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10 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 2019


If you are a pet owner, having a cat water fountain is an inexpensive and convenient way to ensure your cat’s well-being and health is taken care of. Water fountains for cats encourage them to hydrate more, thus contributing to better health and lower risk of urinary tract and kidney diseases. All these come with the added benefit of making it convenient for cat owners as you don’t have to refill water dishes constantly.

When buying water fountain for cats, pet owners need to consider a couple of factors to make sure they are buying the best cat water fountain.

To help you choose the best water cat fountain, we have compiled a helpful buyer’s guide. However, before that, let’s discuss the benefits of having a water cat fountain.

If you are in a hurry, check out our recommendation list below.

10 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 201910 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 2019

Catit Flower Fountain

Easy to set up

Check Price

10 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 201910 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 2019

Mospro Pet Fountain

Quiet and gentle

Check Price

10 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 201910 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 2019

isYoung Pet Fountain

Unit comes with a replaceable filter to eliminate debris, odor, and bad taste

Check Price

10 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 201910 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 2019

PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain

Has a stable design

Check Price

10 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 201910 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 2019

Cat Mate Pet Fountain

It’s super silent thanks to the clamp

Check Price

10 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 201910 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 2019

Healthy Pet Water Station by PetSafe

Has a stainless steel container which is removable

Check Price

10 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 201910 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 2019

iPettie Tritone Ceramic Fountain

Made with non-toxic ceramic

Check Price

10 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 201910 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 2019

PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Pet Water Fountain

128 oz. water capacity

Check Price

10 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 201910 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 2019

Uniclife Automatic Electric Drinking Bowl

Has LED lights to keep your pet enticed to drink more

Check Price

10 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 201910 Best Cat Water Fountains Reviews and Guide 2019

Hommii Pet Water Fountain

Very quiet

Check Price

Table of Contents

Benefits of Cat Water Fountain

Proper hydration

For wild cats that live in the wilderness where there is little water, they get most of their hydration from the moisture-rich meat they feed on. For domestic cats, the situation is quite different. While they feel thirsty like their wild counterparts, they do not get enough moisture from their diets, especially if they are feeding on dry cat food.

Natural disinterest in hydrating, coupled with moisture-deficient foods they feed on, is the reason why it is essential to invest in a cat fountain to keep your kitty sufficiently and properly hydrated. A bowl full of water has zero appeal for cats. A cat water fountain, on the other hand, is interesting and attractive to cats thanks to its uniqueness.

It provides moving water, which appeals to cats owing to their strong vision and instinctively trusts in running water more than stagnated water. The pure, fresh, and aerated water that pet fountains provide encourage cats to drink more water, which helps to keep their bodies hydrated.


Prevention of urinary tract diseases

Cats are overly prone to renal diseases and urinary tract infections due to failure in keeping their bodies hydrated. Therefore, with a cat water fountain, you will encourage your cat to drink more water. This will aid in preventing urinary tract diseases and keep your kitty healthy. Drinking more water will also prevent constipation and keep your kitty’s coat smooth and healthy.


Convenient for pet owners

Cat owners benefit from cat water fountain as well. These fountains offer convenience as you will not have to refill your cat’s water now and then as before. Besides, the best water cat fountains can add more decoration to your home. The sound of water flowing in your cat fountain will also calm your mind.


Cleaner water for your cat

A regular bowl of stagnant water can accumulate fungus and bacteria. However, circulating and filtered water in a cat water fountain tend to be more hygiene. It is also more oxygenated and is free of impurities. This means better health for your cat.

Now that you are convinced that investing in the best cat water fountain is a wise decision let’s talk about the things you need to consider when buying one for your home.


Factors to Consider When Buying a Cat Water Fountain

Food safety

Whenever you are shopping for an appliance that holds water or food, one thing you need to look into is its safeness. You should stick to plastics, stainless steel, or ceramic cat fountains because they are safer.
If you are thinking about purchasing a plastic cat fountain, you will need to make sure the plastic is free of toxins and is BPA-free. Most plastics are known to contain incredibly dangerous toxins that cause long-term problems not only pets but also humans.



As long you maintain your cat fountain as required, it should last for some time. You should make sure that it is clean so that its benefits can be realized. It is worth noting that fountains made of stainless steel do not rust and they could be the best option when it comes to longevity.


