The connection between dogs and humans has been acknowledged as the strongest and unique bond for a very long time. The unconditional love of dogs towards their owners is one of the primary reasons why dogs are known as most loveable pets.

One can’t deny it dogs are man best friend, and there are plenty of reasons behind this. Worldwide, most people love to keep dogs as a pet over other pets because of their loyalty towards their owners.

Our today post will tell you why you should get a dog or what dogs make the best pets or how a dog can change your life.


What are the Reasons why Dogs are the Best Pets?

Dogs are really best pets for human and those who have a dog, they know it very well. Here, we are going to mention all the reasons that make dogs the best pets.


1. Dogs are Loyal

Dogs are incredibly loyal pet, and worldwide, many dog owners have admitted that their dog is more loyal than their friends. They very care about their owners, and they make unconditional love to a human. Dogs just want to happy their owners. They are known as one of the friendliest pets.


2. Dogs make you Healthier

Even many studies have proven that people having dogs are happier as compared to those who don’t have. When you stay so glad, you stay healthy. Dog owners have also seen to have low cholesterol and blood pressure level. Having a dog means you have to go for a daily walk with your pet that also makes you active.


3. Dogs make you Happier

Playing with a dog helps in lowering stress levels, and you can feel more relaxed, less anxiety and better moods. Many studies have also found that dogs are great at reducing human’s stress levels.


4. Dogs comfort you when you are in a bad mood

Dogs easily understand when their owners are in a happy or sad mood. They can sense when you are feeling low. Your dog will come to you and lick you so that you can feel better. Moreover, your dog will do different things to make you happy.


5. Dogs are always happy to see you

Whenever you come to your home, you will see your dog in front of the door as dogs are always happy and excited to see their owners. No matter from where you come, your dog will give you the same reaction.


6. Dogs are playful

Among all pets, dogs are the most playful pet, and they love to play with a human. They always look for the opportunity to play with you.


7. Dogs protect you

Unlike other pets, dogs have a protective nature for their owners. They are great at protecting their owner’s household. That is also the reason why people keep them as a pet.


8. Dogs are great snugglers

Want a snuggle partner? Then, dogs can be your best snuggle partner, and they are warm, soft and more importantly, they are always ready to hug you.


Which Dog Breeds are most Family-Friendly?

Yes, there are some breeds of dog that are most kid-friendly or family-friendly. Thus, if you are going to adopt a dog, must check a below list once.


1. Boxer

Boxer dog breed is the most kid-friendly dog breed, and they love to play with children. They are also known as a people-oriented dog breed. They are affectionate, energetic and they have playful interaction.


2. Mastiff

Mastiff dog breed loves to play with his people. They are very gentle with human, especially children. This dog breed is the best family pet.


3. Old English Sheepdog

This dog breed is the most lovable and affectionate. The Old English sheepdog breed is adorable and thus, if you want a cute dog, must go for this breed.


4. Dalmatian

Dalmatian is a people-oriented dog breed, and they also love to make fun and play. It can be any significant addition to your family. This dog breed is very energetic and loves to play with kids throughout the day.


5. Labrador Retriever

Labrador retriever is the most famous dog breed, and they enjoy playing with their owners. This breed also likes to swim. For children, this breed is excellent.


6. Golden Retriever

Another active, friendly and energetic dog breed is the Golden Retriever. In the United States, this breed is very famous. They are also brilliant, and love to run, and play with kids.


7. German Shepherd

German shepherd breed is friendly and lovable breed. They love around their family members, and they care for their owners a lot. They always try to protect their owners.


8. American Staffordshire Terrier

This dog breed is extremely loyal as compared to other breeds and they love their owners immensely. This dog breed is also considered the best family dog.


My Story

I also have a dog that belongs to the German shepherd breed. My dog loves me a lot and his care for me is shown in many ways. Whenever I was not in a good mood, my dog always understands, and he hugs me tightly to comfort me. Every morning, he comes to me to wake me up. He also loves to play with children, and he is really great at playing different games with a human. No matter how much I scold him, he always loves me unconditionally. He is also one of the big reasons for my happiness. I am very grateful to have him as a pet that is like my great companion.

Thus, dogs are the best pets for human, and they can overcome loneliness in our life. They genuinely deserve “Man’s Best Friend” title as they are exceptionally loyal and affectionate. Since a very long time, they are proving to enhance human mental and physical health. A human can learn many things from the dog’s behavior.



In the end, there are the reasons why they are called a good buddy for a human that we have mentioned above. Having a dog can give you one of the best life-experiences!!!

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