying to catch the delicious taste of any remaining food particles on your cheeks.

You don’t realize, but humans also have salt in their skin. To dogs, you taste salty! Other than that salty taste, dogs also enjoy how you feel after an extreme workout. Yes, that sweat is a dog’s buffet.


5. Making Their Position Known

It’s their way of saying ‘hello.’ And it also communicates how they rank themselves. All dogs want to be dominant. It’s not often where you’ll see dogs licking other dogs faces. If you do witness this act, it means they’re communicating their position.

The dog who licks the other is subordinate, while the dog receiving the lick has earned the other’s trust. They’re also welcoming other dogs into the pack and forming bonds. In the house, they seek out their leaders.

So, that means you have earned their trust, obedience, and also to remind you each day that they accept you as the alpha. It could be a good sign.


6. A Bath

From the moment the puppies are born, their mothers lick their faces to groom them. That’s their bath. It’s also their first knowledge of affection. Similar to a child, puppies are learning about the world, discovering new and different things, maybe even dangerous parts.

And then dogs will copy the act by licking themselves to get clean. That is a calming effect for dogs as they feel safe. So, that’s what dogs may be doing for you. They’re inspecting you to make sure that you are clean and healthy. It’s not the most pleasant of baths, but at least it’s the thought that counts.


7. Some Company Never Hurts

Nobody ever wants to spend their lives alone. Your company is everything to a dog. Think of how dogs have to be left home alone with nobody to cuddle with them. It’s absolute torture.


8. The Gift of Love

Love is a significant gift. So, understanding this love is the best gift for dogs. Licking is a dog’s way of expressing their love. Since owners are treating their pets with warm affections, dogs return that love through kisses.


9. Compulsion, Over-Grooming, or Healing

Here we get to the ninth reason which is unique, but somewhat terrifying. A dog’s licking may be affectionate, however, do pay close attention if your dog excessively licks themselves. It may be a warning sign that a dog’s glands need to be expressed.

Dogs have enzymes that can kill off bacteria, but they can’t cure a cut. Excessive licking could cause an infection.

If a dog is licking the same area constantly, call your local vet for a checkup to make sure that everything is okay.



Never ignore your dog’s affections. A dog licking has multiple different reasons, but the best one is how they express their love. Many people are not big fans of dogs licking their face. It’s okay if you don’t want them touching you. Visitors may not be fond of dog licks either.

There are ways to train dogs not to lick, be restraining them or different techniques. However, do not be turned off by a dog licking your face. If your dog is regularly healthy, there is no worry about passing germs or bacteria from their saliva. Dogs are the most precious gift. Cherish your dog’s licks. Keep your dog smiling along with their tail wagging.

Spread these reasons to other pet owners seeking to research dogs before getting one.

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