Ease of maintenance

If you are looking to make your life easier by investing in the best cat fountain, then you need to go for a model that is easy to maintain. However, you need to keep in mind that there is no such thing as a maintenance-free water fountain- all of them need to be cleaned. What differs is the frequency with which they need to be cleaned.

For an easy-to-maintain cat fountain, go for the one that’s dishwasher-safe. That way, you will simply clean it easily in your dishwasher. You should also keep in mind that light colored models show dirt easier than dark-colored models.

In addition to this, ensure that your cat water fountain is easy to disassemble and reassemble.



Another key area to focus on is the filtration in your cat fountain. Most cat fountains feature charcoal filters. These filters remove things such as heavy metals, parasites, pesticides, and common impurities from the water.

Some cat fountains also feature a filter that removes pet dander from the water. This is an important feature because pet dander can quickly accumulate and clog up your cat fountain, especially if your fountain is being used by multiple cats.


Shape, Size, and Height

Cat fountains come in different shapes, sizes, and heights. However, the main focus should be on the size of the tank in the water fountain. If you are not in the house for a few days, then you should make sure that you are buying a model that has a big-enough water tank. A model with a water tank that is really small may need to be refilled on a daily basis.

Regarding height, this depends on your cat preferences. Some cats prefer bending down to drink while others are comfortable drinking from somewhere elevated. A mid-level height will work great, not only for youthful pets but also for older cats or those suffering from diseases such as arthritis. You can also go for multi-level fountains to give your pets different options to choose from.



As mentioned above, cat fountains come in different sizes and shapes. You will definitely find one that fits your current interior décor. When it comes to functionality, there are varying options. Some have a single-tier system while others have a double tier system.

Make sure that you go for a model that has a design and appearance that fits your needs and décor requirements. For older cats and kittens, you will need to make sure that you are purchasing a model with a low height. If you have multiple cats, go for a model that provides a few different drinking avenues.

As you keep aesthetics in mind, ensure that you are also thinking about practicality.


Adjustable flow

Ideally, the best cat drinking fountain should feature a variety of water flow systems including free-flowing streams, bubbling, etc. The flow should be adjustable so that you can set it at a pace that suits your cat’s preference.


Attractiveness to cats

The best pet drinking fountain should have a simple yet functional design that appeals to cats. This makes them want to investigate more and in the process get to drink more water.


Silent operation

A perfect cat water fountain should be noiseless when operating. The pump or motor should be silent. Some are submersible to keep them unnoticeable and quieter. Water flowing in the fountain should also make minimal splashing noises. Keep in mind that the level of noise is also determined by how filled a water fountain is. Therefore, you may need to keep water at a particular level to maintain quietness.


Energy efficient

Check the rate of energy consumption to ensure that the cat water fountain you choose consumes minimal electricity.


Now that you are conversant with the things you will need to look into when buying a cat water fountain, here is a review of the top-rated cat water fountains on the market.



Features That Make Catit Flower Fountain Stand Out

  • Need a sizeable and inexpensive pet fountain that’s made with your cat in mind? Here’s one
  • The Catit fountain comes in a nice box with all the information about the fountains
  • You need a few minutes to understand the instructions, and you’re good to go
  • This model is made with plastic (BPA free) but feels very solid, and you can expect a stable fountain that cannot be tipped over
  • It has 3 flow options to ensure that your cat needs are met and to determine which level your cat loves most
  • The main one features a flower at the center which offers a bubbled flow
  • You can take the flower off for a shallow flow of water
  • The water stream falls as it passes through the filter that retains any debris and hair to prevent clogging and gets rid of excess calcium and magnesium

Proc of Catit Flower Fountain

  • Easy to set up
  • Has 3 water flow options
  • Features a perfect height for a majority of cats

Conc of Catit Flower Fountain

  • Its power cord is too short

Why We Recommend It

This is a sound choice for your cat featuring great design and is super easy to use. The best part is your cat will get soft drinking water that’s purified to protect the health. The Catit Flower Fountain stands out with a white flower that looks colorful and creative.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Mospro Pet Fountain Stand Out

  • This is one of the top rated and best-selling cat fountains on Amazon
  • It offers a large capacity, so you don’t have to replenish water frequently
  • This one can store enough water for your cat even if you go away from home for weeks
  • It also comes with an environmentally sound material that made of polished antiseptic PP resin material
  • The water ball is nontoxic and odorless and is BPA free
  • It offers a simple, quick release design which enhances easy removal and cleaning
  • Unlike some noisy models, the Mospro Pet Fountain has a silent pump which keeps you at peace with your cat
  • It has 3 water flow settings including flower bubble, flower waterfall, and fountain mode to ensure that water gets sufficient oxygen bringing more health to pets

Proc of Mospro Pet Fountain

  • Quiet and gentle
  • Offers a simple design
  • Has 3 water flow settings

Conc of Mospro Pet Fountain

  • Should have used stainless steel

Why We Recommend It

Based on users’ reviews, this is a great choice to ensure that your pets drink more water which in turn improves their health and urinary tract. The best part is that you get it comes at a lower price and is more reliable.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make isYoung Pet Fountain Stand Out

  • isYoung is market as a device with 3 different methods of streaming fluids
  • It features the flower waterfall, gentle fountains and the combination of both modes to offer your furry friend with the best kind of stimulation so that they can drink plenty of water.
  • Better yet, the unit comes with quick release parts that allow for easy assembly and disassembly so that you can clean efficiently
  • The model is constructed of a PP resin and comes with antibacterial properties to ensure good health for your cat
  • Need a silent water fountain? The isYoung Water dispenser makes no noise so that it does not disturb you or your cat

Proc of isYoung Pet Fountain

  • Unit comes with a replaceable filter to eliminate debris, odor, and bad taste
  • Offers constant water circulation to prevent bacteria growth
  • Gas 6 feet long power cord that can easily fit anywhere

Conc of isYoung Pet Fountain

  • You may need to clean the unit frequently to prevent accumulation of bacteria on the surface

Why We Recommend It

This fountain does not make any sound, and this ensures better stay with your pet. The product has an impressive rating on Amazon which is a sign of customer satisfaction. Basically, this is one of the best cat fountains you can buy.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain Stand Out

  • Need an ideal fountain for a multi-cat household? This is a great choice offering 5 liters capacity
  • It comes with a silent pouring system that offers fountain flow on a small ramp that prevents the sound of a trickling stream
  • Besides, it has a submersible pump that operates silently too to prevent scaring your cat
  • The model has a removable reservoir which makes it easier to add water directly at the sink
  • It is dishwasher safe and offers easy assembling for efficient cleaning
  • The PetSafe unit comes with an active carbon filtration system comprising of filters that absorb oxygen for more vitality to your cat
  • The activated carbon is also effective at removing contaminants such as chlorine

Proc of PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain

  • Has a stable design
  • Has a large capacity that’s great for multi-cat households
  • Dishwasher safe

Conc of PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain

  • High maintenance

Why We Recommend It

First, the PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum fountain has a great and stable design with a decent capacity of 168 ounces. The model offers a free-flowing fountain to keep your pets with fresh water that’s oxygenated. The free fall feature is awesome to watch not only for cats but also works as a decoration for homes at times.

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Features That Make Cat Mate Pet Fountain Stand Out

  • This is a 70 oz. pet water fountain that suits small and medium sized cats
  • It comes with multi-height drinking stations which ensures that your cat has plenty of space to keep them hydrated
  • The model has a ramp to reduce water splashing which distracts our feline friends
  • The Cat Mate Pet Fountain runs super quiet thanks to its isolated pump system
  • The unit supplies clean water that goes through a polymer carbon fiber to keep the water purified
  • The multi-cat household cat fountain is easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • The design features a long cord; hence there’s no need to place it near a wall socket
  • The 3-year warranty keeps your money safe

Proc of Cat Mate Pet Fountain

  • It’s super silent thanks to the clamp
  • Has 3 pools of water to offer plenty of space for cats to drink water from
  • The design offers faster water flow
  • Reasonably priced

Conc of Cat Mate Pet Fountain

  • Although the design is easy to clean, the unit gets dirty easily

Why We Recommend It

Need the best cat fountain for small cats? This one has an excellent design with multi-height drinking stations to ensure plenty of areas to drink water. The design offers water flow that’s quiet, and this feels great for you and your feline friend. The best part is the 3-year warranty that ensures your money is safe.

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Features That Make Healthy Pet Water Station by PetSafe Stand Out

  • Here’s one of the best cat water fountains to offer the best feel to your cats
  • The fountain offers fresh water in the cleanest way possible featuring a stainless steel removable bowl that ensures safety
  • The reservoir is made from BPA-free plastic that is non-toxic and odorless
  • This is one of the most affordable cat water fountains offering fresh water without the need to dig too much into your pocket
  • The good thing is that the model runs with gravity eliminating the need for electricity and electronic parts
  • It features a unique control valve that prevents spilling to ensure no mess around the water fountain which can hugely distract cats
  • Better yet, it is easy to detach each piece of the dishwasher-safe equipment

Proc of Healthy Pet Water Station by PetSafe

  • Has a stainless steel container which is removable
  • With every piece detachable, cleaning is effortless
  • Can reserve one gallon of water hence a great option for many cats
  • Offered in different sizes

Conc of Healthy Pet Water Station by PetSafe

  • Not suitable for outdoor use

Why We Recommend It

This is a fantastic water fountain that provides water without any issue. It is a suitable choice if you have many cats as it has a capacity of one gallon. The equipment is easy to clean as it can be detached.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make iPettie Tritone Ceramic Fountain Stand Out

  • Tritone Pet Drinking by iPettie boasts a high-temperature ceramic which won’t get dampen by mildew and mold
  • The pretty fountain uses mechanical and chemical filtration systems to ensure high-quality drinking water for your kitty
  • Its foam filter is adjacent to the pump which ensures that any visible contaminants do not enter
  • It has charcoal and carbon filter which are highly absorbent to eliminate any bad tastes and odor
  • This best drinking fountain offers 3 falling to ensure no bacteria accumulation and enrich your pet’s water with oxygen
  • The best-highlighted feature of this best water fountains for cats is the whisper-quiet operation that keeps your home quiet
  • The unit has a 70 oz. capacity and requires just 2W to run
  • It comes in 2 colors to choose the best for your pet and decor

Proc of iPettie Tritone Ceramic Fountain

  • Made with non-toxic ceramic
  • Has dual filtration system
  • Easy to clean
  • Features an ultra-quiet operation

Conc of iPettie Tritone Ceramic Fountain

  • Has a smaller capacity of 70 oz.

Why We Recommend It

Are you worried about cheap plastic water fountains that crush easily and puts your pet’s health at risk? This is a ceramic-made fountain that filters any debris and hair and eliminates tastes and odors. The energy saving fountain works with just 2w and does not emit sounds. The unit is easy to operate and maintain.

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Features That Make PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Pet Water Fountain Stand Out

  • This is a great option from the PetSafe water fountain that offers an elegant design for cats of all sizes
  • This works best for multi-pet households with its 360-degree design that offers plenty of space for many cats to drink
  • It has a 128 oz. liter capacity which ensures continuous water supply to your pet and you don’t have to refill it frequently
  • Comes with a replaceable carbon filter which eliminates odor and taste to ensure that your cat loves the fluid
  • Besides, you can adjust the water flow of this water fountain thanks to the adjustable flow control
  • The model features a solid BPA free plastic and is dishwasher safe
  • It comes with up to 5 falling changeable streams to stimulate your cat to drink more

Proc of PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Pet Water Fountain

  • 128 oz. water capacity
  • Has activated carbon filter to remove tastes and odor
  • Dishwasher safe

Conc of PetSafe Drinkwell 360 Pet Water Fountain

  • Maybe too large for single cat home

Why We Recommend It

You can never go wrong with this Drinkwell 360 fountain for pets. It has an elegant design with the amazing feature being the changeable streams to entice your kitty to stay hydrated. It has a foam filter which helps remove large particles and an additional carbon filter to ensure freshness.

Check Price on Amazon


Features That Make Uniclife Automatic Electric Drinking Bowl Stand Out

  • Here’s another option with a small and simple design with built-in LED lights to keep your cat hydrated even at night
  • The fountain features sturdy materials and hence durable to ensure value for your money
  • It offers attractive falling water which ensures enough contact with oxygen hence better health for your furry friend
  • This model is suitable for homes with one cat offering a capacity of 60 ounces of water
  • The model has carbon filters which keep the water odor-free with an added filter to keep any debris away

Proc of Uniclife Automatic Electric Drinking Bowl

  • Has LED lights to keep your pet enticed to drink more
  • Compatible with small and large sized pets
  • Easy to maintain
  • Durable

Conc of Uniclife Automatic Electric Drinking Bowl

  • Comes at a higher price

Why We Recommend It

Cats have the instincts to trust running water more than still water. Hence, this model offers an effective way to trick your cat to drink more. Better yet, the water fountain comes with LED lights that help cats drink even more water. While the unit may come at a higher price, you get the value for your money.

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Features That Make Hommii Pet Water Fountain Stand Out

  • This pet drinking fountain from Hommii is an excellent option with a triple flowing system to offer your cat with clean and fresh water
  • It has coal filters to keep your cat drinking water clean and soft
  • The unit runs smoothly with a unique flow design that entices your cat to drink more
  • The design features quality materials that ensure it lasts long
  • Besides, it has a comfortable height that is ideal for kittens and small cats

Proc of Hommii Pet Water Fountain

  • Very quiet
  • Features 3 different flowing systems
  • It’s compact and is easy to clean

Conc of Hommii Pet Water Fountain

  • The pump doesn’t last as much as the unit

Why We Recommend It

This unit is preferred for delivering clean water and its high-quality materials that are BPA free. What’s more, the ultra-silent operation helps minimize the sound of dripping water. The best part is that it has premium activated carbon filters to capture debris and hair and remove odor and bad tastes in water.

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Tips to Keeping Your Cat Water Fountain Clean

The filters and continuous movement of water keep both the fountain and water clean for a longer period than when it is on regular water dishes. However, it is essential to note that cat water fountains still need regular cleaning and maintenance. If not cleaned for a long period, pet water fountains can get clogged, and mold may start to grow. Also, layers of grime may start to form making water unattractive for your cat. Dirty water can also affect your cat’s well-being adversely if consumed.

Here are quick tips to help keep your cat water fountain clean;

  • Clean the appliance at least once a month. Disassemble your cat water fountain and clean all the parts at least once every month. You can clean it frequently if you notice that it is getting dirty. Make sure to clean all the components and allow them to dry out properly before reassembling them back.
  • Replace water in the tank frequently. While a water fountain for cats may not need frequent refills as compared to a regular water bowl, you will need to refill it with fresh water once in a while. Besides, ensure you keep the water at optimal levels all the times. Otherwise, the motor and the pump may get damaged.
  • Replace filters once they outlive their usefulness. While your cat water fountain may last for many years, the filters that come with it will need regular replacements. Filters need to be replaced on a monthly basis or as per the manufacturer’s instruction. However, ensure your filter doesn’t get oversaturated.
  • Use vinegar to clean the appliance. Vinegar is your best product for cleaning pet water fountains. Regardless of how thick layers of grime are or how stubborn a stain is, vinegar will make cleaning work easier. Mix 1 part vinegar in 3 parts water when cleaning the components of your fountain. First, soak the parts in the solution, and later clean and rinse thoroughly. Your cat fountain will be spotless and will smell fresh.
  • Use a toothbrush to clean hard-to-reach areas. The best cat water fountains are designed to have minimal crevices where grime can accumulate. However, there will be places you will struggle to clean satisfactorily. A toothbrush will help you scrub out those hard-to-reach spots. Remember that you will need to clean all the crevices thoroughly to prevent the growth of molds. If your model is dishwasher safe, go ahead and clean it.
  • Remember to clean the pump. Being the heart of a cat water fountain, the pump should be cleaned regularly to prevent obstruction of water flow. Make sure to clean it once a month to remove any gunk settling on it. You can soak it in a solution of water and vinegar.


Final Thoughts

Selecting a cat fountain is no easy task. However, we have tried as much as possible to educate you on why cat water fountains are a wise investment. We have also provided you with information on features and things to consider when shopping for a water cat fountain. This, combined with the pet fountain reviews we have provided, will ensure you make the best choice for your cat and yourself. Happy Shopping!


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